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Kodachrome slides

My order was to have kodachrome slides from the 1970s to be placed on a DVD and a zip drive. They turned out great. In particular, I was impressed by the quality of customer support that I received from Digmypics. In the era when it is often hard to get a live person, Digmypics personnel always responded rapidly, thoroughly and courteously. It was greatly appreciated.

N California

Digitizing Film

As always, DigMyPics did an excellent job of preserving our memories and making them accessible. The latest was some 16mm film. We had no idea what it was. It ended up being an important part of our town’s history. We keep coming back and you never let us down. Thank you!!

Juneau, AK

Fine Job

A very professional service, I first got an email to clarify my jobs to be sure I wouldn't be charged too much for separate jobs, so they saved money. I got the scans back (with the slides returned, of course) and have been going through them, all high-quality TIFFs and ready for my own pre-processing. They're coming out very nicely.


Got it in time

Thank you we were needing them in time for my mom's celebration of life. You came thru. Thank you


Love DigMyPics

I had hesitated for months before finally ordering a MemoryBox! I am so happy with the results, memories from the 1960's are now available for easy viewing. I am so grateful and happy to be able to see family members and friends who are no longer with us, as they were when they were young! Thank you so much, I will be sending more films and negatives to be digitized!


Old Movie

The copy is very clear and brought back many memories from the company I worked for many years ago. Thank you for giving me all of this on a small disk to keep forever.


Many thanks

Over the years, Digmypics has been my go-to archival digitizer. This last order (VHS, cassette, and reel-to-reel) completes a long path to digitizing over 12,000 family print and media elements. These are super backed up on cloud accounts and various physical storage in different locations. Being in the “memory business” you well know that the work you traffic in is priceless. It’s been neat to see how your business has evolved over the years and I was impressed with your tracking tools and online posting of the videos. It’s an excellent customer service experience. I’m not in the habit of writing thank you notes, but considering the high emotional value of your service, paired with an exceptionally well-evolved intake and execution process, you certainly deserve a high five. With all my archival digitization behind me, you might say I’m all tapped out as a customer. However, as a referral source, I will remain on “active duty.” In my circle of friends, I’m the guy they ask about for things like this, and Digmypics will continue to be the one and only recommendation. Don


All my questions were answered and was made assured that all would be taken care of as they said it would be. They kept me up to date as to the progress and the timeline to completion. Would use them again in the future.



Always fast and friendly. I shopped around a bit all over the web and chose digmypics for the value. I've used them more than once. I have needed to call in with questions, etc, and every time, I actually get a real live Human being! Fab! They are always very nice and help me figure out what I need to order. Got my images, videos, slide conversions quickly and perfectly. Nice, safe bet for my old media! Thanks.


Wonderful Service with Top Quality Results

I have used several digital photo/movie conversion services in the past. But DigMyPics blows the competition away in quality and great service. I have used the MemoryBox three times, and they kept everything in order. Plus my original reels were returned in good condition. The resulting MP4 files are easy to work with, as I edited in QuickTIme (Mac computer). This hasn't been my experience with some of their competitors. Get it done right the first time. Use these guys and preserve the memories that will bring joy to generations of your family.


Fantastic Results for 56 Year Old Slides

I am very pleased and surprised at how great my 56 Year Old Slides from Hong Kong and Singapore look as digitals from DigMyPics. They did a professional job, and now I have digital pictures to share. They are getting feedback and comments on Facebook. Thank you DigMyPics,

Apache Junction

family movies

Our family is quite pleased with the transfer of our old films to a digitized format. Kris & his team have great communication skills, and they handled the job in a very professional, efficient manner.

Lake City, PA

Very pleased!

I am very pleased with the work DigMyPics did for me. I sent in 176 negatives from 23 years ago! I loved that they had an open page where I could track my movement through the Queu. I recently, well months ago, sent off about 26 mini-DVs to another company. They stopped giving updates 2 months in! DigMyPics did a great job on the scans. I loved that I could go through the scans and choose ones I didn't want to pay for. I had tiff files of the scans sent on a USB drive and they were wonderful quality. Some of the negatives weren't in the best condition after all that time, so I didn't expect a lot, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much they salvaged. The price might be considered high by some, but I have tried to scan negatives at home and they did a much better job! Oh, and they returned the negatives and USB drive in a very solid package! I highly recommend this service. I have more negatives and will be using them again.

Akron, Ohio

about 190 slides to digital

Great service. I would recommend to anyone.



DMPix did a great job of digitizing old glass slides dating back to the mid 1930s. I’m just so impressed by how well they did in cleaning and remounting the slides. Could not be more pleased!


My memories

I am well pleased with the results of the digitized videos returned to me. My family got a real kick at looking back more than 30 years ago of our lives. Thanks!

lathup village

Scanned Slides

It took us years to go through over 4000 slides to cull them down to 1200 of the best photos. The remaining slides were left in their original well marked cubes. We then sent them to Digmypics to scan them onto a Thumb Drive for easy viewing on a PC, and to create file names denoting which cubes were which. They did a phenomenal job, scanning each slide and creating folders for easy identification of their contents. During the process, they kept us informed. And finally, we are thrilled with the quality of their work. The photos look fantastic, with loads of resolution. I highly recommend Digmypics for any size scanning project.

Carmel Valley, CA

OLD 8MM film

Found old reels of 8mm film. No idea what they were. Received them back. Some were over 70 years old that my parents took. Some were me at summer camp at 10 years old. Then some of my kids when they were 6 & 4. Really opened up memories. Cannot believe they could be saved. Did a great job.

Lexington TX

Transfer of VHS Tapes to Thumb Drive

Digmypics did a great job. They transferred 16 VHS tapes to a thumb drive and in the order I had requested. I had called them prior to placing my order and they were very helpful and answered all my questions. Waiting in the queue took the longest but once they started working on my order it didn't take long. Being able to track where my order was in the process was also very helpful. Would highly recommend them.


Great work

I found some 54 year old negatives with most of the images being very important to me. I don't even know what happened to the prints. Due to the age I was quite concerned about the quality I would get back from digitalizing them. The quality is unbelievable. Just superb. Well worth the weight and the cost.


Media Restore

Absolutely amazing, more than words can say.


What a Great Job!

I was skeptical of how my prints would turn out because some of them were in pretty bad shape, I sent anyway thinking anything was better than losing them forever. What a great job! I am so impressed from the initial contact, to the clear instructions, easy way to send back and forth, the way everything was sent back - they thought of everything. Already getting my second batch ready and have recommended to a friend.

South Bend

Exceeded expectations

There are many websites offering photo scanning services. When you start looking at which to choose, you find that some have the scanning done out of the country. And when you look at the mailing addresses, some look like they are operating out of somebody's home. I chose digmypics because they had a business where the work is done in the U.S. and also because their pricing/services options were easy to understand. Some services want you to fill up a box in a "one-size fits all" approach, which did not fit my needs. I did, however, try a "fill up our envelope" service and was disappointed when they returned my slides saying they were "damaged" and could not be scanned. (The very same slides digmypics scanned with no problems!) After sending my package to digmypics, I received arrival confirmation and periodic status reports. When the job was completed, I was amazed at how they were able to improve the image quality on a number of slides with exposure problems. I received my slides back, along with the thumb drive I ordered, within a few days later. I highly recommend this service and plan to use them again.


Careful quality, reasonably priced

I used DigMyPics in 2016 and 2024. They were great the first time I used them and have only gotten better. DigMyPics did an excellent job of scanning my prints, Kodak 110 negatives, VHS videotapes, and 8mm videotapes. Their prices are very reasonable, and they include a Don't Want Don't Pay feature that lets you reject up to 20% of the scans for a credit. The quality of the scans is well worth the cost. Even some of my dodgy VHS tapes came out quite well--as well as could be expected anyway. I also really like the new AI FaceEnhance feature. Kodak 110 is not the highest-resolution film, and FaceEnhance turned almost all of the people in my pictures from a soft focus to sharp relief. DigMyPics is a great scanning service that has only gotten better over the years.


Scanned Slides

This is my second batch of slides sent to be scanned. The first batch came back really nice, but I think this second batch looks ever better! I will be getting more slides ready to send in the future. Thanks for a great service.


Scanned Slides

I've done four batches of slides (over 1500). Digmypics has done a fantastic job. I highly recommend this company if you need any old slides scanned (most of mine were over 40 years old). They will let you review and delete up to 20 % of the slides you send them (you don't pay for these). Great company!



I had over 3000 slides, taken over 50 years. I sent them to DigMyPics in slide sleeves, boxes, and trays. They took them all out, digitized them, enhanced them, repackaged them, and sent all back. The quality of the photos from the slides is excellent, and I am now enjoying 50 years of photos, that were previously sitting around in slide for in cabinets, and what not. I highly recommend them for slide digitization.



Sent my video on a vcr tape and digmypics was able to digitize my tape. It was super colorful but was clear. Great to see my family from 25 years ago!


Thank you so much for developing our Kodachrome Stereo Transparencies. You did a great job and we’re very helpful through this process. We appreciated you so much.

DVD Transfers

We just received our order of 10 DVDs transferred to a USB. A couple tapes were 42 years old. I couldn’t stop watching them. Digmypics did an amazing job of transferring these. Now I need to work on my next order! I shouldn’t have waited so long.


VCR to Flash Drive

My friend was so delighted to be able to see a video of a white-water adventure from the 80's. I used Digmypics about ten years ago to digitize some of my family photos and gave copies to my kids who still remark how much they enjoy seeing the memories! Excellent work!


Great Experience

I was thrilled with the organized and simple website that helped me begin my project. Although it took about a month for my 250 slides to be digitized, (I did understand it because it was Christmas), the results are so marvelous! Thank you for being so communicative. I loved seeing them upload in real time. We are enjoying them so much.


44 year old slides & negatives

DigMyPics did an outstanding job digitizing some of our old slides and negatives! We have lived in Hawaii for 33 years and our slides have taken a real beating from our humid climate. The folks at DigMyPics not only did a great job transferring them to a digital format but all the files came out remarkably improved. We couldn't be happier and the staff was great to work with. I got regular updates and whenever I called, they were all very polite, friendly and professional. I definitely plan on working with again to process the rest of our old slides and videos. Thank you DigMyPics!


Movie Reels

This was the best experience. You guys are great and did an awesome job with my old movie reels. Needless to say I will be singing your praises to everyone I can. Thank you for preserving my memories.


Digital Conversion

I am extremely happy with my digital conversion project of vhs tapes, very old 8mm film, and slides. The results are truly excellent, but what stands out even more is the customer service support. My questions were answered promptly and thoroughly before the project was started, and the communication during the conversion was excellent. I highly recommend digmypics for concerting old memories to digital format.


Repeat customer

This is my second order with digmypics. Aside from the extremely long time to even start my order, I am beyond pleased. I will likely use them, again. If you consider ordering, please budget several months. I placed my order in September and finally got my scans, in December. Be patient. It's worth it.


These guys are GREAT!

100 old 35mm negatives and they salvaged images on them all. Some have damage that can't easily be fixed but MOST came out great and took minimal retouching to make right. This is my 2nd or 3rd order from digmypics and there WILL be more!


Super Satisfied

This is my 2nd time sending in my old tapes for transfer. They’ve come out perfect! I love that I can see them on line while order is being worked on. Thanks for a job well done ??


Kept our mess organized

Thanks to the folks at digmypics for taking a mess of old slides, keeping them organized during scanning, and returning them to us as good as they started. Great work with the scanning and cleaning up the images. They came out fanstastic.



We have been so happy with the service we have received from digmypics. They are been so helpful answering our questions. Their customer service has been prompt and all the audio and video we submitted turned out very well. Thanks for helping us preserve our family memories.


I really enjoyed my experience with Digmypics, in fact I have sent in my second order. Communication is great, they let you know when they received your items and when they are almost done. Then you get to review the photos and delete any you don't want before sending you your bill. However I think their website is hard to navigate or order from. There is no magnifying glass to search for items.


Cassette Tapes

My mother-in-law passed away many years ago. I had the mini cassettes from her answering machine. The team at digmypics was able to put her voice on thumb drives. My husband's face lit up when her heard his mom's voice. I'm sending thumb drives to his sister & brother for Christmas. Excellent work. I love this company!!!

Lexington, SC

First time, I'll be back.

Very happy with my first order from digmypics. The process was pretty fast (2+ weeks) from making the order to receiving the digital download to receiving back my original Super 8 movie reel. The films were beautifully transferred. the only complaint I have after reviewing them a couple more times is both 400 foot reels seemed consistently a bit underexposed. I've pulled several stills from the digital file and have had to lighten them all up. I can probably adjust that in a video program that I don't use much. I'm sure there are others out there too that will do the job. I believe I could have asked digmypics to do that when the mp4 files were posted for me to review, so this is not a knock on the company but my own lack of paying attention. All in all, from cleaning the film (very few dust spots) to reloading the two 5" reels onto a single 7" reel and returning that to me, I'm very happy with the company and will use them again. Got plenty of films!

Great Barrington

Home Movie Transfers

We recently found our old video camera and a bunch of unlabeled 8mm tapes. Dig My Pics transferred all the home movies onto a flash drive for us. Now we can get rid of the useless clutter and we don't have to worry anymore about losing access to these memories. Also, there was no charge for the couple of blank tapes we had unknowingly mixed in there. Overall, the service was easy to use, Dig My Pics provided frequent updates, the price was reasonable, and the finished product turned out great. I have already recommended this site to a few friends and wouldn't hesitate to use it again.


35 scans

Outstanding job, new software comes thru


I have used DigMyPics a few times now and they are the best at developing my negatives. Their quality is far better than scanning my pictures. These photo are scanned as a large .JPG. The downloader makes it easy to save my pictures to my computer. Thanks DigMyPics.


Our old Super Eight family films

I found 40 old Super Eight movie reels from our kids growing up in the 70s & 80s, also other family. Had not been able to view them for years but did not want to discard them. So, as old as they were, I decided to make the investment to have them transferred to disc. I had no idea what the quality was or what the transfer would look like. Wow! They turned out just beautifully & now we can share them with our grown children & grandchildren! We could not be more appreciative and pleased for the wonderful job. Also, the telephone staff was the nicest and most helpful. Thank you digmypics!! Sandra F. Fulton


Great Service

Just finished having several 8mm films converted by digmypics and was super impressed the the quality. All the films look great, considering they're about 50 years old. Customer service is wonderful!

Upstate NY

Hi 8 videos digitized

Totally impressed with results. Video playback on camcorder had missing pixels and very bad audio due to age of tapes. Memory box was able to do a great job at recovering the videos. Will definitely use again.

Searcy, AR

Great service

Digmypics has done an excellent job in digitizing all of my photo media over the last 5 years - from videos to slides to DVD's and everything in between. Not only is the work of high quality, they actually communicate with the customer, answer questions, make suggestions, and ask questions if necessary to clarify the order before they do the work. And the price is more than reasonable. I also chose to have my images stored for a period of time, in case I wanted more copies, which I did once my family members requested copies of their own. I highly recommend their service.


We submitted many Super 8 movie film reels from the 70s & 80s. They were transferred successfully to DVDs. We knew the film was old & had no idea how they would turn out but took a chance! Job well done to digmypics! I highly recommend their customer service & work!

Good Vibes and Good Results

digmypics has easy instructions on how to package and ship originals including some hints ( e.i. -old wax paper boxes for slides), had great communication about the receipt of my order and provided an easy link to check on the status at any time. I appreciated the ability to delete from the order those slides that I opted not to do after being able to view them in the preview. Once finished (about three weeks), I received the originals and my option of a thumb drive within two days. Groups of pics were in the same order and bundles that they were sent which helped in labeling the soft copies. The color and sharpness of the results seem to be slightly better than the final product from a previous service. I did not do any editing of the preview pictures as the face enhancer seemed to freeze and I usually edit softcopy on my laptop. digmypics sent a follow up communication with a reminder to back-up files to an additional storage area. I felt I was a valued customer throughout the process.


Great service

Great service, very professional. The quality from 8mm to DVD is fantastic even though the photograper and or the camera was not the best. Great job and I would do it again.


Converted home movies

digmypics is wonderful! Just finished downloading and viewing 10 home movies that were 60 years old and they look great. It's so much fun to go back in time and see my family--everyone so happy. digmypics made the experience so easy from start to finish. They communicated all through the process to let me know what stage my films were at and once completed, I was able to simply download the videos and watch them immediately. They really know what they're doing. I have 10 more films to convert and I can't wait! It's worth the time, effort and money to do this for family memories. Thank you, digmypics!!

West Oneonta

Video and Slides

I've sent 16 Hi8 video tapes and 100 slides, all over 30 years old, in two orders, and was very impressed with the results I received from Digmypics. I was happy to get them back and to see both video and prints on-line before I got the originals back. The on-line Face Enhance software was an extra bonus that improved many of the 35mm slides. I've worked in the Federal Government for 35 years working with film imagery and can highly recommend this company. I will continue to use them in the future.

Winchester, VA

Antique Slides

Had some very old slides digitized. Really took me back to my childhood. Great memories!! Digmypics did a great job!!


Negatives scanned to digital

The negatives were about 78 years old. I didn't know what I had. The negatives were opague. You did a very good job. Thank you!

Kodachrome slide scanning

I recently discovered 800 Kodachrome slides that my long-deceased father had taken between 56 and 76 years ago, and that had been carelessly stored, with no attention to humidity, temperature, etc. DigMyPics scanned them all into .jpg and .tiff formats, and the results were amazingly good, and exceeded my expectations severalfold. I had a few questions and special requests along the way, and customer support was fast and excellent. Small point, perhaps, but I liked that you could order thumbnail books in any of several different image sizes. I highly recommend this company.

Santa Fe, NM

Digitizing photos

Excellent job of converting some 700 60 year old 35 mm slides to Jpeg format. Quality exceeded my expectations. Great service. Bottom line, the Team did what was promised.

Saratoga, Ca

Tapes to Digital Transfer

I am so thankful that I found digmypics to transfer a number of our tapes to digital format. Digmypics was outstanding from start to finish. Communication, transparency, superior quality and the list goes on. Digmypics is my go-to for tape to digital transfers. Many thanks to all the good folks at digmypics!

Los Angeles

excellent results

my second project with Digmypics...they have excellent quality and communicate very well throughout the process. Plenty of competition, but no equals - you can trust Digmypics

Lehigh Valley

Slide digitizing

We're very happy with the results of digitizing 165 slides from the early 1970s and a few from 1965. We used "Face Enhance" and liked it. After finalizing payment we were able to download the images directly to our MacBook Air and import them into the Photos app where we can do additional cropping, editing and Auto Enhance. Highly recommmend!

McMinnville, OR

35 mm slides

nicely done and these slides were just over 50 years old. Thanks

prince frederick, md

80th birthday Week Family Entertainment

Having DiGMyPics copy 500 slides onto a thumbdrive was one of the best things I've done. What a relief to have them preserved for my family. We had a great time in our rental at the beach. Each night we showed 1/2 hour of photos on the TV. Grandchildren saw their fathers growing up and realized their grandparents used to be young!

Chapel Hill

SlidesTransfered to Digital

This is the 3rd time I have used Digmypics. I have never been disappointed with the finished product, their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone on the fence. They do great work.

Wyoming Pa

My old negatives

This is the second time I have used your services. I highly recommend Digmypics if you have any old negatives that you need developed or photos that need to be enhanced. Fast, easy and extremely pleasant to deal with.


Order 1258465

The team at Digmypics did a FANTASTIC job on a very large project for our family - over 3,000 images. The order included 35mm slides, old non-standard size prints, and medium & large format negatives. Some of the items dated back to the late 1800s. The team communicated every step of the way and answered all questions promptly and thoroughly. We have more precious images to preserve and I will definitely be trusting digmypics with them!


Digitizing Service

You Guys are Great it was simple, fast, and efficient. you have helped save over 65 years of our family's Legacy. Thank-you


Memories Restored!

What a blessing to receive my Memory Box download and thumb drive! The whole family was in town, and it arrived just in time for all of us to enjoy our seemingly lost videos. I really didn't expect such a quick turnaround and had no hopes for having it on the weekend needed. I love how there were constant updates during the process too. It definitely was worth every penny. My children and I now have timeless memories of family times which are so important to us in our grieving process over the loss of my wife (children's mother). Thank you!


Thank You!

I had some old 8mm film of my dad who was deceased since I was 5 years old that I couldn't play. Digmypics was able to digitize it and my dad was alive again for me to view. Until that time, I had never seen a film or video of my dad. Thank you for your exceptional customer service and skill in making a memory so special.


VHS to digital

I had 9 extremely old VHS tapes converted by these folks. I am very pleased with results even though some of my old tapes were poor condition. They did a good job for what they had to work with. Some of my newer VHS-C tapes were outstanding copies.

VHS Dubbing

Have used for stills before and now for VHS transfers. Great process, quality, pricing and communication. Will trust them with my memories again.


Old photos

I love digmypics. I found old negatives and slides...so wonderful to be able to share these memories. Fabulous service and helpful.


vhs's to zip strip


sioux city

Converting old family slides

I chose this company to digitalize slides taken in the 1950s and 60s. Previously I sent a smaller batch from the same era to another company, but was not completely satisfied with the quality of the digitized photos. This company has done a stellar job from start to finish, and my sisters and I could not be happier. They provided access to a new function which allowed us to improve clarity of facial features on almost all of the slides. Today, I downloaded all of the slides to my laptop with ease. Extremely satisfied and would absolutely recommend.

Traverse City

Perfect job on 40 year old slides

Like it says! I'm professional photographer preparing for a show and I needed error-free high-resolution scans on some 40 year old 35 mm slides. DigMyPics did a fantastic job... the digital files are tack-sharp and noise-free, ready for major enlarging.


Great Service, All I Could Want

Digmypics provided great service and as important, really responsive and quality customer service in a very timely fashion. Waiting for the slides to get through the queue was the longest part, but well worth it. I will be using them again and again!


I had VHS tapes transferred and I am very pleased with the outcome, I wish I had done this sooner. I highly recommend your company, everything was done in a timely manner and I was always updated on the status along the way. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Iron River, WI

Beautiful images

I am amazed at the quality of the scanned images. I had no idea how much detail my original negatives have. You can't see that much detail in a standard size print. But with the images in digital form, I can zoom in on details, and the pictures have luminosity. I like the feature that enables you to sharpen faces that are slightly out of focus but that you can keep the original along with the sharpened version.

Fort Wayne, IN

Satisfied Returning Customer

I am a returning DigMyPics customer. My first order a few months back was for digitizing +1,000 35mm slides from the 1950s-60s. Most recently I digitized 67 reels (+4,000 feet) of 8mm film from the 1960s. In short, their technology is amazing with high-resolution scanning for both static and motion media. My 8mm film was scanned at 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 17.00 fps (no recorded sound back then). My 35mm slides were scanned at 5007 x 3392 pixels (3200 dpi) with file sizes usually +10 MB in size. Staff took great care in returning the slides in the same groupings that they were received, and scan files were grouped into folders and named accordingly. They also returned each of the film reels in its cartons/cannisters (along with handwritten notes) and transferred all the film (with my permission) onto large archival reels for storing. The DVD set I ordered included five (5) discs and each movie file was named with a relevant title (I’m guessing they took that information off of each film reel’s handwritten notes). When a DVD is placed into a player, it opens to a multipage menu with chapters and motion thumbnails of each movie file. Their download interface is easy and clean. For still images, they offer an artificial intelligence (A.I.) filter to enhance images. It doesn't work great all the time (best used with faces), but when it does work well, the results are stunning. Old media is returned after digitizing; it is sorted and packed neatly, and accompanies any new media ordered. I have used other digitizing companies in the past. I am sticking with DigMyPics and give them a big 5-star thumbs-up rating for all your digital media needs and for the care they show throughout the process.

Ventura CA


digmypics did a fabulous job in transferring my 60 year old 8 mm movies to a DVD disk. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work done. Each individual I spoke with was very professional and helpful. I couldn't be more pleased with their service and the finished product. Thanks

Valencia, Ca.

Great service

Had a small order of slides to be scanned. Asked that one be rescanned for color. digmypics rescanned immediately and did a beautiful job. Great working w these guys. Answered my questions fast. Color was superb.


8mm video salvage

Cannot believe the quality that you were able to bring to our father's 8mm videos from 1966-1972. These old closet memories totally received a new lease on life thanks to your workmanship. The brightness and subsequent clarity that your cleaning and enhancement provided totally shocked us as we had never seen these videos so clear even when first processed by kodak.....tks sooo much !!


At the time of this writing I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from didmypics. They had me review my 60 year old movies on my computer that I was having transferred from 8 mm to a DVD disk. I hadn't seen these movies since 1962 and I couldn't have been more happy with the quality. I am now waiting for the DVD disk to arrive with my movies transferred to the DVD disk. Very excited to be able to view these old home movies.

Valencia, Ca. 91354

wonderful working with digmypics

I sent digmypics some old slides that I wanted digitized. I am recently retired and previously used my university's services for this sort of work, so I was nervous at first sending the only copy of my slides off. The reviews of digmypics reassured me that they were a good company, and when I called them about the process, they were so patient and kind that I felt comfortable sending them the slides. Not only are the digitized slides beautifully done and to specifications, digmypics were a dream to work with. They kept me posted on the progress of my order and if I had any questions I called them and always got a human being on the phone immediately. Highly recommend them.

Oxford, MS


Fabulous job in converting 60+ year old slides to a stick so we could jump back into time and relive some great memories!!! It was easy and such a treat!! DigMyPics is great with customer service as well.. highly recommend!





Great Service from a very satisfied customer

This is the second time we have used digmypics to process my mom's 8mm films that have been sitting in storage for up to 5o+ years. The service has been wonderful. They deliver as promised. They kept me informed of the progress from start to finish. I especially like the posting of the finished films on their website! My mom was 'tickled pink' watching all the old movies this Mother's Day. She said is was the 'best present ever'! We plan on using the service again and again! Thank you to all at digmypics!!!!


VHS Tapes

We have had about 40 VHS tapes that we had family videos on in a box for the last 35 years. My wife and I figured that the advancement of technology made our videos obsolete and just collecting dust. My Brother In-Law suggested Dig My Pics to digitize the VHS tapes. So, we finally decided to give it a try and sent in 10 VHS tapes. What an amazing job they have done. We can watch our kids when they were little on our cell phones and have shared them with our kids and grandkids who can watch on their cell phones also. It's been Supper Fun! If you are not sure if you should do it, give it a try. We are going to send in the rest of our tapes and continue to have fun family memories!

North Logan, Ut

Excellent work

Back when the planet Earth was still cooling I had family photos taken on 35mm black and white film, 35 mm color slides, medium format negatives copied onto to CDs by Digmypics. They did a lovely job.The decades passed and I had no doubt that it was time to move the images onto thumb drives for family members. I am very glad the meticulous folks at DigMyPics were there again to handle the job

West Chester

Dig Saviors

A number of years ago I inherited 60 + years old color Stereo Slides of a family event. The slides were taken by my maternal grandfather. There was no way to copy them to share with all the relatives & others who would value seeing them for the first time. Until I discovered this company. I highly recommend doing business with “DigMyPics”. They have been very attentive and careful with the project.

Augusta, Maine

Above and Beyond

I ordered a memory box from digmypics. The entire, process was seamless and I got more than I expected. No surprises. You got what you pay for +. The quality of the conversions were excellent. The team is extremely responsive. I needed the material quicker than their normal (fast) turnaround and they were very accommodating and I got the material well in advance of of wife's birthday. I am very grateful. Thanks, David. Thanks, Angela!

Lakewood, NJ

VHS tapes

Shipping was easy, got tapes and the memory stick back super quick. ?? great job. Will be sending more tapes.


35mm slides to digital

I am very pleased with Digmypics quality and service. My slides look great in digital format. The whole process was efficient and professional. My originals were returned flawlessly. My questions were answered promptly and courteously. I highly recommend Digmypics!

Wichita Falls, TX

digitized original colored pencil drawings

you have digitized at least half a dozen sets of my husband's colored pencil drawings and always do an excellent job - thank you!





I’m very happy that I went ahead and got some very old video cassettes digitalized. I was reluctant at 1st, wondering if it was really worth it. Did I really need to go back to “those days” relive it all. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. A whole different lifetime. Digmypics did a wonderful job, and kept me updated through the process of their work. They informed me how the process was coming along, and what the quality of the videos would be for me, as the tapes were pretty old. I opted to receive DVD’s. They certainly aren’t the quality of new DVD’s one might buy, but that’s again only because of the age of what I sent them. I am very satisfied with the work digmypics did for me, and am really glad I went forward with the project.


Old slides and tape

Digmypics did a wonderful job digitalizing 50 year old slides and 13 year old vhs tape. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!


My photos

Digmypics helped me solve the arduous task of preserving photos from the past lost in hidden photo albums somewhere in the corner of the basement. Instead of being thrown out upon my eventual exit from this world. My precious photos will be passed on and enjoyed by all now on the computer. I’m very happy with the service and immediate attention to my questions. The staff is kind and competent. My sincere thanks to all. I would definitely recommend Digmypics.

Grosse Pointe

Great Job

I had some old VHS tapes and super 8 films restored as a surprise for my family. We have lost so many family members over the years and I wanted everyone to see " The Good Ol Days". Digmypics did an awesome job on bringing my movies back to life, I only had one old VHS tape that didn't turn out the best but that was because I knew beforehand that the tape wasn't in the best shape. I have already sent the link to 2 family members so they could do their own movies in the future. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Niles, Michigan

Scanned Prints

Digmypics did a wonderful job of scanning in 4 old photo's at 1200 DPI. I was able to download the images and correct them so they were ready for print. They printed out beautifully! Thank you so much for your wonderful service!


good digitizing

I found some old super 8 movie film reels and had to way to view what was on them. I took a chance and had 2 digitized and am pleased with the results. I will be sending in 3 more to be digitized. thank you.

Pleasant and Professional

We first tried to get our photos and VHS tapes digitized by another company. We had a horrible experience and had not even received a box to send in our items. We read a.Consumer Reports article recommending digmypics along with two others. We chose dogmypics and we were not disappointed. The communication through the process was great and the end product was fantastic. Our family and friends are also sending their items to digmypics because our results were so good. We are so pleased our treasured memories are safely stored on our private cloud and accessible for anyone in the family to see.


Film Negatives

Thanks to digmypics, they were able to process my film negative and recover pictures that I had lost years ago. The pictures came back with amazing color and details, much better than scanning the actual photo. I plan on submitting more negatives for processing.


Digitalizing Slides

Outstanding service and quality. Every image from my 35-year-old Kodachromes is crystal clear. I highly recommend these folks.

Digitizing 8mm movie film

Over the past several years, I've sent reels of old 8mm and Super8mm home movie film to DigMyPics to be scanned. Some movies are over 85 years old, yet the results have always been excellent, and much better than I've gotten from other past vendors, or when trying to video the film myself when shown through a projector. Friendly service, with progress updates and questions answered promptly. Thanks, DigMyPics!



My old slides look like I just took the photos yesterday instead of the 1970s. Digmypics does a beautiful job. I plan to send a ton more so I can have all my old slides look brand new. Love the attention to detail - they keep you informed every step of the way so I never wondered what happened to my slides. Thank you, DIgmypics.


Digmypics did an excellent job with my 50+ slides. I liked the option of being able to adjust the light on them before final digitizing.


Everything went as promised. Easy to contact by phone with questions pre-order, e-mail updates for each step in processing and beautiful finished product. I was nervous about sending unreplaceable items, but I'm so happy with the result. Highly recommend.

Ridgewood, NJ

35MM slides to digital

I used Digmypics to convert hundreds of 35mm slides that my dad took in the 1950's and 1960's. The quality, and price, were great! The process was easy and they keep you updated regularly on the status of the order. Once done, downloading was easy. Thanks, I have more on the way!

Lancaster, PA

35mm Slides

I am very pleased with the prompt service and the quality of the finished product. Some of the slides were over 60 years old and the digital results were surprising good. Copies of the slides in good condition came out exceptionally well.

Paso Robles, CA

My old slides

They kept me informed on the progress. The system for deleting was great. Everything was handled, professionally I’m very pleased.

Wonderful old 8mm movies

These folks did a wonderful job retrieving old 8mm movies of my family. What treasures! Their instructions were thorough and their service was prompt. They communicated with me through the entire process.


When we sent in some 750 photos to be digitized, the intent was to show them to a family member who was failing and had limited time left to live. When the member died, Digmypics was able to adjust the scanning process, so we could use the photos for family viewing at and after the funeral. We are most grateful.

Wappingers Falls,NY

Digital Tape Coversion

Sent 60 tapes to be converted and am very happy with the quality and process. I am sending some more to them. Seeing footage from 20yrs ago is priceless and the ability to preserve them for future generations is also priceless. Thank You !

Clifton Park NY

Thank you!

I was very pleased with my first experience with digmypics and plan to return with more content soon. They were very professional and responsive to my questions and offered immediate confirmation upon receipt of my content and provided follow-up communications as new content was completed and ready for viewing while they continued to work on other content. The final conversions were good quality and some of my 8mm film content was 60 years old and required rehydrating before conversion. The pricing was transparent and didn't increase after carrying out the work. Their pricing was reasonable, if not lower than some of the other companies that do similar work. Overall, I am very happy with my experience with digmypics and would highly recommend them to others!

Pleasant Hill

Slides converted to USB

It was so wonderful to be able to save my slides from 50+ years ago to a useable and clear USB media. The download to my PC was a PLUS for easy access. I had not been able to view these slides for over 30 years. Now I have them at my fingertips. Service from digmypics was superb. Pricing was very fair. Thank you for offering this great service.

Naples, Florida

Highly Recommended !!

I've used digmypics.com for several years now to digitize various photos, prints and slides. They know what they are doing and they do it expertly and professionally. Communication is great throughout the entire process. Truth be told, I chose this company because of their name, which I found to be quite clever. There is no shortage of photo digitizing services out there, so how do you choose one? The name is what did it for me and I couldn't be happier with my decision. More importantly, I could not be happier with the service and experience provided by digmypics.com


Receipt of order Order #1226503

I sent you 7 items of 35mm slides for processing on 12/23/22. These were shot over a 22 year period using Kodachrome 25 film, chosen for it's deep, rich colors and high resolution. As I waited in the que, I became concerned that your processing would possibly not show the same color balance or sharpness of the Kodachrome. However, when they arrived yesterday, I was quite impressed. The color was good and the resolution outstanding. I have additionally enhanced several of the images, slightly increasing the color saturation and midrange contrast in Photoshop to add more 'snap', but the overall results are outstanding. I appreciated your keeping me informed as my job went through the que during the long holiday season, and into the Real Time Scanning System. You did a great job. Many thanks for your excellent work!


Digmypics - 35mm film really old US Army days

I took some pics with 35mm camera black and white in Germany 1960- 1962 I now have these pics digitized on my computer. Unbelievable so clear and I can count the hairs in my nose, haha. I give digmypics a gold crown, and 5 star rating for the job they did with the rolls of 33mm black and white film.


Super 8 Film To DVD Transmogrification

So much of my youth and late teens was spent involved in "film making"... Not just "home movies", but friends and I would conceive, write scripts, construct sets, acquire costumes and props, and utilizing such influences as Welles, Kubrick, Wood Jr. Coscarelli, Serling, Monty Python, Star Trek, Lost In Space, and Bob Wilkins, we would embark on numerous projects... We even hosted our own film festivals! All but one of those films has survived (this one was actually a college project in a genuine film making class circa '81/'82)... The other films' sprockets succumbed to the sharp teeth of the projector's "guidance system" and were destroyed... Plus, when "film" was going the way of the dinosaurs, that really GREAT splice tape I used to buy disappeared, as well... DIGMyPICS has masterfully restored that last surviving "celluloid masterpiece" in order for us to submit it to the pending "Sundance" & "Cannes" Film Festivals (or at least as a "short" for Creature Features)! Mr. Wilkins' spirit, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Redford will, no doubt, be impressed!! A+, DIGMyPICS... Kudos, Bravo, Excelsior!!!


Digitalizing slides

Digmypics is easy to use, you can trust they will do what they say they will do. Best of all there is always a. Friendly voice answering the phone and any questions.


Exceeded Expectations - Highly recommend

My experience with digmypics was great. I sent them 25 video tapes that were 16 to 22 years old. They quickly cleaned them up, digitized them and emailed them to me for a quality check. Once approved they mailed them to me on a USB drive and still allowed me to download the emailed copies for 30 days. My original tapes were then promptly sent back to me. (But I can now throw them away because I have them digitized) The entire process only took just over 2 weeks. I surprised my wife with the USB and she couldn't be happier. She spent the next several days watching old footage. Half the time she laughed...the other half she cried. It was money well spent!


Strongest Possible Endorsement of Digmypics

While haven't viewed every minute of the 592 gigs of the videos Digmypics made for me, I am thrilled by the team's work. The thumbnailsof all 159 recordings I sent to be digitized have come back with the dates I had assigned to them- and they can be furthered renamed beyond the date. The quality of the digitized transfers is simply superb. The files I have watched are just terrific. The propriety algorithm Digmypics used to characterize what every 5 minutes of tape seemed to contain is ingenious and breathtaking. My original videos were returned to me undamaged and as securely packed as I sent them out originally. The staff answered all my questions promptly and clearly. The whole effort took 1 month from initial mailing to the tapes return to me. I now look forward to having Digmypcs digitize my Super 8mm sound and 8mm silent film, once I have made all the back-ups and copies of the 159 digitized tapes, my family and friends are asking for. You can't go wrong with Digmypics!


Video transfer

The finished product t was exception. The video quality for 30+ year old video was exceptional. They emailed an explained the extra effort they put in to get video that I had known was problematic. The finished work came out great and all at a great price .

Milford, CT

Very Satisfied

Second time I used this company. Turn around time and communication excellent in both cases. Previously I had sent same reels to another company but they were not able to reproduce the sound, I lost some $$$. I'm now preparing another shipment to Digmypics.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Slide photos

This company exceed expectations as I have used them twice having slides scanned and put in Jpg. They are unbelievable for being taken over 50+ years ago they look great. Thank you for the memories.


photo scan

I'm really pleased with the results I got from digmypics photo scanning service. The scans came out better than I thought, and the staff was more helpful and knowledgeable than expected. Thank you

Los Angeles

Amazing Company

I was very skeptical about sending my very precious memories (and the only copies I had) of my sweet family to any digital service. Who wouldn't be? Digmypics surpassed any expectations that I had. I purchased my box and then sat on it. I emailed them questions, and they responded immediately, and it was a real person. This employee took the time to make sure I was comfortable with the entire process before I even sent my tapes in. Once my tapes left the shipping center, I was able to track the entire process. Each time a set of photos was started, I received an email. They sent me statuses almost daily. I could see the process happening online in real time. This is one of the most amazing companys I have ever worked with and will highly recommend them over and over again. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Mocksville, NC

great experience!

DigMyPics was the best choice for digitizing my old photos and slides! I had to rearrange the chronology of the images once, and they were very accommodating and helpful in getting this right. I was 100% satisfied with their timely support and the resulting digital product!


self at age of 23, year 1968

Excellent work. Thank you

Gardnerville, Nevada

Gina's Testimonial for Services Rendered

I engaged the services of DigMyPics to help me create an audio (cassettes) - visual (photos, slides, negatives and Beta-Max videos) memorial presentation in honor of my recently deceased brother. I am writing to let you know that I am so happy about selecting DigMyPic to do the work. Everybody with whom I spoke at DigMyPics, even if only briefly, during the work process were great representatives of the professionalism of your company. Of particular note, those to be specifically praised are Kyle, my assigned point-of-contact, and Kris, with whom I connected at the very beginning of this project even before I hired DigMyPics. They both were patiently helpful when answering my numerous questions about the digitizing process and costs for the various packages versus ordering a la carte. For those trying to find a company for their projects, it is well worth the effort to read the detailed website which describes virtually everything a customer needs to know before making the final decision about which company will be sent their precious memories for digital preservation. Given the thorough description of services on the DigMyPics website, the info might be confusing initially especially for those, such as I, who have little experience with photography, slides, negatives, or audio-visual material as well as the language used to describe technical terms relevant to each medium. Rest assured; any confusions you might have will be cleared as they were for me. After having more than one tutorial session with Kyle, I became confident in my understanding of the overall process along with the costs associated with preserving my memories contained in the photos, slides, negatives, audio cassettes, and videos. Kyle was a great teacher. Consequently, I felt very confident that my making the contractual commitment to DigMyPics was absolutely the right thing to do. A great offering by DigMyPics is that of allowing customers to review the final product of the digitizing process before giving approval for DigMyPics to send everything back. When I saw the digital pictures that was generated from the collection of photos, slides, negatives and videos, I am more than impressed with the work product. The techs performed magic by making the digitized results look far superior to the original materials I had submitted. They brought new life to the old photos, slides, and negatives that are 65 through 70 years old. In addition, the results from digitizing the BetaMax videos were a bonus and a delightful surprise. I was not able to pre-view the videos' content before sending them to DigMyPics because I did not have a BetaMax recorder with which to watch them. I took a risk to have the videos digitized and am so glad I did. To my surprise they were very viewable and incredibly enjoyable to watch. I am so happy that all who worked on my project were able to breathe new life into all these dinosaurs. All I can say is, "Thank you, very much." I strongly encourage those who have a digitizing project to hire DigMyPics. I am more than sure that you will be pleased with the results generated by DigMyPics for you.

Digitized Satisfaction!!

I was a little skeptical at first, but made a leap of faith and submitted a small initial order to Digmypics to test its service and, so happy to say, the result is fantastic and praise-worthy. I highly recommend Digmypics (Memory Box) if you want to preserve family irreplaceable photos or videos that may get lost or destroyed over time. For me, my first order will not be my last.


Thank you

great experience! Thank you for securing-developing in a timely manner, professional and all tapes were returned along with a flash drive.



We are so relieved to have found digmypics who did such a good job and we're much faster then we expected. I was so excited to be able to watch the progress as it was being done. Thank you for taking such good care of our memories. I totally recommend them !!



I had a lifetime of 35 mm negatives , 2,800 of them. Digmypics did an excellent job of scanning and color correcting what they could. They were in touch with me the whole time. The process was painless - for me at least. Would definitely use them again. Thank you!!


slides and negatives

Many of my negatives are old Kodak Tri x and Plus x film from the late 1960's and 1970. Digmypics did a great job with those and also with my old color slides . They are working on my 3rd order and continue to do a quality job at reasonable prices.

Lodi NJ

Memory Box

I am just sending in my 6th Memory Box. I cannot say enough for this company. Everything is processed in a timely manner and there has never been a question that I have had that was not answered to my complete satisfaction. I totally recommend this fine company

New Hartford

Feedback on Two Orders

Working with Dig My Pics has been a total pleasure. When you call with questions, you actually speak to a person. Everyone was knowledgeable and very pleasant. Finished product was fantastic. The entire process, from start to finish, was very timely. I highly recommend DigMyPics.

Palm City FL


Thanks so much for such a quick response and such high quality. Such care was taken with my photos. I had an urgent need for a funeral.

Preserving Memories

Digmypics is an outstanding company that truly does outstanding work!! I had photos, slides, 8mm, 16mm and VHS memories I wanted to preserve and share. Digmypics did it all. They are professional, reliable, efficient and produce excellent results!

San Diego

Art Slides

Thank you for such superb scanning of very beautiful and precious 35 mm Kodachrome art slides filled with many colors and fine details. The scanning at 4000 DPI actually enhanced the photos, and I am very pleased with the TIFFs and JPEGs of my slides. Just simply stunning, and even clearer than the originals.

Goshen, KY

consistently good work

I used dig some years ago for many thousands of slide transfers, which came out uniformly very good. I recently used them for a smaller color neg order which also came out uniformly very good. This means a lot to me today, when so many things seem to have deteriorated. Good luck to you, Dig!


Great Job

Quality and Customer Support are outstanding.

Great Service!

I purchased the large Memory Box and filled with Tapes and old film. The service was so quick and everything came out perfect! I’m so excited to distribute to my family as Christmas presents!!

Trout Run

This is my second order with Digmypics. An excellent job. My original negatives were carefully handled and returned in the order sent. The scanning was of very high quality. The negatives were dusted and the color was corrected. I was not in a hurry, but I was surprised how fast the order was completed. I'm looking forward to sending a third order.

Park Ridge

I was so impressed with digmypics! It was easy to submit my negatives and slides. I liked that you could follow the progress of digitizing. Their communication was awesome. Customer service was responsive and delivered EXACTLY what they promised. The quality of the digitized images is spectacular! HIGHEST recommendation!!!

Northern VA

Mini DVs to DVD format

I was very impressed with the service and communication (via email) from digmypics. The 19 mini DVs I had transferred to DVD format were done within the timeframe they initially gave me for project completion. Their system of sending a box to return with labeled media and even plastic bag, etc., was well-thought-out and thorough. They let me know when my media arrived in the mail and gave me updates on its progress. DVDs are a Christmas gift to my son this year, so I have not yet watched them, but the cases and presentation are very nice. I am super-pleased with this company!!

Jamestown, ND

Home Movies from the 50s & 60s

I sent two big boxes to ANOTHER company who has a 'legacy' reputation in this business. My excitement quickly dissipated into months of delays, repeated empty email statuses and DAILY marketing emails to send them more content. When I received the digitized material back -the files were the length of the tape and had over an hours of dead footage. When I tried to edit the footage into DaVinci Resolve or other video editors- the quality was so poor it could not be read. Hundreds of dollars spent and very little satisfaction. THEN I SENT 37 TAPES TO MEMORY BOX/ DIG MY PICS! They gave me realistic estimate based on the quantity- AND DELIVERED EARLY! All files are CONTENT FILLED with ZERO BLANK SPACE, AND ALL THE FOOTAGE IS EDITABLE IN VIDEO EDITORS. The difference between the first legacy company and DIGMYPICs is Night and Day! I know have to re-digitize all the first content with DigMyPics- THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. BTW- I rarely write reviews- but these guys were superb! THANK YOU!


100 slides sent for digitation

I used USPS for shipping; delivery was quick; digitation was wonderful; I have already downloaded all 100 and photoshopped them. Now, I have a useful set of photos from Korea in 1964-5, when I was with the US Army in the south of South Korea, and most all places, even Jeju do Island.


VHS and 8mm to DVD

Excellent job! Got both digital download and DVDs. Good customer service.


Thanks for the cherished memories!

I recently had a number of my grandparents' video tapes converted and I couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks so much for helping me preserve these cherished memories.

Washington DC

Exceeded Expectations!

MemoryBox did a unbelievable job on the 8mm films (some 50+ years old) and VHS tapes. I don't know what magic/voodoo/whodoo you do, but it was a joy and revelation watching the films and tapes. The video is clear, clean, and color corrected, The audio is solid. Simply said; my absolute highest recommendation! My family and relatives will be impressed as well when they see these! Thank You.


Better than the rest!

When I say digmypics is "better than the rest" I'm speaking from experience with other scanning service vendors. I had used another service for years, but recently they blew a huge, 1,000-frame order with terrible focus on the scans of standard 35 mm film. Even on the second try the focus was not good. Also, after exploring alternatives, not everyone is willing to accept the old formats that digmypics can scan. I'm delighted to have found a new vendor that does quality work because I have a LOT more negatives to scan in the coming months.

San Diego

very pleased with the results. thank you

Old Slides

Some of my slides were 60-70 years old. The scans are perfect. A great company.


Family Videos

I recently had over 45 tapes & dvd's of family videos digitized. What a phenomenal job! Shipping and labeling were so easy and and turn around time was swift. Any questions I had were quickly answered. Thank you for helping me preserve so many wonderful memories that are now easily accessible by anyone in our family!

Menlo Park

My experience with Digmypics

I had a very small order (4 30+ year old video tapes) that a videophile friend had suggested were likely not salvageable. He mentioned that if I wanted to proceed, I consider Digmypics or another company that advertises extensively. I ultimately chose Digmypics primarily based on price. They made the whole process easy to understand, efficient and performed everything as promised. Most importantly, they managed to create marvelous digital images of the tapes.

I highly recommend digmypics. was skeptical at first because of some minor things. Was I going to get my originals back. How long would it take? What about pictures that were questionable? Who deceids which are worth it or not? They did a fantastic job for me. Their schedule was acceptable and the price was fair, too. Would definitely recommend them if you have something that you consider valuable to you. They awnserd all my question and helped during the downloading process, too. Thank you Dig My Pics!!!!

kansas city

Outstanding service!

I couldn't be happier with this service - they were prompt, professional, courteous, and delivered great results, keeping me informed along the way. Truly outstanding! I will be using them again and again...

San Mateo

VHS digitized

I am grateful that digmypics was able to transfer a VHS tape of my wedding. The tape was in bad shape, and they had to try several times to get the best transfer.

Waltham, MA

Lost times and friends

Old negatives really bring it back. I saw folks I have not thought of sense 1960"s. Truly Majic I sent folks some of these and they where stunned

West Coast

Amazing Results & Customer Service

This is the second time I have submitted media to digmypics after doing a direct comparison with an order through LegacyBox, too. Digmypics out did LegacyBox on every front, even a better price! This time, wonderful quality on 35 mm slides, an 8 mm home movie, and 3 old VHS tapes. One of the VHS digitized version did skip a bit but I saw this in the preview (before you pay!) and they were super responsive and did it again and it's now great quality. Send all your precious media to them -you'll get it back in great condition and have versions which are easily shared and stored!

Ben Lomond, CA

My Converted Slides

Digmypics did an excellent job digitizing my old slides.. They were clear, bright and the color saturation was excellent. I will be using them again for more slides to convert.


Great Service

Over the last few years I've had digmypics transfer several old reel to reel films. The best was seeing my grandparents walking with all their grandkids. My latest transfer was a vhs tape with sound. My grown kids really enjoyed seeing what fun they had at Christmas, learning to rollerblade, scouts, sports, and getting to see our pets from 30yrs ago. We had a lot of laughs and I had a few tears. Time flies. I feel I can trust digmypics with all my precious memories. I have never been disappointed.



This is the second time I have used Digmypics and I have been so pleased with the service and quality of the work. When I had questions, they were quick to respond ad provide the information that I needed. When I made mistakes (I am not really tech-savvy), they were more very pleasant and helpful to rectify the situation. I have recommended Digmypics several times and will continue to do so!


movie transfer

They did everything the ad said they would do! they copied everything from 16MM film to 8 and super8 movies, some 50 Y/O. really pleased with the results. have more to send (just found) Walt


990 slides scanned

I originally considered 6 other digitizing companies but eventually chose digmypics. which proved to be efficient, completed scans in specified time frame, and affordable. The staff was very helpful in answering any questions I had. I would definitely recommend digmypics and plan to use them for any additional photos I want digitized.


Scanned photos

I send photos as old as the 1920s to be scanned, and they came out beautifully. The quality is excellent, and service was prompt (about a month). I used this service once before and was equally satisfied, and will use it again. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


I'm very satisfied

Up until now I've done all my own scanning. I'm publishing a small book and I wanted the best images I could get. I had a number of slides scanned for book images and to test the quality of the service. I'm very satisfied with the results and I will use digmypics in the future.



Another great job. You did all my old home movies in 8MM and super 8 MM. The latest was from Sony 8MM, and they are of the same quality. Thank You, I certainly would and HAVE recommended DigMyPics.


Great service

They kept me updated on the progress and I did have to contact them and was great customer service.

Concordia, MO

Negatives to digitized images

Outstanding service. Easy to follow on line, select photos to review All done quickly with finalizing , payment, and shipping. Very happy


Converting Slides to Digital

Digmypics converted over a hundred slides passed on to me by older family members. The majority of these were at least 40 to 50 years old. They did a fantastic job with everyone that I sent. They kept me informed of their progress and finished the project in a timely fashion. I’m very appreciative of the work they did that provides me a chance to visit the history of our family. And…..the pricing was excellent as well. The rating for this review stops at 5—-these folks are clearly a 10 by any measure!

League City

Recent 1st order.

Very impressed with my first order with you folks! There will be more in the future. Quick turn around on this order.


Great service

I'd been looking for a service to digitize my VCRs, CDs and cassettes. Digmypicts made it so easy with regular status updates, providing opportunities to review their work online before completion. They were super fast, flexible, responsive to my many questions, and priced below competition. I highly recommend digmypics.

Palo Alto

Forever thankful!

Your scanning services have helped me reconnect with my aunt through her artwork. I'm so happy to have some images to look at and remember her by, as well as create family heirlooms to share. Many, many thanks!


Sharing Family History

I love this service! I’ve used digmypics several times to put family material into different formats so I can preserve and share it with family members. Their work is always top quality and on time, communication is thorough and always knowledgeable! I’ve been completely happy with their work every time I’ve used their services. Thanks digmypics!


35mm negative scans

Another great set of scans from Digmypics. Not the cheapest but the quality of the scans is why I keep returning to them. Interesting that some of the scans are actually BETTER quality than the original prints. Very happy with the qualtiy.


Slides to Digital

Thank you Digmypics. The digital version of my 20 plus year old slides are fabulous. I can hardly believe how fresh and new they look.


Video transfer

Awesome quick and diligently processed initial order and will send rest



As usual, incredible job!! Have previously digitized photos, negatives, 8mm and now slides!! Will continue to return to digmypics to digitize all my photos / negatives / etc. ALWAYS a satisfied customer with the results and support provided !! Thank you to the digmypics team !!

Linwood, NJ


I had a reel of 8mm film from 1937 digitized. It came out looking great!


Excellent Service

I sent in several slides that were up to 60 years old. The images were digitized with amazing clarity and color! I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to restore or digitize vintage photos/slides.


digitizing from various forms

This was my third time ordering scans from digmypics--from prints, slides, and negatives. Totally satisfied, quick, easy, and with the ability to reject unwanted images and a photo book to help with labeling, this is the best service out there.

New York city

Reliable Company

After holding on to my 35mm slides for several years, I finally decided to get them transferred over to photos. I researched a few companies online and decided to go with Dig My Pics and am so glad I did. The process was extremely easy because the web site walked me through the steps and gave suggestions. Immediately when the company received my slides, I was sent an email to follow the process and periodically check on the progress. At one point, after viewing the photos online, I was even allowed to delete any pictures I no longer wanted so I was not charged. Once I was satisfied with my choices, the final payment was charged and I was given a link to download my photos. Then I was able to decide on a shipping company (FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc.) and within a few days, received the slides and the USB I ordered along with a booklet of thumbnail photos. I like that I was constantly updated and was assured that my business was very important to Dig My Pics.


Excellent work

I've used DigMyPics before with consistently excellent results. This time was no exception. I received great scans of a selection of old 35mm Kodachrome slides taken over many years, some dating back as far as 1955.


Film to DVD and flash drive

Our movies are very old and the quality of the transfer was as bright and sharp as the day they were taken. I would highly recommend this service for the transfer of your old 8 and super 8 film.


Super 8 film

Digmypics did an excellent job of converting Super 8 film from the early 1970s..really brings back the memories.

Best Digital Pictures Ever

I sent over 200 35mm slides and 25 negatives. These slides and negatives were over 40 years and the quality of the digital imagine was as good as the original picture. The staff at digmypics was very helpful with any question I had, since I am not very computer savvy they took the time to walk me through the process of transferring the digital images to my computer. I tried another digital company, a competitor, and the quality and service from digmypics was far superior. Thanks, Chris

West NBest Digital Pictures Everewbury

Great service and product

I am very pleased with the service and product we got from digmypics. I sent in 33 8mm films in poor condition, and got back 33 files in a very short time. The files were even numbered in the exact same order as I packed the box--which I was hoping for, but didn't ask for. The quality of the digitization was excellent, considering what I sent. I changed the return address for shipping the originals back after delivery of the digital files, and got prompt, correct personal service.

Falmouth, MA

Movie conversion

Excellent results from some very old tapes. Great service.


slides converted!

digmypics did a great job of putting my old slides onto a thumb drive. I'm extremely satisfied!


Great quality

Thanks for the great service and excellent quality scans. My slides were over 50 years old, faded and discolored, but looked great after your scanning and color adjustment. I didn't see any dirt or dust on the images and while the color didn't look like it would have 50 years ago, it was a lot better than I could have done with easy adjustments in Photoshop.


Solid Digitizing Service

I have used digmypics several times now in my quest to organize my fathers collection of photos. I have never had any issues with missing images or badly scanned images - I have used other major services and have not been so lucky with them. I am putting together another set of old negatives now to send to digmypics even though I have coupons elsewhere.


8mm film to USB video transfer

Old 8mm footage came back to life. The quality turned out much better than I expected.

New Holstein WI

Tape Conversion

This is the second time we have used Digmypics to convert our tapes to digital. As with the first order, they did an outstanding job! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to digitize their old tapes as a way to preserve memories they contain.

Simi Valley

The DVD's were outstanding and I so appreciate the effort put forth to have such a fine product. All the pictures were prefect and the sound was wonderful even though some was many years old. Thank you so much

The Woodlands, Texas

Old tapes to DVD's

Excellent & professional job from start to finish. They were prompt, kept me informed at each step, delivered as promised. Good job.


Old slides

I love this service. We have been clearing out my Mom's house and had found lots of old slides, so we put then into a box and sent everything to DigMyPics - 379 slides in total. The results are amazing - even slides almost 60 years old look fresh. The pictures are now on Amazon where I can sort and share them.



Great work! All 1,200 slides were scanned wonderfully and my dad’s 1940s - 1950s slides look amazing with your skillful color enhancing help. This was my second time to use your services. My over 300 Vietnam 1968-69 slides will be next. Thanks DigMyPics!

Oxford, Mississippi

great service!

I was so happy with the DVD's I received! They took 30 year old videos, which were not in great shape, and put them on DVD's that are very, very good. I will be sending them lots more!!

North Adams

great little book of pictures of my slides, some of which date from 1961 and have never been seen by me except as "held up" slides...

very responsible work..i will use some of these "seldom seen slides" for illustrating a picture book titled SPOKE ' N' WORDS..... thanks again for your care and your web site which is very easy- for me- to understand and follow the instructions.....as i am 83 and have never fully entered the computer generations, this was a big help....may use your service again when i can dig up some of my "ancient" slides... Francis Katz

Great quality negative scans

I have a large number of old negatives to bring into the digital age. Unfortunately, the first batch was done by a different company that gets excellent reviews, but I was unhappy with the sharpness of the scans (i.e. they weren't sharp at all, even the unprocessed versions of the files). Comparing the results from that company and digmypics is remarkable - digmypics scans are so much better, not over-sharpened, just much better quality scans. The rest of my negatives are going to digmypics. Great job!

Lewes, DE

David was so very helpful every time I called. I couldn’t finish this without him

Home tapes

What a great service. I would recommend digmypics to anyone interested in bringing your kids, parents friends and relatives back to life!!

8mm Film Digitized

I brought 60 year old 8mm movie film to Digmypics. The approximate 1100 feet of film was converted and saved to a Memory Stick. We can now view these memories for the first time on our TV; not projector and screen. It's a gift knowing the excitement of the kids growing up or special occasions like birthdays or holidays will be with us to share with the next generation. Big thanks to Chris & Kyle who helped and answered my questions!

Bartlett, IL

More confidence-inspiring than Bulgarian competitors

Where I live, Bulgaria is an upcoming tech center of Easter Europe. But I entrust cost, timing and quality to digmypics.com and send slides and 16mm film to Arizona...wishing I could go along for some sunshine and good Mexican food. I rated "Met My Expectations" because from previous experience, I knew what good work to expect.

New York City

Very pleased with our restored memories

We asked Digmypics to improve and digitalize over 1400 feet of 8mm film, some dating back almost 70 years. They did a superior job and with quick turnaround. We couldn't be more pleased.

Chandler, AZ

125 photos & 5 video tapes

Nervous to send photos & tapes of my beloved 1st husband Brian, who died 30 years ago. 2 video tapes were damaged & I thought they were ruined. I received 1 set of DVDs & 3 flash drives. My children & I now have these lovely memories of this beautiful man preserved forever.Even the damaged tapes were restored. Thank you


Time and Again, Flawless Service and Excellent Results

I've used Digmypics several times now, for negatives, snapshots, 8 x10 prints, B&W and color--every time I am completely satisfied. An exceptional service that offers great quality and value!


Super Support

I had several Mini Dv tapes converted to MP4, one or two were 20 years old I think. On the previews I spotted a couple of concerns, all dealt with on a personal level which made all the difference. Super nice customer communications, thanks Kris.


The results are great!

I had never used a scanning service before and wanted to compare the results of two services. I sent 35mm slides to digmypics and a well known competitor. The difference in the results was night and day. Scans by the other company had large amounts of dust and important areas of the images were cropped out. The digmypics files were totally dust free and cropping was miniscule if any. A little time in Lightroom was all that was needed to see the images I originally shot. I will always send my slides and negatives to digmypics.

A blessing to our family

My husband was terminally ill and I needed to get over a hundred pictures scanned and returned within a week. I chose DigMyPics because they offered an expedited service. They were able create the beautiful digital images and return the originals so quickly. Their compassion to help us during our time of heartbreak was a true blessing!


My tapes

The job you did on converting my tapes to cd was great, I just lost my son and to be able to see and here him again brought great joy back into my life I will always be greatful on how clear you made the CDs I will lety family know of the job you did and be sending more DVDs to be converted soon. Thank you Ray C Poppenger

Wonderful Experience

I had an old VHS tape that was very sentimental to me. But I no longer had a VHS player. It was over 30 years old and I didn’t know if it would still be any good. I took the tape to DIGMYPICS. You did an excellent job in preserving these memories for me. Thank you.

Eloy, AZ

Best Service I've Ever Received

From beginning to the end when my tapes were returned everything was awesome! They were quick to reply to email questions and did an amazing job transferring some old Hi8 and VHS tape. The VHS was 33 years old. The Hi8 tapes were around 20 years old. Within two days of receiving what I sent they had all 9 tapes processed and online for viewing. They communicated every step. I've recommended DIGMYPICS to all my friends and family. Fantastic!

pictures made from old slides

I had old slides that I wanted to have prints made. I wasn't sure where to have this done so I did an online search and found digmypics. I am so glad that I found the online website. I read the information and was very impressed with their process. Needless to say I am very, very happy with the results and want to thank them for the speed and results of my order processing. Thank you for a fine job well done!


Regular customer

I know that Digmypics are not the cheapest scanning company but I have continued to use them for a large number of negatives because of the quality of the scans. Scanning quality has been excellent on all of the orders. The website is a bit old-fashioned but the quality of the scans makes it worth continuing. Very happy with my orders, and will continue to use. Higly recommened.


Customer Service

The customer service from Angela was fantastic. Amazing how responses to my inquiries came within a few hours or at least by end of day.


Memory Box

I had old tapes that I have been procrastinating to have digitized. I am so happy I finally did it, digmypics has exceeded my expectations and I can share these memories with my adult children and grandchildren. Thanks so much!!!



WOW! We just received our order and we are extremely pleased with the results! Old slides and 8mm Reels transferred to DVD Video and Flash Drives flawlessly. DigMyPics has forever preserved our family's memories. Customer service was excellent as well--polite, responsive and timely! Extreme care was also taken in how you packaged our materials upon return. THANK YOU!!


8mm sound film conversion

We had over 2000 feet of 8mm sound home movies from the ‘80s that we hadn’t viewed for 25 years. We chose digmypics because they can convert sound as well as video. The whole process was very timely and professional and we were kept informed throughout the process. We are very happy with the results.


Customer Service

The digmypics customer service has been FANTASTIC! The response time from Angela, to my questions, was always on the same day if not a couple hours. I definitely will use digmypics in the future.



Very easy to use. Did an excellent job of transferring 4 videos of my children to DVD. Customer service was excellent also. I will be sending them more videos in the future.

West Jefferson, Ohio

scans of slides

Digmypics has done wonders for me as an artist. I've used them multiple times to scan slides that I've had stashed away from photo trips around New Mexico and other states. I use those images to paint from. The scans always come out perfect for me.

Santa Fe

Best ever

Thank you so much for keeping us informed on the progress that was wonderful. I would come back to this company anytime I have pictures and I would recommend them to all my family and friends

Wheat Ridge

Great service!

I sent four 12-year old DVC tapes to digmypics; they sent back the original DVC tapes and a 16gb Sandisk USB drive containing the videos from the tapes. Everything looked great. I am very pleased and will be sending them more tapes to convert. Quick turnaround, and digmypics kept me informed throughout the process.

Northern Virginia

Order No. 1140926

I was more than pleasantly surprised by the size and clarity of the images, many of which date back to the 1960s. Just beautiful. I also really appreciated being able to see where I was in the queue, and receiving the updates with images available. Just a great job, and I'll be sending more.


Digitizing my analog videos

Digmypics was responsive and helpful to my questions and they did a very good job in converting my 33 8mm video tapes to digital files. I would certainly use their service again. Thank you!

Lumberton, NJ

Vacation Photos

This was my first step in the journey to digitalize photos and VHS tapes. I could not be more pleased. Customer servic reps very quickly answered my questions when I was packaging my photos. They also got in touch when they had questions for me once my Memory Box was received. The result is everything I had hoped and all that was promised. I think it was the friendly and efficient service reps that put the whole experience over the top. Great Job!


Priceless Memories

Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a great and seamless experience! I had been sitting on an old VHS ultrasound and a handful of 8mm videos for 30+ yrs and was so nervous to just send them off in the mail. But having the tapes just sitting here wasn't doing them or the memories on them any good. So I took the plunge and am so glad I did. Aside from our poor filming skills (low lighting and unsteady camcorder), and maybe some aging of the film, the results are wonderful and I couldn't wait to watch each file. Digmypics provided excellent care of the media during transit both in submission and return (trackable shipping, solid box, packing material, and water protection), supplied a link to watch the project progress online, and in my case, generated digital files I downloaded and can store/archive as desired. Priceless memories brought back to life! If you're on the fence, jump off and look forward to receiving a great product coupled with top notch service.


Memory Box

I received my Memory Box from my son. I had no idea what to expect but when I got it returned, I took hours and hours to watch the flash drive. I loved it so much that I purchased a flash drive for every member of my family. It will be a keepsake from a lot of the past and I hope to make another in the yers to come. I feel the memories are invaluable.


Video conversion

Absolutely a great investment. Such a great job in transferring vhs tapes 'with sound' to a thumb drive. We are still waiting on those to arrive, but were able to preview and download while that package in route to us. Only did a small box to trial but very excited to send more!


Family movie

Excellent service very professional

West Covina

Slides to flash drive

The whole process was easy. They are very helpful and professional. I couldn't have been more pleased.


Film Scan

Over 650 35mm negatives were scanned. This was my first time using digmypics and it won't be the last. Previously, I had over 1000 negatives scanned by Scan Cafe. They did a horrible job. I wish I could show the difference between the two companies. Digmypics did exactly what they said they would. Dusted the negatives, made color corrections, care with original media, great communication, and completed in a reasonable time frame. I loved the real time viewing as the scans were performed.


Digitize 8mm file

I sent three 8mm films to be digitized. They had been recorded in the late 1970's and I was not sure what was on them. When I received them back and viewed them I was amazed. They were really great. They happened to be of my late husband breaking horses. I am so glad I sent them to you. Many good memories.



Digmypics provided perfect service in every way. The converted some old slides I found and wow the results were great. They communicated every step of the way. Try them, you won't regret it! I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend them.


1,432 Slides

Slides were shot in 1973. The results produced by digmypics look like as if I just got the film back from processing at Kodak yesterday. Colors look unbelievably true. While out of focus of course can't be adjusted the ones they worked on were just a joy to see after being in a box for almost 50 years. They cleaned the dust off the film, digitized them, keeping all 1,432 of them in the same order as I sent them, then adjusted colors, lighting and density. Their policy of don't like it don't pay, allowed me to get rid of the close ups of my knee, pavement, and entirely out of focus shots. I dumped 128 bad ones. These are the folks to use..no doubt about it. And they really did exceed my expectations!



Great job. High quality videos. We love them. We’ll worth the price


Definitely worth it!

AWESOME! I sent my pictures in to be digitized. The whole process was so easy and smooth on the website. Communication was great! I love the status updates and being able to see my pics as they were being processed. The quality of the scans are so much better than what I could do. They put them in folders as I had marked on my Ziploc baggies. My pictures came back to me quickly after my order was complete. Definitely using them again and definitely recommending them to everyone!


What a great service

The professionalism and attention to detail are above and beyond what you would expect from normal services. You can't go wrong.



Thr Team was awesome! The contacts and interactions were personal and worked out any issues. They Product was successful and operational from the minute I received it! thanks for preserving the memories of myself and my family!

Drexel Hill

Great service

This business is very user-friendly and helpful during the whole process!

Grand Rapids, MI

Slide processing into DVD

I have nothing but the highest of praise for the processing of my treasured Vietnam Army Slides from my assignment there in 1967. Digmypics was exceptional in every way from their frequent progress reports during the slide processing, to the final product and final cost to me,, I give this company an A++++ in all fields.. Kudos to Digmypics.


I was nervous about trusting my art images, that I needed for a publication, to anyone. The results of my old slides being scanned was positively beyond my expectations. This was worth every penny! Their customer service was exceptional and communication was very personable and helpful. I would use this service again!


another excellent experience

I just did my second project with Digmypics and it was equally superb. I had 3 very old VHS tapes converted to Mp4 and everything was super easy, even ahead of schedule, and great quality considering the age. I can't wait to do my next project with them.

San Francisco

photos and tapes digitalized on thumb drive

Digmypics exceeded my expectations. My photos which expanded 60 years came back so much better on the flash drive than the original ones I sent. I highly recommend.


Priceless keepsake

I'm glad I trusted Dig my Pics with our family memories. They were able to convert multiple types of media when some other companies could not. They turned around my project faster than I anticipated and the quality of the videos is as good as the originals. Excellent customer service as well, they know how important these projects are for the families and they show they care.

St. Petersburg, FL


DIGMYPICS is great! They worked with me on my requests and didn't overcharge! The photos came out great! Thanks!

San Francisco


I was very happy to see how beautiful my tapes came out.Very good job.I will use digmypics again.Thank you Thank you


Wonderful Experience

From the estimate accuracy to the end result - everything was simple and as stated. I tried another digitizing service that was not Digmypics - and had nothing but problems. Digmypics process was smooth and simple - easy to track and I receive all 2100 slides back! The quality of the slides digitalize is quite good - given the slides are over 60 yrs old!

Dayton, NJ

Best Photo Scanning Service

Digmypics has shown outstanding performance in their quality and speed of response. Their pricing was definitely in the range that I expected and I really appreciated the range of options I had in selecting how I wanted my scanned images sent to me. I will definitely use them again.

Great Service

I was very happy with how my pictures turned out. The team communicated with me throughout the process and returned my original photos to me. I plan on using their services again.


The Only Company That You Need Consider

An awesome company and crew. Like many other customers have commented in their reviews, I was reluctant to send my one-of-a-kind photos or slides to anyone. Choosing overnight UPS, signature-required, helped qualm my fears, however I was not sure how my slides would be received and handled once they reached DigMyPics. DigMyPics has a unique "Chain-Of-Custody" system that makes sure my slides were accounted for at any point in the processing. From their receiving door to my return shipping, always a single individual employee would be handling and working on my slides, totally accountable. This all might sound paranoid to some prospective customers, however my slides represent important times in my life. These aren't just casual slides of castles or beaches, they are people, places, and things that matter a whole lot just to me. I sent an initial order of 100 slides approximately 5 yeas ago as a test. DigMyPics came through with flying colors and I was impressed as well by the quality of their digitization. Beautiful. Next I sent 200 additional slides and received the same brilliant results. Finally, a year ago, I sent another 100+ slides and sure enough, they arrived back to me safely and my digital download was retrieved with ease from the link that they sent me. Now I'm lining up another hundred or two slides and will be a lifelong customer of this excellent photo laboratory.

San Manuel

Kudos to Digmypics for superlative service!

I am a cautious Kate about letting precious belongings like family slides out of my hands so I was very careful to vet a tried and true company to scan them in preparation for a recent project. For starters, I was very impressed by Digmypics's website - clear, easy to navigate, thorough, professional and with great testimonials. Digmypics has been top notch all the way through the process. Offering helpful, patient and kind customer service when I had questions, communicating next steps throughout the process without prompting and following up to ensure satisfaction after the project, Digmypics exemplifies the very best in customer service. They are a well-oiled machine! In addition, they kindly held off on sending back my slides and finished products until I was back home from a trip, ready to receive them. From start to finish, they have been a snap and pleasure to work with. Wish all companies were as conscientious and committed! Prices are great and how nice is their "Don't Want Don't Pay" TM offer. All my future work will go to Digmypics and I have already recommended them to others. Very best wishes to all staff at Digmypics. Thanks a million for being such a reliable and trustworthy company. Priceless in my book!


DVD conversion to QT video and wave audio file.

Digmypics work on this project was impeccable and the turnover time was efficient and fast. In my view, they are the 'go-to' place for any kind of audio and video restoration or conversion.

Burbank, CA

Outstanding experience

My experience with DigMyPics was outstanding. Their communication is excellent--They update you every step of the way. I also appreciated being able to call and ask specific questions about my order. The turnaround time was better than anticipated. The photo quality was high. I'm very happy with this company and, in fact, I'm using them again for some video transfers.


slides to cd

This is the 7th or 8th time I have used digmypics to convert slides to cd and usb drive. I am very satisfied with the results again. The order was fast and the quality was exceptional. I will continue to use digmypics.


They did an excellent job of converting the slides to digital. You would never know that they came from 35 mm slides


30 year old videotapesvideo tapes

I have had videotapes of my daughter ice skating for 30 years and haven't seen them for at least twenty years. I was afraid they were lost forever, as they did not work on my old tape machine. I was so happy to see them all digitized; they are better than the originals! Thank you.


movie and film transfer

I am so happy with my latest film and VHS transfers. I had no idea what was on the 8mm movie film that I found while cleaning out my mother's house. The images from my first Christmas were priceless! As was the never before seen VHS of my daughter's first year. This was not the first time I've used your service. I'm sure I will again, your customer service is great.

Tunbridge, VT

slides to digital

Two days ago I received my second set of slides converted to digital on a flash drive. Like the first time, I couldn't have been more pleased and continue to be amazed at the resolution of these jpgs. The oldest slides go back to the 1950s; no loss of color! I'm reliving my childhood and young adult years!

Doylestown PA

digitized slides

Very pleased with the service, the communication, and the quality of the digitized slides.

Ithaca, NY

Picture Scan

Awesome people to do business with. They scanned over 2,000 pictures and had originals with flash drive back to me in less than a month. Were very speedy to answer my questions. Highly recommend this company.

Great job!

A positive experience all around. Kris and Kyle were great to deal with - friendly, helpful, and patient with all my questions. As a senior, I really appreciate being able to reach someone on the phone, and they were more than happy to comply. I had 8 mm film movies from the 1950’s and 60’s to be converted to digital. One reason I selected Digmypics was because they do a light cleaning of the film before transcribing it, something important to be because of the age of my film. Within three days I received a link via email which allowed me to review the completed videos and take snapshots. I’m very happy with the quality of the videos. They did a great job transcribing 60-70 year old film. I now have my originals back safe and sound, plus a flash drive and DVD set for easy viewing. If you’re looking for quality work and great customer service, try Digmypics.

Melrose, MA


Can I just say that this was the best thing I ever did and digmypics was superb! Not only did they transfer my tapes in record time ... they kept me abreast of the status. I never worried about if it would work or when they were coming back. Great job!

St. Louis

Old Movies

I Had 2000 ft of 8mm home movies converted to USB drives. Although the movies are 40 - 50 years old, the color and images are more than I expected. The technicians did a wonderful job to preserve the past. Thank you for another great job.

Sunset Beach NC

Best company for your old pictures and negatives!

I've used a few companies to scan my old pictures and negatives, and digmypics is the best for the quality of the scans. Other services have returned scans where the colors were way off or over saturated, I had someone's FINGERPRINTS on my pristine negatives so the scan had the fingerprints as well, one took forever (my order was sent to India to be scanned). Digmypics might not be the cheapest, but don't your precious memories deserve the best treatment? You get what you pay for! I'm a very happy repeat customer.

Family movies and slides

Digmypics did a great job transferring family movies and slides to digital. Me and my brothers haven’t seen some of these before and they have our recently deceased parents and our childhood home in them, really awesome. Thank you


VHS transfers

This company excels in their communication with the customer. I had many questions about the process and was leary of proceeding, but they answered them all. I’m very pleased to now have all of our 1980’s and 1990’s tapes on flash drives to give to everyone. Digmypics understands how precious these memories are to the family. Thanks for great work and follow up.


waited too long

Easy to order, ship, pay, and get my slides transferred. These were mostly family shots my parents took in the 60s. The slides were back in a case in their closet. Now me and my 4 siblings can enjoy them with our families. This is my Christmas present to them this year. Thank you for a wonderful job at a fair price! Memories are precious.

Rochester Hills

Excellent service

This is the first time I've used a service like this and was very impressed with the communication and final result. Will use digmypics again and recommend it to my friends and family.

Kitchener, Ontario

Digitizing Old Movies

Wow - so easy to ship off reels of old film, and then have them come back to me in digital format. The staff answered all my questions about format and media for receiving the movies. I had had slides digitized previously and that also was a very easy process. I recommend them without hesitation!

West Hartford

Slide conversion

Great work and fast turnaround. Highly recommended.

San Jose


I already did a GOOGLE review online and my comment was "I gave 5 stars, but if I had an option, I would have given 10 stars. I have never had customer service like this from any company in my entire life and I am 70 years old." So, along with that comment, the turn-around time was great and the fact that a link was sent to me even before I received the flash drive was an unexpected pleasure. I have shared this experience with at least 6 friends and many family members. Great experience!!

Silver Spring


Did a great job on keeping me informed & showing the process all along the way. Fast service & everything was professional..

Thanks Digmypics Team!!!

I Couldn't have been happier. Each one of the slides brought back instant memories. Each email was answered promptly, and quality was as I expected. I would surely use them again. The entire order was completed in a timely fashion. Thanks again Team!


8mm to DVD

The process took a little longer than I thought it would but Digmypics kept me informed on the progress every step of the way. Everything looks great and couldn't be happier. Thanks


Quality and professional

Great Service! They transformed tons of old slides, some of which were dark and lower quality, to great images that I can keep forever on a compact USB. Also, very professional and prompt on email communications - well worth it!!


Great job!

Dig My Pics is Great! Timely, Professional, and Engaging. You kept me informed throughout the process and you did a great job!

Rowlett, TX

Videos we couldn't watch!

We have enjoyed so much watching the memories from 36 years that we could no longer see on video since we no longer have a VCR!!!!! Very professional service and now we can get rid of those videos that just took up space in the closet! They are now all on one portable drive that is amazing. Thank you.


Fantastic restoration of old slides

We have sent digmypics over 400 slides for restoration and digitizing. They have done a fantastic job on them. Some were over 40 years old and beginning to fade. The restoration brought them back to life. The service was excellent. We were informed when slides arrived, when the work began, and when it was completed. We liked that we could delete some of the digitized slides before the order was finalized. We will be sending more soon.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Scanned 90's pics

This is my third time using digmypics and the service keeps getting better. The previous time there wasn't an option to download the photos to an Apple computer, but this time there was, and it was seamless. I am so happy to finally have these pictures safely digitized. The process was great, and I love that we can see the progress and also delete a few pics that don't make the grade without having to pay for them

Davidson, NC

Slides to digital media

Exceeded my expectations so much that as soon as I can get my act together, digmypics will be receiving photo prints to be turned into digital media. Repeat business is a great sign of satisfaction.


Tapes to DVDs

I found your company on a google search. I sent in 14 very old 8mm tapes from 1991. Throughout the process of media transfer, I was emailed an update on the work being done. Samples were sent which was wonderful I received the new media and tapes back in a secure package. I cannot believe the memories I have as many of those in the tapes are now only memories. This process will bless my family for years to come. I am now finding more tapes to send in. Thank you so much.

Saint Stephen

Slide scanning

Excellent customer service! The scans are first rate. They put a lot of care into their service.



Sold my 35mm slide projector after receiving my first batch of digital pix years ago. Each and every time I have been completely satisfied with the quality and service. Recommended to all my friends.


Transfer my home movies

After doing much research on different film transfer companies I decided to go with Digmypics to convert my 55 year old home movies to a digital format so we could easily view them with our family. After talking to a very knowledgeable person at their company I was convinced they were the ones to trust all these treasures movies with. I boxed up and sent (2) 8mm, (43)- Super 8 and one 80 year old 16 mm movie can for them convert. They were sent Fed Ex and tracked and I got a notice when they received them and every step of the way during the processing of my job. They processed over 2580 feet of film in about 3 weeks from the time they received it. I had purchased the optional digital download and 1 year storage so immediately after my approval and paying I was able to easily transfer the movies to my computer even before they returned the film and USB drive to me. As for my pictures they were well organized in files by the numbers I put on my film when I sent them in. I am very very pleased with the work they did on these films. Now I am going to send them some of my VHS cassettes for them to digitize. Remember some of you pictures may not have been taken in great lighting and those pictures are not going to improve but as a whole they did a wonderful job. I am especially impressed with the 80 year old 16mm family film they converted for me. We will cherish this film since we can now view it often. Thank You So Much Digmypics for your fine work!!!

Fort Waye

35mm slides

Thanks for the outstanding job converting my old family slides. You made a customer for life.


Scans Of My Slides

Just completed a quick review of the 600+ slides you scanned for me, and they are perfect. Thanks for a great job!


I was very pleased that they were able to restore the colors for 60 year old slides.

Iowa City, IA

Old 35 mm slides

I had a bunch of 40+ year old slides I discovered tucked away and sent them to digmypics to be scanned and processed. I'm very pleased with the work done.

Aliquippa, PA

Super Cool Job

I am 100% impressed by Digmypics. The entire experience was top shelf. The whole process from beginning to end went so smooth. I really appreciate the personal touch of viewing your work as you finished the tapes. You have a great company---very very cool. Thanks for everything

Sacramento, CA

Converting film to DVD

I had camcorder film to DVD,s.I was completely happy with their results. I sent in more film to be converted.The staff are great.Annette and Jacob were so helpful when I got in touch with them..I would highly recommend this business.

Valley stream NY


A great job was done to transfer my 1992 videos onto a flash drive. A very professional job! I am very pleased’


DVD of wedding pics - turned out great!

I sent in my stepsons wedding VCR tape from 2000 and asked to have it turned into a DVD and available for viewing on my IMAC. I just received the file today and it turned out great. My husband and I were able to watch this wedding from 2000 and it brought back so many great memories. Even some of the people in this file were no longer with us - so to see them again was a treat1 Thank you DIGMYPICS!


Happy culmination of a two year project

My parents had boxes and boxes of slides. I painstakingly went through each one and saved the ones that would mean the most to me and to my family. I researched buying equipment to digitalize myself, research companies, and am thrilled with digmypics. I was guided through each step of the process. The quality of the photos is excellent. THANK YOU !

I sent in 22 3-inch reels and 4 VHS tapes to be digitalized on the QT. What I wasn't expecting is for them to have them ready to go so quickly. The people at Digmypics helped me through the process of getting exactly what I wanted, and there were no problems in shipping out the 25 disc sets to four locations, as well as returning my reels and tapes to me intact. What I especially loved was being able to share the previews with family and friends over internet....such wonderful 67-year--old memories, especially for all the folks in Pittwood (my hometown) and Watseka, Illinois, and all my folks across the country.....including Stelller B&B in Seward, AK. Yes.....Digmypics truly did exceed my expections tremendously.....again, huge thanks to all of you who worked so hard on making this happen. Dinah

Gainesville, FL

Super 8 Film to Digital

I have used digmypics to convert many Super 8 reels of 50 year old film to digital media. I have worried that the poor condition of the film may not allow the conversion but I have been pleasantly surprised and all of my transfers have been great!

California, Maryland

Five Star Transaction

I rarely write reviews, but superlative service merits spreading the word. Every aspect of Digmypics was professionally presented and expertly produced. Instructions were clear, help was a phone call away, and the product resulted in the top-notch replication of my slides. I'm impressed and, most of all, grateful for such an organized, reliable and prompt transaction.

Croton on Hudson, NY

Great job

It is the third time I have used digmypics. Excellent service and results. Note: I know that once you make the decision to digitize your memories you want the results "Yesterday", but you need to be patient, it might take some time.

Stevenson Ranch

Satisfied customer

The service is convenient and exceedingly reasonable. The team kept me aware of status and the website is well designed to let you see the conversions as they complete. They answered my questions quickly and clearly, explaining the physical limitations to 18-30 year old VHS tapes. An addition to my original order was completed with a single email. My only regret is I didn’t do this sooner.


Restore Super8 movies to disk

Very pleased with the service. Appreciated keeping in touch via email. Faster service than I anticipated. Totally satisfied with the product (only wish my originals were of higher quality subject matter).

Satisfied customer

Customer service and product was excellent!!

south dakota

Awesome Company

This is one of best companies I have ever worked with! They were friendly, efficient and extremely helpful. The directions and communications were very helpful. The quality of the final images surpassed my expectations. I have more slides to convert, so will definitely use them again in the future.

San Jose

Film transfer

Was very happy with the 8mm films that were transferred. Some of these were about 50 years old and they did a great job of enhancing the originals. Getting ready to request another box for video tapes to be scanned.


digitizing 8 mm films and VHS tapes

This is the second time I've turned to Digmypics to take 50-year-old 8 mm films and 30-year-old VHS tapes and digitize them. I loved the ability to download the files as soon as they were complete, and also have physical backups on thumb drive and DVD's to share with other family members and keep safe.

Cockeysville, MD

My Recent Order - Couldn't be happier

I just completed my first order with digmypics and I couldn't be happier. I was a bit apprehensive about sending my treasured slides, movies, and videos to a service I had never used before, but I am extremely pleased with both the service and the quality of the finished digital files. The process was easy to use and the service was great. Digmypics provided me with updates from the time they received my order until they were complete. I am a professional photographer and I am very impressed with the reproduction of my slides. I was worried they would come out underexposed or contrasty from the digital process, but they look great; as thought taken yesterday! I will be send them additional video tapes to digitize for me.

Bonney Lake

As advertised

Great Communications with some Covid limitations. Did what they said they would do and brought back to life film from 50 years ago. Expensive, yes. Worth it, very much so. Lot of work went into the sound side of this old film. I am a happy customer.


Great Quality service

My slides were turned into great digital media. Quality was excellent. I was most impressed with the continued email communications I received every step of the process. I was even provided "sneak peeks" of the work as the process was progressing. Excellent service! I would highly recommend digmypics!

Palm Springs CA

great work! prints & negatives

I have used digmypics for 8mm reels from the 1950s, outsize negatives from the 1920s, and prints from the 1970s to 2000s. In every case, they do an excellent job with reasonable turnaround (better than I can do with my high end scanner).

Fayetteville, AR

photo scanning

This is the fifth order I have placed with digmypics and that says it all. They answered any questions I had very quickly and were professional and competent in the scanning. I recommend them highly.

Sugar Land

APS Film Scanning

I found 30+ old APS film cartridges in storage and determined that they were important to me and my family. I sent them for scanning and processing and received back 975 clear, color-correct scans. Perfect result! But there is more--I had some problems with the download and sent a message for help. The answer came within a few hours--not the few days or weeks taken for many "customer service" inquiries. Great experience all around--heartily recommend.

Glen Carbon IL


Digmypics are an easy company to work with...I'm not a pro with this sort of stuff and they walked me through the issues with which I had questions. They kept me informed all along the way about the process and the progress. Will definitely work with them again. Thank you very much!


standard 8 mm home movies to DVDs

Over 1,850 feet of home movies between 55 and 76 years old. Went on line and checked out the companies that put them on DVDs and thumb drives. I picked digmypics, since important that the job be done right the first time...films may be too fragile for a do-over. Phone calls to them reassured me that they were the best choice. Wow! Fantastic service and excellent results! Am delighted!!!!!

Floyd VA


We had lots of old slides that had been sitting in boxes for 30 years. They brought back lots of memories, but were dusty, and we had to borrow a projector to look at them. The digitized versions that came back from Digmypics were clear, clean, and crisp. 90% of the dust and smudges were gone; the rest I can get off in photoshop. Most importantly, they are now backed up and safe! I've used them before and I'll use them again

Lancaster, PA


Sending 47 years worth of slides for digitization was a risk, but it certainly paid off. Digmypics took great care of my slides, turning some unrecognizable slides into wonderful pictures. They kept me in the loop on progress throughout the process and answered my questions promptly. I would use this company again and recommend them to everyone. Digmypics delivers great service and a great product at a great price – who could ask for more? THANK YOU!

Murphy, Texas


Thanks for your excellent service. I have reviewed the images returned to me and they exceeded expectations. You were so good in communicating with me through the whole process. Hope to see you in the future.


Glad I had this done!

I should have done this sooner! Great job, happy with the results. Took a little long due to COVID, but it was worth the wait! My family is able to enjoy great memories and Digmypics did an exceptional job!

Tarpon Springs

8 mm film transfer to DVR

Great service. Made extra effort to deliver early per request. Always in contact and available with any questions or concerns. Highly recommend. Price is right also.

huntley, il


Took a long time because of the pandemic situation. I had a lot of film. Did a very nice job. Pleased with the results. Being able to delete 20 percent of scans is good feature. Had to re-arrange some film strips to meet minimum number in a folder to avoid extra charges. They should do away with this or lower the minimum number in a folder. Answered all the questions I sent them. Viewing scans for deletion was easy to do. Site did not count the number deleted. I had to do this manually. They should add this as a feature to the site. Price was reasonable.


35mil negatives to digital

Thrilled with the results, moody B&W images from 1981. Long turn around time due to covid restrictions but more than satisfied with the service. Easy communication with responsive people, very personable, clear site. Definitely using digmypics again!


Blown Away!

I am totally blown away by how great a job digmypics did! The recreated images look better than the originals. They did such a good job. And they take VERY good care to make sure everything is returned exactly the way that you sent it. I highly recommend this company and plan to use them for the remainder of my project which is going to be a big one!

Salt Lake City

Amazing job

I was super pleased with Digmypics. They were terrific and kept me posted as to the progress of my order throughout the entire process and I was even able to see some of the pictures as they were developed. Their support was also outstanding I would highly recommend them!

Thousand Oaks, Ca

Very well done!

I have been working on digitizing old media for a couple years now and have used several different services, digmypics has surpassed them all! I have already sent in a second round of media to digitize! Very well done!

Saratoga Springs

Old home movies

If I could give them more stars I would. The movies exceeded my expectations. Extremely pleased with the quality. This was the second time I've had them restored. First time, different company years ago, my movies were not clear, hard to recognize some of the familiar faces. This time clear, bright images and some of the original films that I've never seen. Thank you again, for a job well done! :)


Old damaged slides

I was amazed at the promptness and quality developed from these slides, which I thought were lost. I will be using digmypics again.


5 stars

DigMyPics is an excellent choice if you need photographs or home movies digitized. I'm one of six children whose mother died last year. She left behind 1100+ slides and 11+ reels of 8-mm home movies, plus negatives and Betamax tapes. DigMyPics digitized all of these rapidly and with exceptional image fidelity. During the whole process they were attentive and timely in answering any questions I had (even on weekends). I can't exaggerate how pleasant it was, dealing with DigiMyPics throughout the whole process. Thanks, Michelle, Annette, Scott, Caleb, and everyone else.


8mm reel

When my 89 yr.old mom, gave me this reel. I looked at the date on the box. It showed 1956-1962. Well, I thought, why not. I should be in it at least the last 2 yrs. So, I looked into Memory Box. Emailed back and forth a couple times. And decided to go with them. Very easy. They send the box, you feel it and send back. They let you know it’s been received. And the process will start. Then when you think, hum what’s going on with my order. You receive an email saying they have some(my case) 8mm reel done. And what a treat to see!!! Where my parents lived. Trips they took, San Francisco, film of the Golden Gate Bridge, Hearst Castle. They/we are from No.CA. And I had no idea I went to Disneyland as a baby! Thank you MemoryBox for bringing this reel to life. I told my mom about parts in it. And it was nice to hear the back story and hear her laugh. Well, worth the investment. No need to hesitate. Thank you??

Las Vegas

Film transfer

I have now had digmypics digitize hundreds of slides, negatives and several hundred feet of 8mm home movies. I have never had a bad experience. They are professional in all respects. I'm very satisfied with the results.

West Valley, UT

This was my third time submitting videotapes with DigMiPics for scanning. As always they produced terrific results exceeding my expectations from old tapes. Will undoubtelly be submitting more videotapes and slides within the next few weeks.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Digitizing my b/w negative

I am very satisfied with the result. They did exactly what they promised in their web sight. Best part is I did not have to pay for the pictures which I did not want, unlike scan digital inc. I have more negatives which I want to digitized. Digpypics did an excellent job. Please keep up the good work


Very satisfied

We just collected all our slides from three families (mine, my parents, and my wife's parents) and converted them to JPGs. The first set were all a little overexposed, but DIGMYPICS quickly rectified the problem and resent the mofidifed JPGs to me. The other two sets of pictures were excellent. All together, we had them process more than 1500 slides - an expensive propostion but worth it. WE ARE VERY SATISFIED.

Sunman, IN

35mm slides converted to digital format

I submitted almost 900 35mm slides to be converted to digital format. I was allowed to delete approx. 80 of those slides with no questions asked and a credit was applied. The work definitely exceeded my expectations. All slides were rotated properly and labeled clearly. The emails I got during the process provided status of the job and genuine concern for completing the job on time after I mentioned that I was doing this as a surprise for my husband's birthday. I would recommend digmypics to anyone looking to digitize their photo memories!

Houston, TX

I've been carrying around 8mm family movie reels for 40+ years, when now I can afford to have them transferred digitally I'm all over it. After researching other companies, I choose Digmypics for their services and price. I was of no hurry, so time was not an issue. I knew where they were in the process by the updates they sent. I am very happy with the final results. They did a great job with the 70yr old films. I can't believe it's the same reel film we grew up watching. It's great. I appreciate their talents, so I can now unload film boxes and have a digital restoration in safe keeping.

Beaufort, South Carolina

What a Great Job with My Treasures!

Digimypics was so incredibly user friendly! Easy to pack up and send my stuff. Constant communication about progress kept my mind at ease. And the product quality was amazing! I gave them some really old photography on slides and I now have fantastic pictures that run constantly on a digital frame. I debated about another provider but I am so glad that I decided to use Digimypics!

Coronado, California

Excellent job

Rescuing video from old video cassettes onto DVDs and converting 35mm slides to high quality jpg files has been a very important part of a complex project to document family history. The DVDs and image files are now getting assembled into presentable formats for showing on laptops and TV screens. DigMyPics met and exceeded my expectations with reliable, quality and detailed service. Any and all future such projects of mine shall only go through this company.

Sacramento, CA

Slides converted to digital

It took a while but I am well satisfied with the results. I’ll have some more converted as soon as I can get them together and ready to mail.

Biloxi ms

I am Very Pleased with the service and the final Pics

I had a fairly large project with over 800 pictures, 400 slides, and 7 video tapes to be digitized. It was a fairly long process but the final result was worth the wait. Communication was swift and accurate and most important the digitized pictures look great.

Gahanna, Ohio


The 8 mm films dated back to the 1950’s. Your efforts brought them back to life for my kids. Thank you.

Dover, DE

Family heirloom slides

Digmypics did a marvelous job preserving my inherited 64 year-old slides. This is the second time I have ordered from them, and both dvds produced pictures that were clear, sharp, and with great colors. Watching the slide shows has brought great joy to my extended family! Thank you, everyone at Digmypics!


Amazing gift!

I had a great experience with digmypics.com. They easily converted over several tapes that we just couldn't play with the devices on hand. These brought back so many great memories and we will be using them again for sure.

Boise, ID

Digital Prints from old 2X2 slides

Having retired several years ago, and then finding some timely and memorable old 2X2 slides recently, I wanted to have them digitized so I could pass pictures to colleagues and to make prints. This was my first time working with digmypics, but BOY, was I pleased. The website is well organized and informative - selection of what one wants to do is very self-explanatory. The staff was very helpful and friendly, and the outcome was great. Some of the slides were ~50 years old and the digitized version make them new again!!! A great suggestion was "My Photo Album" - a "hold in your hand booklet," which I have used many times to quickly find the picture(s) I wanted. Obviously, if I need to digitize old slides in the future, digmypics will be the company I will go to for the job.


1800 35mm slides sent, 600 scratched, very good job at a good price. My 3 boys age in fifties all very much enjoyed. Good operation and customer relations.

Ponte Vedra, FL

Wonderful Job on 35 mm Slides

I want to thank the staff at digmypics.com for the great job done digitizing 335 mm slides going back to the 1960s and 1970s. The final digitized images were better than I remember when I had a slide projector. The online status facility is delightful; having the ability to received updates and to review the images is a plus. The contactless drop off and pickup (I live near the facility) procedure ensured that we were both kept safe. I would recommend anyone wanting to digitize their images to use your facility.

Gold Canyon, AZ

A million thanks!

You! You did this magical thing. I am bursting with tears. My chest can't hold my heart. You can't realize my happiness seeing these images. It's 8mm silent from the early 60's but it's me at 5 years old jumping around like a sugar-crazed little monkey. Damn! So sharp these images!! You are a freekin' powerhouse of... I don't know... THANK YOU! I have just started to contact my scattered family. Man, when they see these films, God in heaven they will freak to see themselves. Buckets of happy tears soon. A million thanks to you.

brownsville, tx

Customer Service Experience

There was a problem with my initial order. The Digmypic folks quickly addressed the issue. I was pleased with the quick responsiveness.


Good work.

DigMyPics did everything they said they would do, on time and in a friendly manner. I will use them again if needed and recommend them to anyone that needs old videos digitized.

Cincinnati, OH

Memories have been saved!

I am so delighted to have some of my favorite images made digital. I had 1000's of slides to go through when moving. I painstakingly went through them, searching for ones that held special memories. DIGMYPICS was able to transfer them a digital format where I can share with family and friends - or just enjoy seeing them myself. What a great service! Staff were there to answer my questions through the process. In the future, I have to have some video tapes made digital as well - so worth the effort to preserve these memories in an accessible format! Love what you do and the results are awesome

groton, ma

35mm slides to DVD

The service was excellent. Quality of images is sharp. Many of the slides were art work and the color is much better than I expected.

Jamestown, NY

Awesome quality and service

I had 7 VHS tapes transferred to DVDs. Six came back "perfect", but one of the DVDs had a slight sound problem. I called digmypics, explained my problem, and without hesitation they said to send it back and they would re-transfer it at no charge. I did, they did, and the new DVD came back "perfect" as well. They followed up to make sure I was pleased...OUTSTANDING customer service when that is getting rare these days.

Waxhaw, NC

slides digitized

Thank-you so much for letting us relive a special moment. Your communication was helpful since this was the first time I've used your company and attempted to digitize my old photos.


Digital Transfers

Digmypics did an amazing job transferring 20+ 8mm and 70+ VHS tapes to digital movies. The 8mm go back to the mid 70s. They provided excellent customer service, promptly answering all my questions with great detail. Thanks digmypics! Excellent job!

Charlotte NC

A great way to remember

My experience with Digmypics.com was excellent . I loved seeing my memories from years ago . It was convenient and they provided timely updates of their progress. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.

san antonio, tx

16mm movies from the 1930s-50s digitized!

This was probably the first of several orders I will place for digitization of my grandpa and great uncle's old movies (we have many more reels). DigMyPics was able to take these old movies that were aging in a bin and bring them to life digitally! Now we can share them with friends and family, and pass them on to future generations. Thank you!

Rockford, IL

slides to cd pictures

Another great transaction. My order was quickly processed and sent to me. The packaging to send to me was very sturdy. The pictures on the cd were clear and downloaded with ease. This is the fourth time I have used digmypics and I am ready to use the service again. Thank you very much. I am highly satisfied with the results.

Hackettstown, NJ

Scanned 35mm Slides

Service was fantastic! Communication was great regarding receipt and processing of my slides. The final product, digital copies, was fantastic. I am very pleased and will be sending additional orders in the future. Jim Bottoms


Transfer of old VHS tapes to digital

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just finished viewing all 4 finished tapes that you transferred for me. I was very, very happy with all of them! I really appreciate your going above and beyond to make sure each one was so perfect! I so appreciate having all my old precious family movie memories on my home computer now so that I can watch them again and again!

Salina, KS

Digitalization of family photos

I was so impressed with the professionalism with this company. I was kept informed in a step by step process all the way. My very old, precious family photos were handled & scanned as if they were theirs's. The company is in the U.S. so that was also reassuring. I'm absolutely thrilled with their work and will be using them again.

Walhalla, SC

High Quality and Great Results

I have placed three orders with Digmypics.com over the past few years; 35 MM slides, 35mm negatives, 126 negatives and a few other nonstandard negatives. All were scanned in both TIFF and JPEG and I could not ask for better quality. If you are looking for high quality digital photos this is the best place to have it done. I will be placing another order soon. Thanks for the great work.


Service & Expectations

digmypics exceeded my expectations! Ordering was easy. Customer service is exceptional. They don't leave you guessing. I was updated during the entire process, from the moment the slides were received to delivery of my order. I will recommend this company to all my family and friends.

Houston, TX

Slide scanning

Thank you for the outstanding results! I had been scanning my slides but it was tedious and time consuming so I took a chance with digmypics. Really happy I did. Very inexpensive considering the time I'm saving and results that are far better. No dust, very fine detail and great color. I was disappointed at first as the color seemed drained from images. I quickly learned I could restore the color using the saturation adjustment and other tools in Photoshop and Lightroom. I also sent slides to a company that markets constantly on Facebook and elsewhere. Real disappointment. Those slides will now go to digmypics.


Usually don't write testimonials but needed to make sure Digmypics got a big shout out for great work. I had some very old, faded but cherished slides that they were able to bring back to life. Thought they might be gone forever. Very thankful!

Lincoln, CA

Great Experience

It was about 2500 slides with some film strip photos, some dating back to the 1960’s, that I had organized into 45 different sets. DigMyPics scanned these as high-quality TIFF images and returned them to me on a compact external hard drive along with my slides and film. I find the quality of the scanned images to be exceptionally good and I do not expect that much further editing in imaging software will be needed. The DigMyPics website is very comprehensive and helpful in explaining the scanning process. Their friendly staff promptly answered the few questions I had, and they kept me informed of the status of the scanning effort. They had explained to me that it would be several weeks after they received my slides and film before they would be able to begin the scanning process. Since I had been putting put this slide and film scanning project for about 20 years, that was not an issue for me. I especially appreciated DigMyPics “Don’t Want Don’t Pay” deal feature that gave me the opportunity to review their scans of my images online and to designate a portion of those images for cost-credited deletion from the scanning order. DigMyPics did an excellent job. I recommend them highly.

Valencia, CA

70's and 80's Film Reels to Flash Drive

We have had old reels of film for decades in a shoebox with no way to show our children and grandchildren. We decided to have them digitized and liked the comments on the digmypics site, so we sent them off. It is so great to be able to relive those days and see the film we shot more clearly! They did a great job and we were surprised that the videos were also viewable online with a feature to grab a snapshot from the film. Got some great closeups of my sons when they were little. Thanks, digmypics! If I ever find the rest of the reels, they'll be headed your way!

Langhorne, PA

Great job as usual, thanks!

Washington, NC


I’ve had 70 year old slides sitting around and finally decided to get them digitized. I researched and decided on Dig My Pics. So, with my fingers crossed, I sent my slides. It was exciting to see, thru the website, the pictures as they were developed. Then being able to select the ones I didn’t want prior to the final charge was nice. I’m SUPER excited with the results! The exposure, color, everything is excellent. I would highly recommend Dig My Pics for any photo needs!

Colleyville, TX


I have used Digmypics in the past and have not been disappointed. I love how they kept me informed as they went through the various stages of taking care of my precious memories!! Great great company with terrific people. Thanks!!

Norton, MA

Excellent Service

Have you ever tried to digitize your own slides? It is not fun, and the results are sometimes iffy. I sent a carousel of twenty-year-old architectural slides for digital conversion, and DigMyPics met all expectations and then some. There is not a speck of dust to be seen on the images! The order was handled within the estimated time frame, and I received updates as things moved along. I particularly liked the opportunity to review and delete images before finalizing the job. Eliminating any "klinkers" is a good way to reduce final costs. Similarly, if time is not a concern, using USPS Priority Mail instead of FedEx to ship in both directions can cut costs. Overall, a very fair value--even a bargain.


Smooth Process

For the first twenty-five years of our marriage all of our trips were recorded on slides. They sat in slide boxes and various carousels and we would break them out every five years or so. During the past year we had the time to cull the duplicates and sent the rest off to digmypics. I chose this firm because their web site is so well organized and answers all of your questions about the process, cost, etc. Everything was seamless! It took a while, but I knew that it would as I had sent in about 1400 slides. You could always check the progress of the order on their web page. We are now enjoying looking at all of the old family trips and are able to share the memories with our sons.



My order arrived safely and I am very pleased with your skillful work. Thank you Rob

Dover, DE

Enjoyable transaction from start to finish

REally loved doing business with these guys. A very professional outfit. Pre-sales Customer Service was excellent. The whole experience online was great. The tracking system was easy to use and kept me informed. The quality came out great. I love the fact I get to pick form the final results and decline any I thought weren't worth paying for (I paid for them all). The download of the images went smooth. And the disk came out great. The whole experience was so great, I'm scouring the attic for more stuff I can convert. Thanks So Much!


Movie transfer

I can not say how excited I was to get my old movies converted to digital and the finished product was better then I ever expected. I can't wait to do the rest of our family movies. Thanks for bringing back such great memories!

Virginia Beach, VA

Incredible Job... even better service

I recently used the digmypics memory box service. I sent in a bunch of old 8mm reels that were between 50 and 60 years old and my 30 year old wedding video on VHS (which was in terrible condition). Sending in the media couldn't have been easier. A box arrived with all of the packing material I needed, a shipping label and detailed instructions. Once digmypics received my box, I got a confirmation email. I also received periodic updates throughout the process. As they made progress, I was able to view proofs of the 8mm film. They also provided downloadable video that I was able to use while I was waiting for my DVDs to arrive. They must have done something to enhance the video, because I was able to watch all of the converted video on my large screen TV and did not encounter the graininess I was expecting. The quality was better than I remember. I am not sure I could be any happier with the service and results. I have more old 8mm reels and video tape to convert. I also have hundreds of old slides. I just ordered two more extra large memory boxes. I can't comment on their slide conversion yet, but for 8mm and vhs, I would recommend this service without reservation.

Lafayette Hill, PA


Quality is much better than anticipated. I had some previous videos done by another company, and the results were not nearly as good. Wish I found you earlier. Thanks again.



I have used DigMyPics several times and will always use this company for this service. They have been 100% easy to work with and doing an excellent job. They are prompt in letting me know of the arrival of my package, and their system keeps me updated on their progress. I like how you can delete some pictures after previewing. Anytime I have needed to call, a real person answers quickly and addresses my questions. I have complete confidence in DigMyPics.


Lots of care

I had a large number of negatives, and they weren't very well sorted. When I sent my order in I promptly got an email asking clarifying questions, and helping me through the process. The team at Digmypics worked with me to make sure all my pictures were handled appropriately, and even during a busy holiday season I got my pictures back within 2 months!

Albuquerque, NM

Very pleased

Digmypics is the second bulk slide scanning service that I have tried and has proved to be far superior to the first service I used. That service was somewhat cheaper but used an automated color correction software that gave pictures with a lot of sky a slightly pink tinge. The Digmypics scans were mostly new scans but I included some of my favorite pictures from the previous set of scans. The new scans had the color rendition of the original slides and were very noticeably better than from the other service.


Super 8mm movies

I recently had some old super 8mm movies digitized that were originally taken in 1973-1975 that had not been viewed in decades. I was very pleased how well the final digital files were handled and the quality exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to having the remaining super 8mm movies digitized.


digitizing 35 mm slides

We found DigMyPics to be very easy to work with. Questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. We were kept up-to-date on the status of our order.

Bluffton, SC

Great process. No complaints.


Memories Preserved!

We are VERY pleased with the job done by DigMyPics in digitizing 4300 family snapshots. They followed our instructions perfectly. The thumbnail magazine makes it easy to locate each picture file on the accompanying drive. Each of our 4 adult kids now have all of those memories to share with their kids. And, we no longer have anxiety over those cartons of yellow print envelopes that used to live in our basement. It was worth the effort and the cost!

Ringoes, NJ

Great Job!!

I was very pleased with the work that was done. I sent in very old slides from back in the 1950s and the company put them on a thumb drive for me, and they look great. If I hadn’t found the digmypics.com, the slides probably would have sat in a box and no one would have been able to enjoy them. Thanks!

Elkins Park

Faster and Better than Expected

I sent in 21 reels of 1959-1963 (60 year old) 8mm home movies. I had them scanned at 1080p resolution with grain reduction. My later father had some of the reels scanned from an unknown local service, so that's what I'm comparing it to. First, even with delays from COVID, the turn-around time was more than acceptable and faster than predicted. Really regret not doing it sooner. Second, the 1080p resolution was worth it. With today's 4k and 5k computer monitors, you want as much detail as they can muster. Grain reduction: I don't know because I don't have anything to compare. Lastly, the end results were excellent. We had two reels from the same vacation. One was scanned by DigMyPics and the other from the local service. The difference is dramatic. We could read signs in the background that were a blur in the DVD quality scans. Faces in the distance were recognizable. Colors were true in the DigMyPics version. And then there is the intangibles. Seeing long lost relatives come back to life... you can't put a price on that.

Leesburg, TX

Quality Scans

DigMyPics did the job the right way, the first time. I'll be back with future jobs. I've used other scanning services which were lacking in their ability to do what they advertised -- DigMyPics meets the standards. Everything was clean and in focus. The high definition scans of even the smallest images, such as 8mm film and disk negatives, were sharp, clean, and clear. Return shipping, once the production was completed, was prompt and well-packaged. I'm a happy camper.

New Mexico

8mm to video transfer

I sent in two dozen old 8mm home movies for transfer to video. I was blown away with the great service and quality of the product. Many of these films were from the 1950's and were very fragile, dirty and delicate. DigMyPics cleaned them and transferred them beautifully. The communications were excellent throughout the entire process. The joy of sharing these with my family is priceless. I definitely recommend DigMyPics and would use them again exclusively.

Silverton, OR

DigMyPic converted old slides from the early 1950's and the digital copies are better than the originals. Thanks for saving old memories.

Poulsbo, WA

Outstanding work!

I have a good bit of experience in scanning of film; in a previous job (think big green blimp) I managed the development of the first national consumer film/photo digitization at national retailers. I'm keenly aware of the challenges of consistent quality scans at scale. With my personal items, I have used other services, including those who purchased the branding from now defunct companies. The work done by Digmypics is outstanding. Outstanding clarity on what work will be performed, timely updates to the status of the job, etc. And the online viewing of work is amazing. As for the scans themselves I couldn't be more impressed. I have sent 8mm and other films out for scanning to other services, and have often had the work re-done due to poor color balance/saturation, dirt or jumping of the images due to film gate issues. Not with this service. Every video file I received was of outstanding quality. Thank you so much for preserving my quickly fading memories for generations to come.

Everett, WA


DigMyPics did everything they promised to do. They did an excellent job of converting my 1,250 slides to very good digital copies. They kept me informed about the progress of my project and provided quick contact information if I had any concerns. I would recommend them highly if you are considering converting your slides to digital pictures.


Great Service

This is my third batch of slides (one more to go) and I am very happy with the process and results. Sure beats doing them a few at a time on a small slide scanner. The care, cleaning, resolution, and coloring are all high quality. The delivery, processing, and image importing are all fully explained and transparent. Never had a hang up. I have recommended DigMyPics to friends and will continue to do so.

Seattle, WA

I love digmypics and highly recommend your services to anyone that wants to see their memories come alive. Thanks again..and...I'll be back


Ancient Negatives Reborn

When I sent a pile of disparately shaped negatives that had been stored in an attic for more than a century, I had little hope that I would get very many of them restored to perceptibility and very few of them well restored. Instead, I got all but two restored, and the two I elected not to print where blanks taken by a bad cameramen: the reprint would have been perfect. Thank you for exquisite service. Wait. I would have preferred faster, just as I am sure you would have preferred a customer who knew what he had.

Vienna, VA

copying slides to cd

This is the fourth time I have used digmypics to convert slides to cd. I am always highly satisfied. Their work comes quickly and is always perfect. I plan on using their site again very soon.

Hackettstown, NJ

2 for 2

DigMyPics has digitized 2 collections of photographs for me now, and they have done an excellent job both times. Thanks for preserving my family's memories.

Easton, PA

old slides

I was so happy with the results!!! When I found old slides at my parents house, I couldn't find anyone able to develop them. Digmypics not only was able to- but the quality is even better than the originals!!!


Your careful and excellent work

Dear AJ and the gang at DMP, You are the best. After I found you, I sent your info to a friend and she had a wonderful experience having her slides digitized. I had several hundred slides from a 1989 year-long trip around the world. They looked good, but 30 years in an attic can be hard on Kodachrome. I sent them to you and you kept me comfortably informed as to the process and care you were giving my job. The results were astounding! I am a life-long designer and photographer, not easily pleased, but I was thoroughly pleased! Many thanks...looking forward to getting my "movie" DVD. My original order #962211 Skip Anderson Skip Anderson Design


My Photos

I was really impressed with the service from Digmypics. They responded to every question I had and made me feel comfortable with sending my original pictures to convert to a USB Drive. Even when they had my pictures, they answered all my questions regarding getting my original photos back and all the next steps during the process. I would highly recommend using Digmypics for your keepsakes.

Brookyn NY

50+ years of videos brought to life

Chris thank you so much for your help and guiding me through the process of viewing my movies and setting up a file on my computer. It was a real joy to be able to look back 52 years at my children and give them a copy of the film so they can see themselves 52 years ago and share them with their own grandkids and children. I will keep you in mind if I can relocate other missing films

Bardstown, KY

super 8 film,

I am so excited at the quality of the movies of my children when they were young. these super 8 films were taken 40 to 50 years ago, from 1968 through 1982 and they are amazingly clear and well detailed. So grateful for the work you do and the fact that when I call a real person (thank you Aaron) answers the phone. These are priceless memories and I am so glad I entrusted them to your care. Sue torrey

Atascadero, CA

wonderful work!

Thank you for beautifully digitizing my 50 year old slides. You are helping bring back memories for our whole family and to former classmates. It was great working with you, your prices were reasonable and the work excellent.

Rockville, MD

WW2 original films

Thank you for the quality transfers. My never before seen WW2 footage from my Grandfather’s service is amazing. My family will treasure them. Very professional company!

Hollidaysburg, PA

Slides from the 1950's

Great Job Digmypics team! The experience and process was very well done and I am very happy to have over 500 slides on one DVD! Thank you so much handling our precious cargo with care. If I could offer one comment for feedback, it would be this: In each grouping of slides I labelled each individual slide, it would have been even better to use that name in lieu of a simple number. Other than that, I am extremely pleased. Thank you.

Maple Glen, PA

Movies, slides, and prints

They answered all my questions promptly when I was comparing companies before I even shipped out my items. They converted prints from the 1940s-2000s, 8mm movie film from the 1950s-1970s, and 35mm slides from the 1970s-1990s to a hard drive for me. I was kept apprised of the progress along the way and the project was finished in less time than expected. These folks could not have been easier to deal with and I am so pleased with the finished product! I can’t wait to give copies to my brothers fir Christmas! I have used other companies in the past for smaller digitizing projects and this company was by far the best result! I will use them again when I tackle the slides, prints, and movies from in-laws’ family.

Manakin Sabot, VA

Famity slides digitized

I love having all my family slides on DVDs. I can very easily send a file to family or friends as well as sending out the file for a photo. You did an excellent job scanning the slides. Now the pictures are preserved for many years to come. Thanks so much.

Junction City

dig my pics order

I received my dig my pics a couple of days ago.I am so happy with the results. I can hardly wait to share the order with my brothers. I sent in photos, slides and films. I couldn't really see the slides well and now I can see them clearly. I didn't have a movie projector now I can watch the home movies.My brothers have been wanting family pictures now I can share with them. Thank you for doing such a great job preserving my families memories.

Vernon, Az

Thanks for dig- I ng my pics!!

Last year you digitized my slide collection and this year it was 2 miles of super 8 film The quality of your image transfers is first rate and is only exceeded by your fantastic customer service Next years project will be 3 miles of 16mm

Marathon, FL

Digital conversion of slides

We had over 1000 slides converted and I was extremely pleased with how you kept me in the loop - I knew exactly where we were in the process. Customer support was great and the resulting digital pictures are amazing! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to convert old format pictures/slides to Digmypics! Great company! Now on to the next project - photos! Thanks for such a great job!


Slides to scans

Over the years, while my children grew up we took slides instead of photos because we considered slides to be the best way to preserve those precious moments. I planned to sort our many slides and have them scanned and put into a video. When the time came, I sorted the slides, researched the best scanning services, and chose Digmypics. They were very receptive to all my questions and their procedures appealed to me. Their form made it easy to organize the way I wanted to see the slides put into the video. One of their procedures is to have a first pass through, were I was able to see the scanned photos and delete those photos that were duplicates or were too damaged because of the years that they sat in the carousels. At first I had too many slides which would make the video too long, I went through the slides again and was able to delete several scans. In the end, I'm happy with the video and the music that they chose for me. I think one word of advise is to find out how many slides it takes to be a good amount of time for your video or you may want to have two videos.

East Lansing, MI

8mm film transfer

Digmypics did an excellent job converting a shoebox full of 8mm films which my late father had stashed away. There's nothing like being able to see moments from almost 50 years ago, come to life. I received email updates as the job progressed, so great customer service. Very happy with the results, which I have shared with family.

Killingworth, CT


Very pleased with the quality of the pictures made from my slides! Brought many of them back to life. Would recommend them highly!

Livermore, Ca

Quality digitalized prints

Digmypics does an excellent work on prints full of fond memories you may have somewhere in your attic or desk. Great way to then organize them for view of places you have been to, friends, & family.

Ocala, FL

Great final product

If you have priced digitizing slides in the NYC area, you will quickly realize that these guys are significantly cheaper. However, you do pay a premium for shipping and I’m not really sure why it’s necessary to send the digitized slides back. That being said, I’m very happy with the job they did and the service they provided during these stressful times. Their customer service was excellent and they answered all my questions very quickly. They were also very accurate with how long the job would take, including the wait time before the job was actually started. I would certainly recommend them.

New York, NY

DVD movie from slides

We can't say enough about the tremendous service from this company. There was a glitch in our DVD which they immediately corrected. We received our product days before it was promised. Everyone we talked to on the phone was courteous and went out of their way to be sure we were a satisfied customer. The photos from our slides were top quality and the video they produced was professional beyond compare. Even traversing their website was easy for us neophytes. We recommend this company without reservation. Gary and Kathy Meier


Excellent service

I highly recommend Digimypics for your needs. I had a lot of negatives that were old and the colors were fading. They did a fantastic job in digitizing and color correcting the colors. They keep you informed of all the steps and you can see the progress of your job. Very professional. They provide you with everything you need to sort and send them your most treasured photos, negatives, videos, movies, etc. The pricing is also right.

Miramar, FL


Excellent job. Good communication. Will recommend to others


Family Photos Digitized

I had a very positive experience with DigMyPics. I had family photos scanned and placed on a flash drive. The results turned out better than I even imagined. I was impressed by the personalized service I received. There was always someone to answer my questions. Also, there was great effort on the part of the company to communicate with me each step of the way to make certain the project was being carried out in a way I was happy with. I highly recommend this company.

Mesa, AZ


Very impressed with this company! They took tapes that I couldn't see anything on, from back in 1984 and somehow transferred them! If you're thinking about having your memories saved, this is the company to choose.


Great Customer Service

I have used Digmypics for both saving old slides and home movies to discs. I would definitely use them again. Service and quality were both outstanding. I can tell they take pride in their work.


slides to disk

i was a little anxious. the resulting images are very good.


Thank you!

Your process of handling much treasured slides has been beyond professional. I have appreciated your constant communication and quick response to any questions that I had. You did a remarkably good job in restoring my fathers slides that were over 60 years old. He passed away unexpectedly in July and you have no idea how much these memories mean to my family. Thank you again, you are the BEST! Tammy

Gunnison, CO

Great work!

We sent in our old VHS tapes of trips we made thru the years and love the discs we can now watch them on! Great work and service! We will definitely use Digmypics again. Thank you!

Springtown, TX

35 mm slides

I am very pleased with the quality of the digital copies you made of my 35 mm slides. They really exceeded my expectations. It was a slow process because of covid, but it was worth the extra time. I highly recommend to anyone considering your company to feel comfortable having you do the work.

Portsmouth, OH

APS Film converted!

On 10/14 I filled out the online order information and mailed nine APS film canisters in to be converted to digital. I printed a label and mailed it in USPS. I received an email on 11/4 saying my order was complete and I was able to download all my images. Then on 11/10 I received all the canisters back as well as the USB device I had ordered. They communicated throughout the process also letting me know my film was received and processing and shipping updates. I originally submitted 215 images and decided I didn’t want 9 of the images as they were accidental pics or just poor pictures to begin with. They did not charge for those. I could not be happier. The pics look great. Communication was excellent. I feel like the whole process was super fast. I have other images, negatives, I had previously sent to another company and I still don’t have those back. If I decide to do anything further with other film and media I will probably use digmypics again. The only thing I would add is I didn’t realize I would have the opportunity to download the images making the USB device really not necessary. Nice to have a backup but I probably could have created that myself. Just something to know if you decide to use the service.

New Braunfels, TX

JPEG Images from Slides

I am completely satisfied with this project. I am seeing and working with images I have not seen in 40 years. You did a wonderful job in enhancing the images.


slides to digital format

I had 160 slides from the 1960's I had kept in the basement for several years. Reviewing after all this time I found wonderful pictures I didn't even know I had. I sent the whole bunch to digmypics and the resulting digital formats are, frankly, spectacular. The digital pictures look like they were taken yesterday and the sharpness and color are unbelievable. I cannot recommend this company enough if you have old slides you want digitalized.

Grand Blanc

35 mm slides

Majority of the slides were taken 60+ years ago and I can not get over the clarity of the pictures and the colors. I would highly recommend this service. The entire process is very easy and you stay well informed each step of the process.



Did a great job transferring. I am very happy with them. My family can enjoy watching them again. Thanks

Gilbert, AZ

Great Company, Great Team

I can't thank the digmypics team enough for the way they handled my project from beginning to end. It was always easy to reach out to them and actually talk to a person - so many companies make it a chore to reach a human being, want you to "chat" with them online, and it seems you can rarely talk to the same person twice. I was always able to talk to the same person when I called. Dealing with the digmypics team was refreshing! I should also mention that I really liked the link to where you can see the progress of the videos while they are being converted. It was a lot of fun to look at them and anticipate sharing the final product with our children. I received the digitized videos and am very happy with the way they look. I highly recommend digmypics (Memory Box) to anyone thinking of digitizing old videow.

Forked River, NJ

35mm slides now saved digitally

Digmypics exceeded my expectations! The digitalized images are sharp and the colors are exactly as the original slide. Definitely will recommend to my photographer friends ?? Really pleased with the results and will send in another batch.

Newark, Delaware

35mm slides now saved digitally

Digmypics exceeded my expectations! The digitalized images are sharp and the colors are exactly as the original slide. Definitely will recommend to my photographer friends ?? Really pleased with the results and will send in another batch.

Newark, Delaware

Great Job - Complex Large Order – Wonderful Results

My digmypics submission consisted of two orders totaling nearly 5000 items (35mm, medium, large, and non-standard format, and archive prints). Fortunately, the small order (approximately 100 items) was processed first, giving me practice in reviewing the online digitized pictures, including enlarging portions to ensure they were sharp, and deleting unwanted scans. The online system was easy and very effective, and a few days later, I received the flash drive. When the large file was available (nearly 100 pages), the review went quickly. (Large Order: 922381; Small Order 923718). The digmypics staff quickly responded to my queries, the online system was top-notch, and the digitalized results were wonderful. I would certainly use this service in the future, and recommend them highly.



They do such a great job of transferring these. Also ordered lots of extra copies. My family will enjoy watching these for years. Thank you

Gilbert, AZ

My order

My order was handled very professionally. I felt comfortable due to the communication back and forth with the company. All in all, I was very pleased and satisfied.

Medford, NJ


I sent some Super-8 Film to Digmypics.com because I'm doing a Youtube Channel "Miller's Movie Car Madness" and wanted to show cars I made for my films as a kid. I had already had some stuff transferred in Los Angeles, but Digimypics.com was a bit more cost effective. I expected the same quality but WOW, was I surprised!!!! Digmypics was five times better in quality than the stuff I had. I was so impressed, I sent out the films I had transferred in LA out to Digmypics.com because the quality was so much better! Not to mention great communication and they actually seemed to care about the results. Great company and great people working there. I highly recommend them!

Los Angeles

Scanning of color slides

I sent 59 boxes of color slides (ultimately 1,650 images). They were scanned as organized with poor exposures corrected as much as possible. The slides were short between 1975 and 1991 and the digitized photos looked like they were shot yesterday. This is a terrific service, well organized, let's you see their work before payment and then eliminating any photos not wanted. I high recommend them and will soon send a box full of negatives for scanning into jpegs.

Raleigh, NC

Easy and loved the results

They digitized APS negatives cartidges for me. They informed me where they were every step of the way. It was fun seeing the pictures online and they restored them well. When I had a question customer service was great. I will definitely be using their services again.

St Augustine, FL

35 mm & film scan

I'm not one to write reviews. However I must say that The work done by Digmypics was very good and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have media converted. I had 35mm slides and old 8 mm film done. A very nice business to work with, every one that I have communicated with was helpful and friendly. Thank you to the Digmypics crew. Arthur

Westford, MA

I’d give ten stars if I could - fantastic!

I had a fabulous experience working with Dig My Pix. Every step of their process is clearly explained and intuitive but there is also always help available. Even before I submitted my order, they were patient and responsive. And throughout the process, they were thorough, even more responsive and willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend their work without hesitation!

Philadelphia, PA


On a scale of 5, my pictures are a 10. I couldn't be more pleased with the results of converting slides dating from 1950's to 1970's to a DVD. You have brought the relatives back to me, New and improved! Thank you. It was an easy process from start to finish.

27225 Falcon Feather Way, Leesbu, Un

video transfer

Grat work, great service, super great staff!!

Whitmore, CA

8mm film to DVD

The staff was very pleasant and informative. They were also very accessible to answer my questions. I plan on having more film processed in the near future.


Brought 100 Years of Family History To Life!

I was nervous about sending some old family photos, some more than 100 years old, to be digitized and color corrected. However, Digmypics took great care of them and gave them new life. The details that the scanning and corrections brought out were a very pleasant surprise. I'm seeing details that I've never seen before, even in 50 years of viewing and studying these family treasures. It is well worth the price to have the Digmypics pros scan and improve your photos. Thanks!

Albuquerque, NM

Outstanding Work

My old 8 x 10 inch Deardorff negatives had been stored since 1978. Digmypics scanned them at 600 dpi and did an outstanding job. The scans took a while (understandable in these odd times of quarantine), but the results are very fine. I have printed the scanned images at 13 x 19 inches, and the detail is superb. VERY fine job!! My old film images have a new life!


My first order

My first order arrived today and i just finished watching the DVDs. Extremely happy with your process and product(s). Thanks Mark Schifsky

Saint Paul, MN


The slides that I had digitized look wonderful. But my 35 year old High School Graduation video transfer is awesome. The video tape was not good to begin with when it was sent to DigMyPics but the technicians are miracle workers. I was amazed at the DVD that came back. I made me cry. It was a hope that it would just be able to transfer from tape to DVD but I was overjoyed to see the transformation. I will be seeing what other treasures that I can find and send them to you. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

Irvine, KY

VHS to Digital

I received my order back from digmypics yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased!! What a great deal!! This company is fantastic to work with. They FAR exceeded my expectations!! I want to thank the very polite and professional staff for all the work they did for me!! Converted 14 VHS tapes, WOW!!!

Fulton, NY

40 year old home movies

Some of these movies were impossible to see, but now they look as good as new. Fantastic job!!!

St. Joseph, IL

Great Job

They did an excellent job on my 60 year old films. I really like that I was able to view the films online and to view prior to finalization. Prices were competitive. They will see more visual media coming from me for work.

Spring, Tx

Great work!

I was very pleased with all communication & information from DigmyPics! And their work was phenomenal! I'd definitely recommend them, as well as use them again, should I have the need. Great service!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

8mm conversion

Looks just great! You sent an AVI file which Final Cut Pro and ProTools can't use but I was able to convert it to an MP4.


So pleased!

Thank you...very happy with the quality of my DVD.s

Gilbert, AZ

So pleased!

Thank you...very happy with the quality of my DVD.s

Gilbert, AZ

Review of Digitizing a box of 35mm slides

DigMyPics is a reliable company producing quality results. All went smoothly. Ordering is straightforward. They let you know that your precious slides have arrived. They keep you informed of the progress and let you see the images as they are digitized. Letting you not pay for ones you don't want is a nice feature. The slides are promptly returned. Would definitely use them again.



I would definitely recommend DigMyPics. Everything was done perfectly and my original photos were returned as soon as the job was completed. I would definitely use them again.

Bartlett, IL

Confused old man

I am a first time user with DMP. Called once and they gave me good info. Sent my pics in and in a few weeks I started seeing them and then they were done. Went to use my cc to pay and used the wrong addresses for the cards, put the wrong numbers in and didn't fill the form out correctly. It really wasn't that hard. Talk about patient people the worked with me through emails and phone until I figured out my problems. Really nice folks to deal with. I haven't received my disk yet but I don't think there will be any problems and if there is I know where to go. Thanks folks.

Cable, WI

Graduate School Slides and more digitized

I'm so happy about the quality of the digitized images made from paintings I made before the digital age. I worried that the ancient slides wouldn't be transferable but - WOW - I was wrong! The family book I'm putting together will contain memories of decades long gone. The whole process was so easy and each time I emailed to check on the order I received quick and encouraging answers to my questions. I'm very please with the service.


2019 Photo Slide Show Discs

This order was the 14th photo to slideshow disc which DigMyPics as done for me. These folks are really good! Mistakes do occur but are corrected with no problem. AJ was the hero of this most recent order of 610 photos, ably assisted by Michelle, Jaimee and Will. I'm already putting togeter my next order for them.

Naples, FL

Turned our slides into digital photos on DVD

Great company to work with. Easy instructions on sending in and receiving previews. The end result was very good. I would use them again.



A wise man once said, "life should be chiefly service." Great service gets our attention and those companies that embrace it stand out from those that are content to just be good enough. From start to finish, DigMyPics delivered on great service every step of the way. I treasure my photo-memories and DigMyPics delivered both quality work and a quality experience working with them. All this during the beginning months of the challenges that Covid-19 brought to nearly every business. They sure exceeded my expectations.

Escondido, CA

slide conversion to digital

I made some relatives VERY happy by sending them the converted images from the past. Well done....


Great Job!

I submitted over 800 photos, slides, and "non-standard" prints to be digitized. From the beginning of my experience to the end, I was and am very satisfied with the results! I had many questions, as I was filling out the order form, and each of my emailed questions, were thoughtfully, thoroughly, and promptly answered! My photos were beautifully restored!!! I ordered a booklet with thumbnail photos of everything I sent. I particularly love this since I can write explanations for my family. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the staff at "DigMyPics" during this pandemic! You did a Fantastic job, and I will recommend you highly to my friends! I trust you so much with my photos, that I just put another batch in the mail for you!


Family History

Second time around for me and just as pleased this time as last. you do great work and I know they will be treasured for many years to come. would highly recommend your business to anyone.


Customer service

In today’s world it is hard to find a company that actually does what they say they will. I absolutely can not say enuff good about Dig my pics. They are fantastic. I tend to be a high maintenance person and they even exceeded my expectations. Thanks Dig my pics!!!! Danny

Westcliffe, CO

slide scans

Excellent results from the hundreds of slides sent in for digitizing. Excellent quality. Clear communications.

Olathe, KS

Great service at a good price.

I had a small 8mm film that someone took at my wedding 53 years ago that we had never seen. Found Digmypic online and it looked most reasonable. They did a professional job at a very modest price. I am glad I chose Digmypic and highly recommend their service.

Sarasota, FL

8mm movie film

Am absolutely thrilled with the finished product! These movies had been stored in less than perfect conditions & I really didn't hold much hope...digmypics did a wonderful job of cleaning & restoring. Am getting ready to send more. Highly recommend !! Thanks so much

Stateline, NV

Slides & Negatives

20-40 year-old slides and negatives scanned to replace family pictures lost in the Paradise, CA, fires. What a beautiful job! Heeding their advice on resolution, the scans were terrific and a couple that needed color correction came out perfect. Yeah, it took about 5 weeks, mostly waiting in the queue, but the quality was well worth the wait. Now I'd like to get my personal portfolio of 100 slides scanned while I cull through 1000s of negatives.

Kingman, AZ

Worth the money!

My brother recommended digmypics so I decided to give them a try. The scans of my negatives came out great - they are sharp and the color is good.(I got the highest resolution) I got to see the images before final payment, so could pick and choose. Once the scanning started, the process went really quickly. I have tons of travel photos so will be sending another batch. I have a good scanner but no time so digmypics worked out really well. I highly recommend!

Los Angeles

Digitized 35mm slides

Very pleased with communications and service! Thanks!

Joliet, IL

Extremely Pleased

Digimypics did a fantastic job of scanning, color correcting, and denoising 265 of my wife’s family’s 35mm slides from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Highly recommended. Quick service and amazing amounts of correspondence advising us of the progress of our order Thanks Jeff and Sharon.

Pomona, IL

Slides from the 1960's

Great job! The staff are helpful and made the process easy (even during a pandemic). Final product was exceptional.

High Point

Wonderful service!

Digmypics was wonderful in every way. When I called or emailed with questions, they always responded promptly and helpfully. They did a great job with scanning both slides and 8mm movie films. The quality of both was excellent. And I loved being able to preview and organize them online, and then to promptly download them after I had finalized the order. The files they sent me, on DVDS and flashdrives, were well organized, clearly labeled, and easy to use. A terrific service, which I will use again!


Digitized Slides

Had these slides for years and was so happy to find your company. The experience was indeed fast,fun and easy. Must mention how quickly a team member would respond to a question or concern. So professional and pleasant. Thank you!

Franklin Lakes

Digital copy of slides

I was very pleased with the quality of the work. I would recommend digmypics to anyone.

Paso Robles

Excellent Service and Great Results

I had over 1500 slides dating back to the early 1950's and from the very beginning they were prompt, professional and communicated throughout the entire process. I am extremely happy with how they turned out. Some of the original slides weren't in the best condition, so I wasn't sure how they would translate on the DVD's, but they did a fantastic job of bringing them "back to life". Also, when I received my DVD's there was an issue with one of them and they immediately resolved the problem and shipped me a replacement DVD that same day. I highly recommend Digmypics to anyone who is thinking about preserving their priceless memories. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.

Watertown, SD

The Positives About Old San Diego Comic-Con Negatives

This was the second project that Dig My Pics has done for me. Against a friend's opinion that it would be risky to send my irreplaceable negatives through the mail, (I sent them well-protected via Priority Mail) I collected seven year's worth of negatives and turned them over to the magicians at Dig My Pics. Most of the shots I had never seen larger than the 4x6 prints that you get when you have your film developed, and I used 1000 ISO film, indoors with no flash for a lot of them. While I can't undo the mistake of not using flash, the technicians produced images that would make fine 8x10 enlargements or better, and I am able to go in now and Photoshop out scratches on the negatives from my old camera that sometimes tried to eat my film for breakfast.My photos look great on my large HD television, and are now worthy of sharing with my friends. I can't wait to send them my remaining four years of negatives from Comic-Con (before I went digital), where my photography skills improved greatly and I started using flash with 100 ISO film. I knew that if National Geographic recommended Dig My Pics that they would not Disappoint, and they have not!

Santa Rosa

Slide Scanning

A great job! Very easy to do business with.

Germantown, TN

Digitize Slides

Excellent work



Job was excellent. Very well pleased with the final product. We sent the same slides to a different company and they came back in awful shape. They were off color etc. But you folks did a wonderful job! I have more to sort and will certainly be sending them to you!

Hellertown,, PA

Great Service and Great Product

I had been searching for a service to scan a large number of genealogy photos. I found Digmypics on the internet and was happy to see that they are local (in the Phoenix area). I also found that they would scan photos in an old album without the need to remove each of the photos (one 250 of them). Great service, great quality, and excellent communication throughout the entire process. Thanks Digmypics!!! I will definitely use your service again soon!!


Exceeded Expectations

This was my first time using Digmypics.com. I was not sure what to expect but everything went very well! The prints, negatives and 8mm were processed quickly and provided in large, detail-rich files. Well worth the price!

Moorestown, NJ

Good Job!

You did a great job of taking two reels of old, very old, 8mm film and putting it on a DVD. The option to do screen shots and include hose as photos was very good!! Only issue is that your downloader will not work with a MAC-- but that's OK since I now have the CD's.

Sarasota, FL


I had some slides scanned that belonged to my late husband before I ever met him that were over 50 years old. Having those images was like having him back again. Thanks. I have recommended you to a friend.


Back to life!

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on my slides. Over 40 years ago I created a billboard on 42nd St. in NYC. Every other day I would walk by the site and see how the work was going. After showing the slides on a projector for a few years I stashed them in a box and moved on with life. As technology moved on I was considering transferring them to digital but then other things were always cropping up. I tried scanning them myself and they were adequate but due to the delicate lines, never quite good enough. So I went online and found you. You've truly breathed life back into them so I can now bore a new generation with my artwork! Thanks, Tom Ickert


Awesome Results

I have used DigMyPics numerous time over the past years. They have done and continue to do great work in creating Digital images from my negatives and slides. They handle multiple formats from 110 to 4x5 with relative ease and clean and correct coloring the process as if they were new digital images from a DSLR. I currently working with them on a few new projects from pictures taken in the late 60's and 70's. Thank You DigMyPics!!!!!

Wabasha, MN

Wonderfull Job!

Transferred slides from the 50's, 60's and 70's into digital files. They cleaned them up and tweaked the colors from the faded and yellowed slides incredibly well! Thanks for restoring some really faded memories! Mike

Danville, IL

Great Job

This was my first time using DigMyPics and the process went exactly as promoted with perfect execution. The quality of my negative scanning was excellent and I love having the option of deleting up to 20% and seeing the images before making a final cut.


Spectacular Results

The final product I received was just as advertised. No hassles. I was kept up-to-date throughout the process, and the end result was much better than expected. I will use them again, as I go through the many feet of 8mm/Super 8 film that is still in my closet. Thanks Dig My Pics.



This is my third order from Digmypics. They always do a great job.


Excellent quality

We are very pleased with the cleaning job you did on these vintage slides which had not been handled and stored in a clean manner over the years. Most of the scans were spotless, while the residual spots that remained probably needed very custom cleaning. Thanks.

Quakertown, Pa

Album #2

Over the years you have digitized well more than 1000 pictures and slides for me. Always very well done. This last project of digitizing photos and other images out of a more than 60 Year old album are absolutely EXCELLENT! THANK ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH! AB

Tacna, AZ

Beyond my expectations

I recently sent approx. 400 35mm slides into DigMyPics to get digitized. They were mostly climbing pictures from many different places. They had been in a box in my barn for 30 yrs. They did a wonderful job cleaning them up and adjusting color. I have been sending them to my former climbing buddies and they were amazed at the quaility. Since sending my original order in I've found another couple hundred slides and I be sending them in to DigMyPics. Thanks, for the great job restoring some great memories !!!

Highland, NY

Second batch, great like the first.

The website is very specific about how to choose and submit; the process was limited only by my ability to see those little slides and negatives well enough to choose; shipping was easy; feedback from Digmypics was thorough; price was more than fair given the high quality results, and best of all, those results! I was very pleased to see negatives that I had printed back in the early 1970's...the scanned images were better than the prints I slaved over in the darkroom. Better dynamic range, clean, good blacks, yada yada yada. Better in every way. I recommend Digmypics to everybody and for every medium (slides, negatives, etc.)

Laguna Niguel, CA

Video transfers

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the folks at Digmypics.---From the beginning of the process until the receiving the final product was handled professionally.---They even emailed me several times during the whole process giving updates on their progress.---And the pricing in my opinion was exceptional.---All in all, Digmypics filled all of their promises and I am one very satisfied customer Thanks Guy's

Anacortes, WA

Fantastic service

I trusted them with my 20+ year old negatives and their service, communication and results are beyond my expectations! Thank you!

Bradley, IL

8 mm film transfer

Not only was the film transfer excellent, but the whole format on the new dvd is great! I am just sorry I waited so long. Thank you to everyone involved

flushing, ny

Digitize my slides

I was quite pleased with digmypics from beginning to end. I was about to donate some 50-year-old slides to a university Vietnam War history archive and wanted to retain electronic copies for myself. I was apprehensive about losing these irreplaceable images or having them damaged. Digmypics promptly responded to a couple of questions I had, were very transparent in the handling of my images, their work product was flawless and, in my opinion, the price was right. I highly recommend digmypics.

Dixon, CA

Nice Job

The digital versions came out better than the original slides looked. My expectation was that I would lose something in the process, instead they came out better and my family is very happy.

Newbury Park, Ca

Very Pleased

I could not be more pleased. The film I submitted was over 50 years old. The digitized product that returned was excellent quality. I intend to send additional film for processing. I must say, the price was also less than I expected.

Arlington, WA

Slides converted to digital

The process was very easy and efficient. Lots of support information. Totally pleased with the product and the process.


Old pictures

Digmypics did a fantastic job digitizing about 200 60-65 year old slides and film (negatives). I was so pleased with the result. The digital enhancement that they provided made the pictures look better than the originals. Thank you Digmypics.

Arcanum, OH

Digital quality n service

I was very pleased with the process, quality and turnaround time. I recommend them!

Chico, CA

I sent some old tapes and reels in to be processed, not knowing who was on them, and what a surprise when they came back! Wonderful job and now I know who and what. Found some more and will be sending them as well. Priceless service and well worth the fee charged for my future generations

Ontario, or

Family memories

I would like to thank the techs and everyone at digmypics for doing such an awesome job on the transfer of the old super 8 film found at my parents house to a flash drive. I could not of asked for a more professional company to do this for myself and my siblings. We now have these memories at out fingertips! Great job. Well done! I would not hesitate to recommend your company at all! Ill be going thru some of my own old home movies to send in next!Thank you again!


wow, I couldn't be more pleased with all aspects of my experience with digmypics. Everything was returned in great condition, and the work they did for me on the old negatives and movie film was fantastic!!! I was able to see the images on line as they were working on them.They kept me informed and up to date on their progress as they went. I definitely would recommend them to everyone!!! Can't thank them enough for the work they have done on these irreplaceable memories!!!

Coldwater, MI

Very good service

Customer service was very good and the digitalized photos came out better than expected.

Boynton Beach, FL

Photo Scan

My photos turned out better than great! The only issue I had was on my end—my technology wasn’t working correctly and I had to purchase an adapter for my iPad in order to download the flash drive. Already referring others to you!

Sun City, AZ

Negatives to Jpeg

I'm cleaning up old negatives and sent a couple hundred - all were handled professionally and have come back to me as beautiful jpeg files. I have more to do and will definitely use this service. Thanks for making this easy for me.


368 slides to dvd

super job,very happy, great customer relations, am looking to buy your stock

winthrop, me

8mm film and video transfer to mp4

I continue to be satisfied with Digmypics digitization service, not only handling of several trays of slides, but also old 8mm, 16mm film, and video cassettes. Any question or concern about the order is courteously handled either in person or via telephone.


8mm film to DVD transfer

I was a little concerned about sending 55 year old home movies that my father filmed to a company I had never heard of before online. But I figured, why not, I can't watch them anyway. Try and find a 8mm projector nowadays. I was pleased with the experience. Simple, easy, straight forward, good results. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Daleville, AL

High Quality Results

Considering the condition of slides, the color corrtion and touch-ups look great. Would use again. Worth the wait.

Dunwoody, GA

Excellent service

I’ve done two big orders with this company and continue to be impressed with the quality of the product and professionalism of the staff. I submitted vintage negatives of varying sizes dating back to 1914. These negatives were of family members and my fear was they might be damaged or lost in the process. Not so! In each case, they were returned neatly packaged - via FedEx - along with a disc containing all the digital pictures plus I received them online. The process was seamless. I was able to communicate with a real person if I had any questions. I recommend them highly and plan to submit more negatives in the near future.

Naples, FL

Superb in every way

Superb quality. Fine-tuned, effective process. Extraordinary responsiveness - real customer care and caring. Makes me want to work with them more. This was a great experience, with wonderful results.


Preserving the Past

This is the 7th time I have used Dig My Pics to preserve old prints and negatives. They provide a valuable and excellent service. I could not be more pleased.

Westminster, MD

Grateful For Your Service

I recently downloaded photos from my 3rd order to DigMyPics, as well as a digital copy of a Super 8 home movie from Christmas 1973. I'm "blown away" by how you have brought these precious memories to life for me, my children and grandchildren. The digitized photos look better than the original prints, in many cases. And, to not only see images of my own grandparents at Christmastime in the early 1970s, but to hear them, too, is precious beyond words. On top of it all, your prices are affordable. Your staff is also responsive to questions, sometimes within minutes. Consider me a loyal customer. I can't wait to entrust you with more of our family treasures. Thanks! Mike Thomas

North Chesterfield, VA

Digitized 35 mm Slides

Just received my latest order of digitized 35 mm slides from DigMyPics.com. I have had thousands of slides digitized by them over the past year or so, and they did a fantastic job of converting my decades of precious slides taken over the 55 years. I highly recommend their services and know you will not be disappointed in the results!


Converting old slides.

I sent 198 old slides in. Many were 30-40 years old and one was 68 years old. They came out great! Great quality, great price, great communication throughout the process. I'm truly glad I chose these people to do the job.


Old slides to DVD and 1954 8mm film to DVD

I experienced nothing but helpfulness from Digmypics. From step one they gave full instructions and they were easy. I could view the work before it was made up in DVD on my computer and delete and title. They kept in constant contact and helped me through a problem I created. I will have more work done by them, and recommend them whole heartedly . The work turned out well. You do have to condiser what you give them to work with. Thanks everyone at Digmypics and I'll be in touch soon. Jan Wells

Statesville, NC

First class service!

You changed my old 35mm slides into clear and bright digital photos and did so quickly with a fair price. Well done!


Medium Format Slides

DigMyPics.com did an incredible job with my Dad's old medium format slides. I sent in 402 slides and the end result was fantastic. The color and clarity were great. My slides were returned to me without any issue, now safe at home. Getting ready to send in another 100. Great Job - DigMyPics

Reno, NV

digitized old 8mm reels

I was very pleased to learn that I could have old movies from the 1950s and 60s digitized. The service was faultless. I was warned of the 2 week waiting time, but it was well worth it. My questions were promptly answered and I was happy with the results that show memories that I never thought could be recovered. I would definitely recommend this service.

Ithaca, NY

Glad I picked DigMyPics

I researched a lot of companies. I chose DigMyPics because their online interface was easy to follow and thorough. They accounted for everything in terms of the different types of media, resolution and even reducing my cost if I didn't want images they had scanned. We got great value and it was extremely efficient with auto emails coming constantly allowing us to view progress and know the status of our order. I wouldn't bother with any other company unless they offered higher resolution than digmypics, which I could not find. Great company and service.

Branford, CT

Great Job!

DigMyPics did a great job! I sent in about a dozen APS canisters with about 300 photos, and an equal number of 35mm negatives that were around 20 years old. Loved the process of seeing my photos as they were scanned! And the resulting digital images were great, excellent color, and appreciated the thumb drive and materials back in the mail. Thank you!


Moose hunt Sheep hunt

After 40 years I am now able to view these hunts on my computer screen. Thank you for excellent work.

Buckley, WA

Job Well Done

I am completely satisfied with the completion of the digitization of my father's old 35mm slides. The new DVD's will be enjoyed by my children and their children for many years to come.

Westborough, MA

Exceptional Quality

Over the past 12 years I have personally scanned and Photoshoped over 5,000 images in my own slide and negative collection so I know something about what is achievable. When it came to my father's collection, I wanted to go outside for help and selected Digmypics. I'm still reviewing each image in Photoshop, but it is hardly needed, the quality of the scan is extraordinary and the color/contrast balance is also really good. I'm very pleased with the results.

Basking Ridge, NJ

Great Memories of the sixties

I found these great old 8 mm movies of my family from the early 1960's, when I was 10 years old. Digmypics cleaned these 60 year old reel to reel films up to almost new. The DVD's are awesome, my sisters and brothers could not believe it when I handed them quality DVD film copies of our relatives who have passed years ago. Thank you Digmypics for the wonderful work you did to restore the great memories to our family. Jim

Waverly, IA

Reel to reel to dvd

I wish I had done this while my parents were still alive. Digmypics.com did a wonderful job. Their website was very easy to maneuver. Sent my info to them and then my reel to reels and about three weeks later I got my well done dvd and the combined originals back. Communication was easy and understanding when it came to labeling to film too. I would definitely recommend their service. Pricing very affordable. Don’t wait like I did the memories are too good.

Haslet, Tx

Excellent service

I had negative slides that were taken 30 years ago. I took the slides to local professional photographer and asked them to transfer the slides to hi-resolution digital files. They told me they couldn’t do that. I found digmypics.com online. I decided to give it try. Their online order is very straightforward, provide clear instructions and easy process. Deal with real people. They keep you posted while the order is in process. I mailed my slides and got them back within 2weeks. All the slide images were saved in hi resolution in an USB. The images are so clear and excellent that is exactly what I want and beyond. Highly recommended.

Boonton, NJ

Mom's old films and slides

Would highly recommend digmypics for all of your digital needs. I sent over 20 8 mm reels of film and over 400 slides that I found in my mom's apartment and they kept me in the loop for everything they did/processed from start to finish. Giving me the opportunity to delete some of the slide images I did not want for a credit was completely unexpected. Could not say enough nice things about this place. Would definitely use them again if needed. Got all the films/slides back in the mail with my discs in about 3 weeks; start to finish. Thank you so much for all the work and energy you put into bringing back my childhood memories. You all are the best.

Rocklin, CA

DVD transfer 8mm film

Yes I was very happy with how my dvd came out. Good job guys. I have more film to send to you. They were 60 yrs. Old and needed cleaning. I watched the dvd as soon as I got it. I thank you so much so I can have my childhood memories.

Baltimore, Md

DVD transfer 8mm film

Yes I was very happy with how my dvd came out. Good job guys. I have more film to send to you. They were 60 yrs. Old and needed cleaning. I watched the dvd as soon as I got it. I thank you so much so I can have my childhood memories.

Baltimore, Md

First order

I have placed my first, relatively small order with digmypics.com at least in part to try this service. I have been completely satisfied with every important part of the service. The response and communication were flawless, the turnaround quick, and most importantly, the quality of the results was excellent. One small suggestion for improvement I would have is to make the online order form more flexible, to allow easier submission of orders containing several different tasks, such as different scanning resolutions.

Atlanta, GA

excellent service

We found a bunch of old art slides produced in the 1970's to 1980's and wanted to see them and perhaps distribute some images. Our experience with Digmypics was excellent starting with their instructions to how to ship, throufg the pre-processing and processing, yo instructions as to downloading, and setting up the return of the originals and a CD. My only surprise was the cost of shipping the slides both ways so check this first. Thanks Digmypics.

Livermore, CA

digitized slides

I had been holding old slides for years and just found this service. They did an excellent job, especially since a lot of my slides were very dark.They did an excellent job with the corrections. Recommend them highly.

Fort Worth, tx

Excellent service and output quality

I've always scanned my own photos and converted my videos to digital format myself. But it took so long and required such attention to detail that I hadn't done any in many years. I finally admitted to myself that I would never finish it so sent it all to DigMyPics. About 200 pics and 39 video tapes were processed in a few weeks. Their staff was very helpful and their process and communications were excellent. The website explains everything in great detail. I requested a sample output video file to ensure that my editing software would handle it. A very pleasant experience. They shipped back my stuff and a USB drive containing all of the files. The photo and slide scanning was better than I expected (and much better than I could do myself). Video files are full resolution and standard AVI format.I can now finish editing a lifetime of videos before my own lifetime is over.

Chapel Hill

processing large order of slides and digitizing 16mm film

I have found Digmypics staff to be professional, courteous, and responsive to questions.

Flagstaff, AZ

Turn around time

They do good work, but I would like to see a quicker turn-around time.

Embudo, NM

My Family Slides of Life in Iran

This company is tops. Your questions are answered personally and immediately. Every time you need help! My slides came back in perfect condition and the work that DigMyPics performed cleaning them up and getting them on disk is amazing. I am quite pleased with everything from beginning to end. Thank you for saving memories from a place that alas we'll never see again. They truly exceeded my expectations.


Looking back 54 years!

When we got married, we thought we were quite modern, switching from drugstore photographs to 35mm slides and Super 8 movies. The trouble is, we haven't seen these images in decades! I finally made the effort to dig out some of these treasures and sent them off to be digitized. How great it is to see the wide-eyed smile on our son's face when he realized that legs were for standing on! How cute to see our daughter reveling in an abundance of tomatoes from our first vegetable garden! And the slides were fabulous: was that really me in that bee-hive hair-do? And that guy I honeymooned with looks like a teenager! The DigMyPics process was quicker and easier than I expected. I am busy backing up the images now, and soon I will be surprising the kids with copies for their birthdays. Little by little, I expect to get more sets done. The grandchildren have NEVER seen any of these, and should be very amused!

Bristow, VA


Digmypics was very professional and very efficient in handling my order. I am very happy with their capabilities and will use them again in the future. I will recommend them to my friends too. Regards, RZ

Egg Harbor, WI

Digitized slides

We submitted 1300 slides to be digitized. From the time we went sent in the slides to the time we received them back took about 2 weeks plus. Very pleased with customer service. All questions and concerns were answered. Once slides are received by digmypics, you can go online to see where they are in the process. While not necessarily the cheapest, they were very professional, and we are pleased with the resu!ts.

New Braunfels

Very Pleased - Highly Recommend

Three orders placed, for 35mm slides and 8mm home movies. All have been handled quickly, with results that exceeded expectations. Very nice that they keep you up-to-date as to the status of the order.

Arden Hills


Great service for reasonable price.

mesa, AZ

8mm film transfer

Thank you very much. Your service was very professional. Daniel was very helpful. The completed videos were great (considering the age and condition of the film). Everything was as described. THANKS

Stephenville, TX

Digitization of Slides

DigMyPics completed the processing of my slides exactly as promised - step by step per their commitment and perfectly on plan as promised. Scanned and uploaded for preview and was able to delete the unwanted ones. Received all slides back in the original boxes with all of the original dividers and labeling. All grouped with count and indications of being done. Also was able to download final jpg files that were 4 to 5 mb per picture. Very high quality and professionally done. Totally exceeded my expectations.

New Holland, PA


I tried a different scanning service first for some old family slides, and now that I've used DigMyPics I realize what a mistake that was. The quality of the scans is phenomenal! Crystal clear, and they do a wonderful job of color, brightness and contrast correction. I have some very old slides with a strong red cast for some reason. The corrected scans have perfect, lifelike color. Communication was excellent. Service was prompt, especially given the number of slides I sent them. The ability to not pay for scans I didn't want was a great perk. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I very highly recommend DigMyPics!!

Columbia, MO

Film Tranfer to DVD

This is the second time that i have sent reels of film to digmypics to be transferred to dvd's the first time i was a little scared to send my film through the mail because 3 of my family members are no longer here but i decided it would be better to take the chance because if i did not i may loose all my family memories. Before sending my film i checked businesses in my area but they did not offer the applications like cleaning and lubricating and much much more to my film like digmypics and were more expensive. Through the whole process they kept me informed about what stage my film was in and always let me know if i had any questions to email or even call them which made me even more comfortable. I am so grateful to digmypics for everything they have done for me.I cried happy tears when watching them. Would do it again in a heart beat. THANK YOU DIGMYPICS SO MUCH YOU GAVE ME MY FAMILY BACK!!!!!!


Wonderful experience!

I had been putting off this daunting job of saving my family's photos for a couple of years. Besides choosing slides from a 50 year period I also had to decide which company to have them digitized. That scared me the most after reading some of the reviews. I am SO glad that I went with DigMyPics! From the very start I very impressed with the whole process. They let me know what was happening every step of the way and what to expect next. The finished product was done way faster than I expected and was a very easy, uncomplicated process. I love the outcome and will definitely let other people know where to go for their photos, as well. Dawn


Scanned old slides and put into digital files.

Excellent Job!

Gainesville, FL

Excellent result and service

I have used Digmypics on several occasions to digitize photos taken on negative color film and transparencies. On every occasion I have been more than satisfied with the results and their service.I strongly recommend Digmypics.

Costa Mesa

I received the order and it is very good

Sugar Land, TX

A Great Experience All Around

I finally got around to scanning my family's slides. I'd put it off for years because the process seemed so daunting. Digmypics had the best prices and did the work in the United States, so I thought I'd give them a try and they really came through. I had close to 2000 slides and they were scanned much more quickly than I expected. I was kept informed throughout the whole process and when I had to call a couple of times, everyone I spoke to was very nice and knowledgable. We had a slight hiccup during the process that was handled quickly and professionally. Great service and quality - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. My Mom cried when she saw all the photos she hadn't seen since the Carousel projector died 40 years ago.

Los Angeles, CA


Digmypics revitalized my 8mm film stories of family and friends to DVD with exceptional professionalism and demonstrated expertise. Please accept my 5 STAR rating and again, thank you for restoring these reels to meet today's audio and video technologies. Job Well Done!!!


Saving and Sharing Our Family Archive

What is the best way to archive and share priceless family images, taken over a fifty year span, with far-flung family members? I believe that having DigMyPics make quality scans of aging 35mm slides is the best option to save and then share our best family photos, so that everyone can enjoy and save them for themselves. Superb quality, great pricing, and I am so happy I found DigMyPics, and finally got his long overdue project completed. Nextup for me is choosing the 8mm films to be archived!


Film and Slides

We used Digmypics 4 times to convert our 8MM & super 8 films and slides. Daniel was very helpful and knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with. Very friendly people, quick turn around time, quality results. We will be back. Great job, again.



Nice job, quick fast and accurate service. they did a great job. The only complaint is I was quite content with the downloaded images. I did not really want to pay for the CD or return shipping. There should be an option for that. It would reduce the cost for both parties.


Color correction

Thanks for the excelent job of scanning and correcting the color on my group of 35mm slides from 1937. Service was prompt, communicatin excelent. I am very satisfied.

Greensburg, PA

Excellent service; fast and inexpensive when I consider the joy my family and I have received from these "lost" photos. Thank you. I will be recommending your service to my friends.

North Eastham, MA

Excellent experience

I am so happy with my experiences with Digmypics. I have used them twice - each time with over 1000 slides. They did an excellent job both times! They are easy to work with, responsive, fast, and reliable. I would not hesitate to use them again! The first time exceeded my expectations and this time was no different. They did a super job.

Albany, CA

Enhancing old photo negatives

Fifty years ago, I was a sailor on USS Sabalo (SS-302) on her last cruise in the Pacific. I took pictures of life on board with a small camera. The photos were less than ideal, considering the lighting in a diesel submarine built in 1945. Recently, I sent the negatives to Digmypics.com and received highly improved results, with enhances color and enhanced details. The photos are now "keepers." Thank you Digmypics.com!



This is by far the best scanning company of all of them out there. Be aware that the cheaper competitors send them overseas to have them scanned, I for one did not want my precious memories going out of the country. This company also gives you constant updates as they start to scan, etc. I got my thumb drives and pictures returned within 10 days, great job, great communication, awesome end job! Would highly recommend!!! THANKS digmypics!


You will not go wrong

Awesome company. They took 300 of my slides from 40 years ago and transformed them into a wonderful memory via DVD with music. My kids (5)were so excited to go back in time. So happy!!!!

Kalama, WA

Digitized slides

I am beyond pleased with your customer service. I had a question regarding a slide and someone answered my email within minutes. The quality of the finished product was excellent. Some of my slides were over 50 years old, dirty, and blurry and they came out better than I could have hoped. Thank you so much! They were the perfect Christmas gift for my family.

Budd Lake


Very impressive attention to detail made our old slides look like they were taken last week!



We went through 60 years of 35 mm slides and sent 433 of them to digmypics. They followed our numbers system exactly. We selected the 3200 bpi option and the JPG images are breathtaking. Their color balancing system corrected the old age yellow on some of our early slides. They blend perfectly now with the newer images. We viewed them on a 60 inch TV and they seem as sharp as the original. Very few dust spots. All of them are suitable for printing with very little Photoshop work needed. Allow lots of time, it will be worth it.

Brevard, NC

Photos and Slides

This is my 4th order with Digmypics and they have done a wonderful job. I was skeptical at first because a lot of my photos were 30 - 40 years old. The technicians were very friendly, courteous and easy to work with. The DVDs and slideshows are a wonderful edition to my library.

Sunset Beach

Excellent work, great communications. Very happy I found you on the Internet.

Frederiick, MD


Order was processed quickly and competently, at a fair price. Recommended!

Grand Forks, ND



Miami, FL

Just WOW!

I had 10 reels of 8mm film previously converted by another lab, those films came back so-so at best. They looked washed out, with little contrast, and visible dust spots throughout the images. Bottom line they just looked dull, and frankly I was a bit embarrassed to give those copies to my relatives as presents last year. But since none of us have an 8mm projector it was the only way we'd ever see them. Then this past Thanksgiving I found that my sister had a box of 10 more reels of 8mm film shot by my Dad. The film had been stored in a couple different basements for 40 years, then it spent a few years in a cardboard box hidden in a corner of my sister's garage in New Mexico. I decided to do a test run with digmypics, I sent in one 400' 8mm reel shot back in 1961. I hadn't seen the images on the reel since probably about 1965 or so. Lots of life events happened between then and now. Being that this film had not been treated with the greatest of care, my expectations were low. When I got the e-mail showing the film had been converted, I watched it.... I was not expecting the amazing clarity, the vibrant color, ASTOUNDING quality and the unbelievable job done with this film. I was shocked to see how good it looked. The only thing not there was the click, click, click (and an occasional burned out bulb) of my Dad's projector, they weren't missed. The video is me at the age of 4, it's the only memories I have from back that far. I can't thank you enough for bring this back to life for me. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! You guys are the BEST.

Palm Springs, CA

Very Pleased

This was an order consisting of 8mm films, but a previous submission included both films and 35mm slides. Nice job with everything. Will be sending a further order. Communication on scanning progress is very good. Turn-around is prompt. Had to call for a minor order adjustment and it was handled promptly, pleasantly and correctly. Would highly recommend this company.

Arden Hills

Digital work

My father passed away and we had old 8mm reels of film I had no recollection of seeing. There were four reels and I was nervous to send them in the mail after briefly speaking to company on phone. I received updates every step of the way from film cleaning to film organization. I was able to email or call any time along the way. And when the company shipped the media back to me, I could choose the method I wished. The films are beautiful and exceeded my expectations in every way. Both presentation and careful packaging. I would recommend this company for any important project.


Old slides

My uncle had hundreds of old slides sent them to be scanned I was very pleased with the results

Madison, Alabama

Fast, reliable, and friendly service!

This is the second time I've used DigMyPics for digitizing media, and both times the experience was exceptional. These folks do very high quality work, provide good pricing (better that local services her in L.A.), and are very accommodating about special needs and requests. The first order was a simple 35mm slides transfer, but this second order was large, complex (8mm film, VHS, a BUNCH of slides), and had many more moving parts. Can't wait to get the hard drive with all the media content, and the original materials back in hand! And, while everybody I dealt with was helpful and friendly, I want to especially commend Daniel for being very conscientious and effective in helping coordinate and complete these orders. A+ all around!

Los Angeles, CA

Great service

This company provides a valuable service at the lowest price I found and I got my slides back too.

Milwaukee, WI

Company Review

Outstanding work! Finished product came out better than I thought possible. Great Job! Thanks!

Fort Myers, Fl

Memories saved - slides to prints

Digmypics did an outstanding job in scanning some old slides into prints. Their service is incredible. They kept me informed every step of the way. When my original slides were returned to me in the original baggie I shipped them in, I knew that they had been well taken care of. Digmypics respected the fact that these old slides of my sons were important to me. Great job!!

Champions Gate, FL

Slide conversion

Over the last three years you have converted several hundred slide taken between 1950's and 2003. I have had a positive experience with your work and people. I am sorry to have finished this project...no slides left. Thank you Bob Bergquist



I had (12) 8mm video reels that were 70 years old and had been stored in an attic for the last 20 years. I received the original videos back along with new reproduced videos and all of the footage on a flash drive. I was surprised at the quality and the color of the reproduction. I easily copied this footage to other flash drives to give them to other family members. During the process, I had (2) questions that were quickly answered by e-mail. I whole heartedly recommend digmypics to all.

North Wildwood, NJ

Slide to Digital Processing

I have used DigMyPics many times and recommended them to others. We love the work and the great service. The price is great!


Quality work!

My dad had a passion for filming every event he could going back to the late 70s. By the early 80s he had a camera he could film directly to VHS and he captured almost every holiday and family event into the 90s. I was able to digitize all the VHS films for him and my mom as a Christmas gift last year but the older films they had were on super8. I tried converting myself with a wolverine device but the blue from the LED light was just so overpowering that every film came out completely saturated in blue I was almost ready to give up till I found this website and decided to take a shot and see how it would turn out. I will admit I was nervous about sending the only copies of their super8s but I really wanted to get this done before Christmas. Needless to say Daniel who I worked with and his teammates did an awesome job! Also my parents wedding from 1977 shot by my uncle was really dark due to the church and reception hall not having much light. I informed them of this and said anything you guys can do to lighten it so it's watchable would be appreciated. They did it and there's a huge difference it what it was. I am so pleased with the work they did and I cannot wait to add some music over this and the audio track for the wedding and present it to my parents for Christmas they are going to love it they haven't seen these films since probably the early 80s.


Excellent & Worth It.

Fast, efficient service. Great communication. Quality product. Thankful my friend recommended digmypics. I would definitely use them again.


Professional people doing professional work

This is my second time using DigMyPics. I am really happy with the results and the quick turnaround. I highly recommend your business.

San Jose, CA

My 60 year old 8mm movies on DVD are fantastic

I have checked my DVD's and the USB- hard drive and they are great. The quality of the DVD's and the ordering system and customer service is wonderful. I haven't been able to see my movies for many years because I don't have a projector anymore and if I did I would not want to risk damaging the films. I started taking my home movies with a new camera when I was in 7 and 8 grade so they are sure fun to see again now. I will be sending another film soon. Thank you, Bill

Janesville, WI

5 Stars


Slides digitalized

Slides put on dvd came out so clear! Very happy with the quick results!

Sandwich, IL

Slides digitalized

Slides put on dvd came out so clear! Very happy with the quick results!

Sandwich, IL

The photos were very good quality in their clarity.

Upper Marlboro, MD


digmypics has enabled me to move about 2,000 photos into.jpegs that I can see when the slides were taken and who is in it. I have also been working on an Autobiography that my children and grandchildren so find the an answer to the question: Where did I come from. I was born in 1937 and am currently working on 1960 - 1969. I hope they will enjoy seeing themselves on the day they were born and then became adults. My oldest in 68 years old and my youngest child is forty five.

Hollis, NH

Could Not Be Happier

Great product + excellent customer service + outstanding business model = One Happy Customer. Keep up the good work!

Sandia Park

So Pleased

I'm a scrap booker. One of the practices is to go through old pix and pick a few for the book. Then toss out the rest. It helps with space management. I have a hard time with that practice. I want to save ALL of them. I had a pile of pix from my youth scanned and now I have them available. I'll print a few photos for a memory book and can happily look at the others from time to time. This batch was older photos that has yellowed and some were just BAD photos. Digmypix took time to enhance the old photos. I chose the 600 option and it's great for my needs.


Wonderful Service

Digmypics was such an easy process. They made my childhood slides from the 60’s and 70’s into beautiful digital files. I needed these to make a digital photo book and was more than impressed with how the images turned out. Thank you!


Great job on my slides!

I sent in some of my older railroad slides, the first slides that I had ever taken, to be put on a DVD. They look fantastic! Very sharp, better than I thought they were, and the colors were beautiful. I'm looking forward to sending in the next batch. Thanks!

New Smyrna Beach, FL

Vacation "Telescope Pictures"

Thanks, DigMyPics, for fine work again. Nearly twenty years ago when I wanted vacation slides converted into video presentations, I sent the slide trays to you, and you didn't disappoint. My wife and I still enjoy those videos. So when I recently discovered some tiny 1/2 inch "telescope picture" film images, I again turned to you to have the images digitized. Excellent work again. I've saved the images we once thought were lost, printed out the pictures, and have shared the photos with family and friends. At this point in our lives, I suspect we've run out of slides and film for you to convert . . . but if not, we'll be back. Thanks, good friends. You've made this gently senior couple very happy.

Frederick, Maryland

8 mm film transfered to dvd

I had my 8mm films transferred to a DVD and am so happy with the results. Our family haven’t seen the 60 year old films for probably about 40 years. I don’t have a projector anymore and if I did, I would not want to take a chance of damaging the films. Having the films on a DVD is so nice and convenient. everything about the Digmypics service is great, quality, turn around time and all. I have more films that I will be sending soon. Thanks, Bill

Janesville, WI

medium format negatives

excellent work as always.


The disk I ordered came promptly. The quality of enhancement for all 146 photos was well done, in spite of the age of my pictures. Thank you for preserving our memories.


Old negatives

I sent in a stack of old negatives, that had been dug out of the bottom of a cedar chest. The film was large and probably dated from the 50s or 60s, but the pictures were as old as 1916. Digmypics did an amazing job of developing the pictures to digital images. Absolutely love the results and am exited to share them with my Mom and Grandma.


Love My Pics

I love my pics. It was time to preserve my family's pictures and digmypics did a great job! They made it easy and kept me updated on the progress. Very happy. Sending in another batch this week! Thank you!


Super 8mm movie transfer

Just received our digitized Super 8mm movies from Digmypics. This is the second time Digmypics has converted movies to digital for us. We couldn't be happier with their service. Digmyics keeps you informed step by step throughout the process from creating the order and mailing forms to keeping us updated throughout the conversion process and promptly getting our finished movies back in a variety of digital forms. We're seeing 35 to 40 year old family movies that we haven't seen in over 20 years. We would not hesitate using this service again. Working with Digmypics has been great experience.

Hudson, WI

Great experience, smooth from start to finish

Overall, my expectations were exceeded. I was anticipating more of a hassle, since i've never done this before, but the whole process was fantastic. And they are the lowest priced company! I just boxed up 23 video tapes from an early 2000's sony camcorder (kids, weddings, vacations, that sort of stuff) and within 2 weeks i had the tapes back and 23 dvd's, neatly organized in plastic albums. The charged about half upon receipt of the tapes, and the other half when complete. And i was given the opportunity to OK both payments before they charged my card. I highly reccommend this company.

wake forest, nc

excellent service

very easy process. Quick turn around and great communication. I will definitely use again. Thank you.


Old Slides

Digmypix did a fine and prompt job of cleaning up, clarifying and forwarding some old family slides that my Dad had taken. We recently found them and are very happy to have them now.

San Diego, CA

Brings all the good memory

I found many of the 8 mm film at my uncle's attic. None of us has a movie projector. I found this website online, sent them. Now I have digitized movies. Before they sent the disc, I could watch them on their website. My uncle who took the film 55 years ago passes away long ago. But his wife and his children enjoyed the good old time. I saw tears in eyes of his family. Wonderful service and technique. friendly staff. Reasonable price. Some other company which you see on TV ad charges a lot more. Thank you for the bringing us the good old memory!

Mountain Top

Photos of a trip to Africa

I was pleased throughout the process. I sent slides from a trip that I took to India and several countries in Africa over 35 years ago. You did a great job of cleaning the slides and transferring them to digital. The photos that I was able to have printed are excellent. I compared them to the same pictures that I scanned years ago. No comparison. The photos I was able to get [from digmypics] are very crisp with more accurate colors and no little weird spots. I am so pleased that I am sending in a new batch of slides. Thanks so much. Laurel


Digitized Slides

I had 200+ 35mm slides shor from 1969 through 1975 which I had digitized. Considering they are 50+ years old they were reproduced amazingly well and now I can get rid of the hundreds of boxes I had plus the projector. The turnaround time was slightly longer than promised but I was in no hurry for them. I was kept informed of the progress of the digitizing and was able to see them as they progressed. My questions during the process were answered promptly and clearly. I am very happy with the results at a price that was significantly more affordable than other providers. The album that I ordered with them is very useful and convenient and also at a very good price.

Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you

Great service, very reasonable price. Thank you. GG


High quality product and great service!

I have 100's of slides that I need to get digitized so sent a 'test' batch to try out digmypics. They provided excellent service, including close tracking of every step in the process, which gives me confidence to entrust my valuable, irreplaceable slides with them. I was impressed that they included an opportunity to inspect the scans online before finalizing the order. Most importantly, the quality of the jpg files was excellent. Although I decided only to receive a dvd on this order, they provide numerous options for output. Highly recommend their service!

Davis, CA

Awesome service

These folks are friendly, hellpful professionals who did an incredible job on our slides, some of which were damaged. The quality of the scans is amazing. I dont think you could find a better service anywhere!


Excellent results!

I have received my final disks and the pictures and video I sent to digimypics. I have to say; THEY ARE GREAT!!! The 8MM were all placed on one large real for storage. All my pictures were excellently processed and look fantastic! I can't wait to show them to my family. Thank you!

Owings Mills

Awesome service!!

Digmypics did an outstanding job in digitizing our family's 35 mm slides. The added feature of being able to eliminate 25% due to poor quality saved us money and time from having to look at all the slides ourselves before sending in. Highly recommend them!!

Lake Jackson, TX

Great Work!

I have been using your services for some time now and have had thousands of my 35 mm slides digitized. Some of these images go back to the early 1960s and I am amazed at the excellent quality of the images I am getting back. What I have noticed is that if the original slide was good, the digitized photo will also be just as good. I can't thank you enough for the care and quality I am getting from your services. It's a joy to search through all the images that bring back old memories from all over the world, many of them over 50 years old! Please personally thank all your staff for all the work they have been doing for me. I've sent in so many slides, and still have many more to send, I don't know who should be getting all the individual credit. I think it goes to ALL of you! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! Dr. Ken Lee


Excellent work

I had a relatively small order of 225 black and white negatives from the 20s to the 50s to scan. The process was easy and I am very satisfied with the results. If I have future photos which need to be preserved I will certainly contact DigMyPics. I recommend their services.


8mm to DVD

Recently had my 8 mm film transferred to a DVD for my grown children and families to enjoy. Most of the 35 yr old film was transferable. We are now able to access our family memories much easier. It made a nice gift to all.

Butler, PA

Scans of slides and photos

Very Happy with your work.

Glen Rock

15 Super 8 movies

Really enjoying the films in the comfort of our living room. Love them being on a disc. Have shown them to several family members that also enjoyed them. Thanks for bringing the past to the now.



I have used your services several times, and am always thrilled with the results of your work, the knowledge of the person who answers the phone (I seem to always have a question or two) and the quick turnaround. Thank you for making my projects come to life! Jessica

Aztec, NM

Five Stars

25 year old 35mm negatives are now exceptionally clear digital images. 'never used these guys before, but I am thoroughly satisfied.


Friendly, Cooperative and Helpful

Customer service over the phone is not always a good experience these days, but every person I spoke with at digmypics.com (I asked silly questions!), was patient and helpful. No one put me off or made me wait for answers. They know what they are doing and can explain it without making people feel foolish. The final product was perfect, even a last minute (literally) restoration request on a very special slide - all turned out beautifully. My father's slides were very old, some 65 years, but they look like new. I am happily impressed. I definitely will recommend digmypics.com for slide cleanup and digitizing. It's been a very good experience.

Bountiful, UT

Transfer of 8 mm film from 1960's

Wonderful work! Love the snapshot feature, too Thank you!


Digitize pictures and slide show

A good job!


Outstanding service

I have a lot of memories in a diversity of media. My old Super 8 mm film collection was deteriorating and I needed a recovery service. My research led me to 3 companies. I used one and the result was not very encouraging. For my second batch I chose Digmypics. It was the right choice. This company does not work fast, but who wants a fast service when quality is the key for memories that are over 40 years old. It is worth the wait. I was able to watch the digitized videos online and even change the title. That per se is actually not a big deal, but it makes them stand out from the crowd. I am extremely satisfied with my videos and looking forward to send a new batch of memories to process. Great job guys, you have a new satisfied customer here in Texas.

Karnes City, TX

Beyond Impressed!

I am a happy customer! Their process is effortless, their service is fast and accurate - I'm telling everyone I know - this is the place to have their slides upgraded to digital images.

Green Bay

Great Job!

I am very pleased with Digmypics! I had literally boxes of negatives, slides, old reel to reel, you name it, I had it. All from my late Father who himself did most of his own photo processing. Working with digmypics is so easy, they always communicate what they are doing, or if they have a suggestion different than what was asked for. Great customer service and I will continue to use them (I still have a couple of boxes left!)

Indianapolis, IN

overall experience

Assistance from personnel was very helpful. Communications by phone & e-mail excellent. Work was started on my order upon receipt of slides I submitted and completed in a very short time. Very satisfied with final product. A special thanks to Lacy, Amalia and Will for their performance. I would recommend digmypics services to anyone.


great find

This company was a great find after finding negatives from the late 60s. a treasure trove of memories and have shared with social media and hundreds of people are enjoying the pictures. the work done was first class as was the service. found pricing to be very reasonable and appreciated that i would not be charged for any pictures i did not want. Technicians are true professionals and the entire workflow and experience was efficient, seamless and most of all....FUN! A GREAT GREAT COMPANY WITH INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!


Reclaiming Pictures from the Past

I found this company by googling sites that can turn slides into digital images. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the webpage. But I was more impressed with the persons with whom I worked to get the order form completed correctly and in the manner in which they kept me in the loop throughout the process. When the items we sent to DigMyPIcs came back to us they were prepared for shipping better than when we sent them to the company. It was a "job well done" from start to finish.

La Grange

Quality work by Digmypics

this is my third order with Digmypics.As a professional photographer, I expected to have to spend time in Photoshop to correct further the tif files but Digmypics every time did a super job and no need for further correction on my part. Great job each time!

Los Angeles

Excellent Quality Scans

I had a large number of old 35mm slides of my original artwork from 30 to 40 years ago. I needed them scanned to digital format not only for preservation, but to have the ability to edit them & use for digital applications. Digmypics did an excellent job in scanning & adjusting quality of each image. All at a very reasonable price with great customer service. Highly recommend their service.

Atlanta, GA

Excellent Job

This is the second time I've used your services. And each time you have done a very professional job. And a very short turn around time. Thank you.

Ceiba, PR

Second Order just Superb

First order 566 slides to digital, and now second order 4 film 8mm reels to digital. Most happy (and proud) to refer your services to friends. Thank you DigMyPics!

Long Beach, CA

Great Work

I had about 1,500 old family photos. Digmypics did an outstanding job digitizing the photos. All of the images came out great.


Home movies

Just saw all my 8mm movies!! Digmypics did a AWESOME job! Thamk you!!

Fremont, CA

Scanned Photos

From your detailed web site, customer service along the process, to the scanned images, and finally the delivery of the nearly 800 scanned photos, I have been impressed and so glad your service was recommended to me. It is scary to send your only copies of old photos but your process made me feel that it was safe to do it. I was very impressed by the quality of scanned images especially when I know some of what we sent were poor to begin with. I don't know how you made them better but you did. Highly recommend your company to anyone thinking about taking this plunge.


Awesome Results

After a lot of research into different scanning houses, I landed on Digmypics and couldn't be happier with the results. I sent them around 400 slides from my grandparent's collection that were at least 40 years old. I wasn't expecting great results considering the storage and age of these slides, but they truly came out incredible. It's clear from initial scanning to post-process corrections that the crew at Digmypics put the necessary time and effort in to produce a clean result. They also hit their lead time window perfectly. All in all, zero complaints regarding the time, price or quality that Digmypics was able to offer!

Berlin, CT

The Petty Families - 2018

This was a complex and confusing order, and Liz went of her way to make sure it turned out exceptionally well. Great job all at DigMyPics! I have had somewhere around fifteen orders done by DigMyPics over the years, and they were all done exceedingly well. I would highly recommend DigMyPics to any and all.

Naples, FL

Slide Preservation

I am impressed with your work. Just received the digitizing of 500 slides from a 35 year period, preserved on 3 different media.Much better than sifting through over 6000 slides. Your web site is exceptional and educational. My calls before, during and after the project were answered by a live person, Chelsea, who never failed to have an answer to my questions. You kept me informed at every stage, usually by the person doing the work. Your pricing and billing is clear and accurate. My family are delighted with the results and the albums are a real asset. I will be back again after prioritizing family photo prints from the last 125 years

Wausau,, WI

Renewed home movies - Excellent

For the third time the crew at digmypics excelled in the cleaning and digitizing my home movies. Their service and customer support are amazing and the turn around time exceeded my expectations. I know there are other services who do this, but digmypics is my go to processing lab. I highly recommend them to anyone.


Fantastic Service, worth every penny

I recently had some very old 8mm movies put to DVD with digmypics. They let me know the status of the order through the entire process. They look so much better than the original movies. Thank you for saving some old memories.

Diamond Bar, CA

Great service!

I chose DigMyPics because I had several hundred dated slides I wanted to view and use, and knew some would be unimportant. DigMyPics allows a certain percentage to be deleted after viewing, without charge. This was an exciting experience. I enjoyed the updates and especially being able to see the photos of beloved family members appear as they were scanned. I ordered the photo book and a usb drive containing the images. The slides were returned safely and the usb downloaded for backup to my computer with no problem. The usb drive also allows easy ability to order prints from self service kiosks with no editing necessary.


film and old slides

If you want a company that does quality work and that does not outsource overseas, these are the folks. We have a ton of old film and slides and have sent multiple jobs for them to process and they have always exceeded our expectations. The picture quality is outstanding and the organizing of the photos into our designated folders is always spot on. Thanks so much, more jobs are on coming.


Excellent Service

Great service on 57 year old 35mm slides. Quality of digitized images was better than expected. I am looking for other old photos to digitize.

Dublin, OH

An Excellent Service

Thank you so much for the great job you did on my recent slide scanning order. Your high resolution scans are the best I have seen. Will be back for more.

Carlsbad, CA

old color and b/w negatives turned out great!

The negatives looked beyond hope. I tried scanning myself with terrible results. Their professional results look great.

Springfield, VA

Slide scanning

I was amazed at the results from digmypics.com. Most of my slides were shot in the early 1970's. All of the slides were put on a DVD that was easily read by my computer. The DVD and the slides were received from digmypics.com in perfect shape. My family enjoyed the results and I am recommending digmypics.com to all my friends and relatives. The whole process was done in a prompt and professional way.


Fantastic Quality

Wow!! Your Super8 to DVD transfer was sensational. I gave the dvd to my dad today - we all kept saying that it’s better than the original Super 8 - by a long shot. Wow - I wish I would have used you guys for all our transfers. More expensive - but so much better that it was clearly worth it. Really great work!


A Job Well Done

We have reviewed the slideshow of our slides sent to you, along with each of the copies we ordered, and are pleased with the results we see. It was good when we could review on line the scanned pictures and we so appreciate the attention given us when we called in to ask for light adjustments on several of the pictures. This was done quickly and the work completed. We would recommend digmypics to anyone wanting their pictures/slides preserved for history.

Farmington, MN

Great Service Beautiful Scans

I sent a variety of chrome sizes and negatives. I was very impressed by the quality of the Digipics scanning. The service was very helpful as well.

New York, NY

Happy With The Results

I sent roughly 9 full circular slide trays. I didn't have to remove the slides, they did it at DigMyPics. The process allowed me to review all scans and reject any I was unhappy with ... I was happy with all. Process took a few weeks and USB stick with digital images arrived as anticipated. All scans seem very good to me ... plenty of care and professionalism indicated on the part of DigMyPics.

Denver, CO


Great job, good service

houston, TX


Great job, good service

houston, TX

Last film scanning

Everything went fine. Your help on the phone for additional information was great.


Quality work

Two orders may not seem like a lot to base a review on I think digmypics does a very professional job. I will be using them in the future.

Havre, MT

Entirely pleased!

The quality of the product is perfect. The process was easy. Everything was on time and exactly as described. Stellar experience. I highly recommend you guys. Thanks for restoring TONS of fantastic memories.

Saint Petersburg

My Italy 8mm to DVD

This is the first time i had my 8mm film turned into DVD home video by professionals. I am very pleased with the work and short period of time it took for my return. The color, the high and lows, turned out great. I did know that nothing could be done with the movement in my film. Because it was mostly filmed on bumpy cobble stone Italian Roads and in a sports car. Plus my first time using the video camera. Great job to all that worked on my transfer. I will in the near future use you again to have my 200 ft of filing from Vietnam done. Thank you very much again.

Glendale, AZ

Renewed home movies - Excellent

Once again the folks at Digmypics exceeded my expectations. While some of the footage was grainy or over/under exposed by the camera operator - my Dad - much of what I can watch brought back wonderful memories which are now preserved and protected since nearly everyone shown has now passed on. For the five remaining relatives I will be sharing these movies with them. Thanks again to the terrific technicians at digmypics for their awesome work. Paul Summers

Vail, AZ

Film Digitization

I submitted 7 400' reels for digitization. The project went smoothly, took a reasonable amount of time, and I was informed of progress. Fully satisfied.