Premium Handling Services

All prices are in addition to the scanning charges.
Estimates are fine. We'll get final counts upon completion.


Small Folder Handling - $2.00 Each

Because of the time it takes to set up folders we ask that you include at least 50 images in each folder. We do offer a premium handling service of $2.00 for each folder with less than 50 images.

Custom Editing Requests - $30.00 Each

Cost per 15 minutes of custom services. Our standard cost of scanning includes lightly dusting your photos and home movies. They are then digitized by our photo and video specialists and then color corrected to bring them back to their previous quality. If you would like customized corrections made to your project we can work to your specifications.

Minimum Labor Charge - $30.00 Each

If the subtotal of your scanning or video project work amounts to less than this amount, the labor portion of your order will automatically bumped up to this minimum charge.

DVD Photo and Video to USB_Drive - $15.00 Each

We can extract the video or photo data from a DVD and place them on a Flash Drive as long as the disc itself is undamaged, finalized, and has no copyright or other digital locks on it. Does not include the flash drive. Please also add at least 1 flash drive to your order.


Curled or Sticky Negatives - 50¢ Each

Occasionally film becomes excessively curled or becomes sticky as it ages. In these instances we must use specialized adapters to scan the film.

Single Frame Negatives - $1.00 Each

Negative frames that have been cut from the strip require extra handling and a specialized adapter to scan.

Medium Format Glass Mounted Negatives - 50¢ Each

The glass mounts must be removed from each slide to scan the slides. We do not replace them in the glass. We remove the glass from your medium format negative/slides.


Front and Back Print Scanning - 50¢ Each

If your prints have information on the back of them, we can scan the backs and organize them so that the back image follows the front image naming sequence.

Remove Prints from Albums - 59¢ Each

Count each photo in the album. We can remove the pictures from the album or we can scan the page and digitally crop out each individual photo.


Glass Stereo Slides - $1.50 Each

If your slides are in glass mounts, the glass mount must be removed from each slide before scanning.

Remount 35mm Slides - $1.25 Each

Slides in damaged mounts must be remounted before they can be scanned. We will remount 35mm slides into cardboard mounts.

Remount 35mm Glass Slides - $1.25 Each

The glass mounts must be removed from each slide to scan the slides. We remove the glass and remount your slides in 2" x 2" cardboard slide mounts.

Airequipt Tray Per Slide - 50¢ Each

Slides in Airequipt trays must be removed from the tray and the steel sleeve before they can be scanned. Count each slide.

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