Slide Scanning Service

You get the best digital conversions possible because we use the best equipment available.

  • High Quality 35mm Slide Scans
  • 3800 dpi Slide Scanning
  • Save 20% with Don't Want Don't Pay Service
  • Color Correction And Rotation
  • Your Slides Stay in the USA
  • Compressed Air Treatment Plus DustNet Dust Removal
  • Real-Time Scanning Plus Order Tracking
  • Fast Turn Around

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Add Slide Scanning Quantities To Your Cart

Standard Slides - 49¢ per scan

  • 35mm Slides
  • 35mm 1/2 Frame Slides
  • 110 in 2x2 mounts
  • 126 Slides

Non Standard Slides - $1.09 per scan

  • 110 Pocket Slides in 1x1 mounts
  • 3D Stereo Slides
  • 127 Super Slides

Medium Format Slides

  • 2000 DPI Scans $1.99 per scan
  • 4000 DPI Scans $7.99 per scan
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Easy, All-Inclusive Slide Scanning Prices

Standard 35mm Slides - 49¢ per scan

35mm Slide

35mm film mounted in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts. Slides in glass mounts must be removed remounted

35mm 1/2 Frame

Mounted in 1x1 inch cardboard or plastic mounts

110 (in 2x2 mount)

110 slides in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts are the same price as the 35mm and 126.


126 slides mounted in a 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts. The film size is square, not rectangular like 35mm.

Non Standard Slides - $1.09 per scan

110 pocket slides (in 1x1 mount)

Mounted in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts, but the image is half the size of 35mm.

3D Stereo Slides

We have two options for scanning 3D Stereo Slides:

1. Cut stereo slide mount in half and scan.

2. Scan without cutting mount in half for $0.50 handling fee per image.

Only one side will be scanned unless the customer notes they would like both sides.

If Stereo slides are in glass or steel mounts, a $1.00 handling fee will be added per slide to remove the film for scanning.

127 Super Slide

127mm Superslides in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts.

Preservation Quality Scanning

Each scan includes all these benefits

  • 3800 dpi 17 MP (Mega Pixels) Resolution SmartScans
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Scans to bring out more from dark photos

    Read about HDR on wikipedia

  • Expert Color Correction
  • Compressed air treatment plus DustNet for dust mitigation
  • Ready to use, clean, clear, color corrected and rotated JPEG files. TIFF files also available.

See Your Photos As We Scan Them

Our exclusive Real Time Scanning™ service allows you to see each photo as we scan it. This unique feature makes it fun for you and your family to watch your account everyday as new photos are instantly available to view the moment we've scanned them.

Delete Unwanted Scans

With our unique Don't Want, Don't Pay™ system, we let you delete up to 20% of the scans you don't want. We're so sure you'll be thrilled with the quality of your newly digitized photos that we guarantee it.

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