Introducing the digmypics Smart Scanner

Color Correction

Using both modern computational photography and a human touch, our color correction can make many old photos look like they were taken yesterday.

Dust Removal

DustNet™ is our exclusive, custom designed Neural Network that detects dust particles and other debris and removes them from the image.

High Dynamic Range(HDR)

Our HDR technology captures your image at multiple exposures and then merges the images together combining the best exposures of each part of the image.

Color Correction

Over the years, the dyes in your slides fade and become red as the cyan layer disappears. Many of the details in the color have been lost. But not to worry, they are not always gone for good. Our specialized AI software allows our preservation artists to restore many images to their correct color.

Dust Removal

Our preservation artists treat your photos with compressed air to remove dust and debris then they use DustNet, our in-house developed AI software, to detect and remove even more of the remaining dust particles found on the image.

HDR Exposure Merging

Our High Dynamic Range(HDR) Exposure Merging technology captures your slides and negatives at multiple exposures and then merges the images together combining the best exposures of each part of the image.

What is HDR?

High Dynamic Range imaging is used to reproduce the range of luminosity found in film. Before now the depth of color and exposure of film could not be captured in the digitizing process.

Traditional scanners find the most acceptable middle exposure which tends to create flat looking images that are missing details in both the lightest and the darkest parts of the image.

Our Smart Scanning technology merges the best exposures for all parts of the image giving you greater detail and vibrant colors.

Standard Scanning Technology

Smart Scan Technology

Rich Darks and Detailed Highlights

digmypics smart scanning technology allows for brighter colors, richer darks, and detailed highlights.

For years digital scans have not been able to capture the dynamic range of film.

digmypics Saves Dark Pictures

Our smart scanning technology allows us to capture and brighten information from dark and previously unsalvagable photos.

Standard Scan Technology

digmypics Smart Scanner