Digmypics Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. By participating in the Council of Better Business Bureau's BBBOnLine® Privacy Program we have made a commitment to meet the program's strict requirements regarding how we treat your information and have it verified by BBBOnLine. Further information about this program is available at bbbonline.org.

The Privacy Policy below governs your digmypics account and any information you provide on this site.

Personal Information that DigMyPics May Collect Online

digmypics collects personal information online, including names, postal and e-mail addresses, phone numbers and billing information. We use that information to process your order or orders and to communicate with you about your order or orders. We may use your name and email address to communicate with you about our product offerings or to share information with you about our company and its products. We won't sell or transfer any of your information to any third party except for instances required to process your credit card through our credit card processing gateway.

Web Site Traffic Information

Because of the way that World Wide Web communication standards work, when you arrive at or leave the digmypics Web site, we automatically receive the Web address of the site that you came from or are going to. We also collect information on which pages of our Web site you visit while you are on the digmypics site, the type of browser you use and the times you access our Web site. We use this information only to try to understand our customers' preferences better and to manage the load on our servers, so as to improve our service and your experience with digmypics. We do not track the Web sites that you visit before or after you leave our site.

Our Use of "Cookies"

"Cookies" are small files of data that reside on your computer and allow us to recognize you as a digmypics customer if you return to the our site using the same computer and browser. We send a "session cookie" to your computer if and when you log in to your digmypics account by entering your e-mail address. These cookies allow us to recognize you if you visit multiple pages in our site during the same session, so that you don't need to re-enter your password multiple times. Once you log out or close your browser, these session cookies expire and no longer have any effect. We may also use longer-lasting cookies to display your e-mail address on our sign-in form, so that you don't have to retype the e-mail address each time when you log in to your digmypics account.

Your Photos and Videos are Yours and Yours Alone

We maintain strict control over who has access to your physical and digital photos and videos. We will never share them with a third party or release control of them to anyone but you. We will store your photos and videos in industry standard file formats that allow you to easily copy, backup, and use them as you wish. We never impose any restrictions on how you may use your digital files.

Customer Service Correspondence

If you send us correspondence, including e-mails and faxes, we retain such information in the records of your account. We will also retain customer service correspondence and other correspondence from digmypics to you. We retain these records in order to measure and improve our customer service. We may, over time, delete these records if permitted by law.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, digmypics' information practices, or your dealings with digmypics, you may contact us using this form or our contact information on that form.