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Digitally Remastered

America's Most Advanced Video Digitizing and Photo Scanning Service

digmypics' Smart Scan Technology

Our team of scientists and engineers have created the most advanced scanning technology on the market.

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Don't Want Don't Pay™

Delete the scans you don't want and get up to 20% of the cost of scanning deducted from your order.

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Real Time Scanning™

See your position in the queue, read the technician notes, and see your photos as we scan them.

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The Digmypics Smart Scanner

We're bringing Computational Photography and AI to save decades old photos

We brought together our team of engineers and graphic artists to put computational photography, Artifical Intelligence, and years of photographic skills to work on producing the best quality scans anywhere.

Color Correction

Our exclusive smart scanning technology improves the color correction process and restores the original color while removing most color casts from aging film.

Dust Removal

Dust is an age old menace when it comes to film. Tiny specs look huge once enlarged and editing it out can take hours. Humans can easily see what's dust and what's part of the photo but computers have never been particularly good at it.

Until now...

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) opened up an opportunity to help solve the age old dust problem. We built and trained our own AI, which we call DustNetâ„¢, to find and remove dust. It's like magic.

HDR Merge

Our scanning technology captures more information from the film allowing us to brighten those dark, under exposed images.

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