What makes us different?

Consider the following features included in our service that are exclusive to digmypics.

Photo Scanning Exclusives

  1. HDR Slide and Negative Scanning
    High Dynamic Range (HDR) means we take a varying number of scans of your slides and negatives at different exposures then merge those exposures together to get detail in the shadows without blowing out the brightest spots. Learn More
  2. DustNet - AI for Dust Removal
    Years in development, our DustNet Neural Network finds dust on your slides and negatives and removes it. Learn More
  3. Real Time Scanning
    See your photos online as we scan them. Share the link with the family and watch your old photos come to life together. Learn More
  4. Don't Want Don't Pay
    Delete any photos you don't care about for a full credit...up to 20% of your scanning charges. Learn More

Video Transfer Exclusives

  1. Our Easy Online System
    Easily view your videos as soon as they're digitized.
  2. Snapshot feature
    Create and instantly download photos from your videos so you can capture and share your favorite frames. As many as you like...for no extra charge!

Our People

  1. We hire photo and video experts
    Real professionals who care about the work they do.
  2. Quality is in our DNA
    You'll be amazed at how much we can do with your old photos and film.
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Our Customers

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