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Photo Scanning Services
Type of Scanning DPI Resolution Number of Photos Unit Price Totals
Slides in 2x2 Mount
(35mm, 110, 126)
What's this?
35 mm slides, 110 slides, 127 slides scanning
35mm Negatives on Strips of 2 or more (Count Exposures, not strips)
35mm film strip scanning
APS Film
(Count Exposures, not Canisters)
APS Film canister scanning
Print Scanning - Archival
(Paper Photos)
Non-Standard Prints  
Medium Format Film
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Non-Standard Film
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non standard film scanning
Photo Scanning Subtotal
Photo Scanning Media Choices -  (choose CD, DVD, or both)   
Sets of CD's
Requires 0 CDs

Complete Sets

Sets of DVD Data Discs
(Requires DVD drive)

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Requires 0 DVDs

Complete Sets

Title to print on the above data discs (optional)

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Photo Scanning Options
Bound Thumbnail Album of Your Images
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Complete Albums
$5 Min

Per Album
SD Card with Reduced Resolution Images
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Resolution Reduction Disc What's this? 
Create a DVD Video from your photos
Please fill out and print our Slideshow Movie Deluxe Worksheet PDF.
Include this in your order to help us customize your video.
Base Price includes 1st DVD, 1 opening title page,
our royalty free music, fade in/out of images, 6 seconds/image.
Deluxe Slideshow Movie
(Extra copies and additional discs are $8/disc. Approx. 1100 images will fit on 1 disc)
What's this?
$50 / 500 photos + $8/disc Copies

At least 1 copy to order this product
Slideshow Movie Title

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Video Transfer Services
View, label and organize your film movies to DVD online.  No Extra Charge!
See the 8mm Transfer Page
8mm and Super 8mm reel transfer
(We don't currently work with 16mm film)
See Pricing


DVD Copies

1 Set of DVDs

$99 Choose this option if you want to edit your 8mm movies (500GB Drive or Larger)
add 25¢/Foot for sound. We only charge for the portion that has sound. (Most 8mm film does not have sound) We'll notify you if your film has sound and how much it will cost before processing.  
Film Title

(30 characters or less)
Please print and fill out our Tape Transfer Worksheet
Include this in your order to help us customize your video.
VHS, 8mm, Hi8 and miniDV Video Tape Transfer $9.95/Tape
Includes 1 DVD per tape
See Pricing
# of Tapes
Extra Copies

Video Tape Alchemy $20/Tape plus
$0.34 / minute
($20.40 / hour)
Number of Tapes
~Total Minutes
You'll choose DVDs later $8 each. How many depends on clips you decide to keep

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