What is the digitizing process?

Digitizing your photos and film is an easy process. All you need to do is pack up all of your photos, slides, negatives, movie reels, video tapes and ship them to our high-tech facility in Gilbert, Arizona.

  • Gather your photos and film then fill out an order form online. Once you hit the Submit Order Information button you will be able to schedule a FedEx Pickup or drop off or print a generic shipping label to use the courier of your choice.
  • When we receive your package, you will automatically be sent an email advising you that your project has arrived at our facility. We will then weigh, photograph and place your project in a sealed bin for placement in the queue.
  • Photos: Watch as we scan your photos with our exclusive Real Time Scanning™ feature.
  • Photos: Once your photos have gone through basic enhancement and quality review, you will receive the link to Don't Want, Don't Pay™ to Review, Delete or Approve.
  • 8mm Transfers: Once your movies are converted and the footage has been manually cleaned up and color enhanced by our videographers, you'll get a link to review, rearrange, and title the clips for your DVDs.
  • Video Tapes: We capture directly to DVD or hard drive. They are not available for online viewing.
  • Approve your new photos and 8mm transfers and make final payment for your project online.
  • We then ship back your original photos, movies and your new digital media so you can start smiling all over again!