Negative Scanning Service

Bring your memories to every new home without carrying all the boxes of heavy albums and film rolls. Negative scanning services enable photographers to save original images by digitizing the negatives. This way, you get a more precise picture with realistic colors and zero bleeding from the printer. 

Film technology has advanced since we used film cameras as our only option. The latest technology works alongside history by preserving images and repairing damages from scratches, discoloration, or dust. 

Want to update your photo albums with crisp images of baby photos that have since gone discolored? Or maybe your black-and-white image of your grandparents' wedding has started to get white spots from scratches. At DigMyPics, we'll digitally edit your photos from the original source for a pristine image that's better than the print. 

Learn more about negative scanning services and how we can help you preserve your precious memories by converting film negatives into digital images that won't get damaged by dust, scratches, fires, or floods. 

What Are Negative Scanning Services? 

Negative scanning services convert negative photo strips into digital files that you can easily send to friends, coworkers, and relatives. 

Instead of printing images from the negative, you can scan the negatives by shining a bright light under the film and digitally capturing the image. With this photo replication technique, you get superior image quality and eliminate the fear of bleeding or physical damage to original photos. 

Whether you're a historian digitizing delicate pieces or a family wanting to preserve family memories for future generations to enjoy, DigMyPics are the negative scanning experts that will guide you through digitizing your dearly held memories. 

Benefits of Digitally Scanning Negatives of Photos 

Digitally scanning photos' negatives helps preserve history by reproducing images from a delicate original source. Now, the picture is saved on a digital file that can be easily shared and enjoyed instead of sitting in a box, so it doesn't get damaged. 

Those who've experienced a fire or flood are strong advocates for digitally saving your photo negatives. You never know when disaster could strike, and generations of memories could be lost. With negative scanning services, you don't have to fear losing irreplaceable items in a tragic property disaster. 

Some of the other benefits of digitally scanning negatives of photos include the following: 

  • Superior clarity and detail 

  • Better color correction and no ink bleeding 

  • Digitally repair photodamage 

  • Safely store history and memories

What Kinds of Film Can You Scan? 

We scan every type of negative film you bring to us. Some of the most common types the DigMyPics photo experts see include the following: 

  • Standard 35 mm frames 

  • Non-standard frames larger or smaller than 35 mm 

  • Medium format negative strips 

  • Large format negative strips 

Continue reading to learn more about our negative scanning services for each film type. 

How Much Does it Cost to Scan Negatives? 

While memories are priceless, there is a small cost to preserve them digitally with negative scanning services. The cost varies depending on the negative film type and its size. 

Whenever you entrust us with your negative films, we carefully scan each one for high-quality digital images that will stand the test of time. We scan entire film rolls, but you can delete up to 20% of the roll with our Don't Want, Don't Pay™ system

To see our pricing and price out your project visit our princing page for negatives scanning

Wrapping Up 

Discover the difference negative scanning services make to the quality of your images. Preserve your memories and family history with our experts in digital photo preservation. 

We carefully handle every film reel entrusted to our care and deliver HDR images with impressive color correction. We use our innovative technology like DustNet Dust Removal and Real-Time Scanning software to provide images that are truest to the original in real-time. 

You and your family can relive memories as you scroll through the new photos as they're getting uploaded. Our Don't Want Don't Pay service lets you select the images you want to pay for on the reel. 

Contact DigMyPics today to learn more about our negative scanning services and help you preserve your memories in a long-lasting format with epic edits to maintain the original photo, even if it's been scratched, warped, or discolored with time.