How To Properly Store Your Photos and Videos

Do you have boxes full of old photo albums and VHS tapes? Have you been storing them in the proper place? Here are some tips to consider when storing your precious memories. 

To ensure your memories last as long as they should, store them in a cool, dry space. With fluctuating temps and a high possibility for leaks, floods and other damage, garages, attics and basements are not ideal. Most older media should be kept at about 75 degrees and away from water or humidity. The best place is inside where the temperature can be controlled. 

UV light and fluorescent lighting can deteriorate photos over time. Storing photos in albums is best as they will protect your pictures from direct light. Hot tip: use albums with acid-free sleeves or photo corners to better preserve your photos. If you like to display your family photos on walls or in frames make sure they are not placed in direct sunlight or have a harsh fluorescent light shining on them for long periods of time. It may take years to see any discoloration but light will eventually cause irreversible damage to them. 

Plastic storage bins are among the best ways to store photos and videos. Although, using a clear bin is not recommended as they can let light in and deteriorate the photos over time. But, they do a great job of protecting your photos and videos from moisture.
Loose photos should be placed inside archival photo storage envelopes and boxes instead of ziploc bags for long-term storage. Place the box inside a plastic tote to keep moisture out. Label the envelopes and boxes so you can better organize and keep track of what they are. Keep in mind to place sticky notes or other labels on the box and not on the photos themselves.


The best way to preserve and display your photos is to have them digitized.  You can do it yourself for a hefty cost and a lot of labor or you can send them to a digitization company like digmypics. Professional scanning and transferring is a cost effective way to preserve your memories forever. Easily share the images with family and friends, backup your images to the Cloud, Google Photos, drives, display the images on a digital picture frame, create slideshow movies, the options are endless.

The memories these formats hold are irreplaceable. Keep them safe and protected for as long as you can.