How To Pack a digmypics MemoryBox


Our digmypics MemoryBox is an all inclusive digitizing kit that help you organize and pack your memories to be shipped off to us! We will walk you through the steps to show you just how easy digmypics MemoryBox is to use.


Log on to our MemoryBox website. Estimate how many items you will be packing in the box. Each VHS tape is counted as 1 item. Each set of 25 photos, slides or negative frames is counted as 1 item, and each 50 feet of reel is counted as 1 item.  So let say you have 8 vhs tapes, 100 photos, 150 slides and 50 negative frames you would have 20 items. Our large box would be perfect! But let’s say you go through more memories and find 5 more items you can fit in the large box. No problem! Add them and we will only charge an extra $15 per item. This can be more cost effective than upgrading the size of your box. 


Pick your box, choose the media storage you would like, enter your information and pay for your order. We will send your digmypics MemoryBox containing a crush proof box, packing supplies, a waterproof bag,a tape strip to seal, and your prepaid shipping label. 


Once your box arrives, pack it up, affix the numbered labels to your tapes, attach the shipping label covering the original, and send it back! If you add any extra items you didn’t plan on prior, you can still put them in the box. We will charge those items once the box arrives. Once you place the labels on the front of your tapes you can go back in and check on your order and add descriptions that correspond to numbered labels. 


On arrival, we carefully inspect the box to make sure it has not been damaged during shipping. Our thorough team will handle each item with care and take an inventory. All items get entered into our system and are placed in a container with your order number and information clearly marked. The container is zip tied closed when being moved anywhere in our facility. Each team of digitization experts will then carefully scan your items by hand to our digital server where they are checked, color corrected, and checked again before being loaded onto the final media storage device you chose. 


All of our processing is done in-house at our shop in Gilbert, Arizona. We never outsource our work and have all the necessary equipment to ensure your precious memories are kept safe. 


Once your media is loaded, we pack up all your items plus the media storage device and send them back to you. It’s as easy as one, two, three to have a lifetime of love and memories safely stored. 


If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team is always just an email or phone call away. They stay in constant communication with you to let you know how your order is progressing and if they have any questions or problems. We will never be the company that sends back an order without letting you know that there may have been a photo that wouldn’t scan correctly or a video that had static. We believe in being up front and honest with our clients and that is why we have the reputation we do. 

We are looking forward to helping you through your own digitization process! We will care for your belongings as if they were ours.