How To Use Our digmypics Downloader

We offer a few different ways to get your digitized files, flash drive, DVD or direct download. For those of you who have chosen the direct download we wanted to offer some tips and tricks on how to successfully download your files through our digmypics downloader.


Through the link in your email or through a link on our website you can download the downloader directly to your computer. Choose windows if you are on a PC and choose Mac if you are on an apple computer. We currently do not have an app for this so you will not be able to download to a phone or tablet. 


Once you click download you will see the file in the bottom left hand side of your browser. Click on the file and a pop-up should come up.


 If you have any sort of security system or virus detector on your computer the pop-up may ask you to confirm that you would like to download this file. Click yes and this will start the process of installing the downloader onto your computer. In this example we need to click More info in order to run the install. 


After clicking Run Anyway your downloader should automatically appear on your screen after it is installed. If it does not show up you may have to go into your downloads folder or search for it in your Windows search bar or Apple Finder. Type digmypicsdownloader and it will come up for you to click on to open. 

In the downloader you will see some information you will need to type in, email address, order number, and zip code. This information can be found in your email from us.  It is also important to pick a folder you want your files downloaded to. The easiest way to do this is to create a folder on your desktop, click the 3 dots next to folder in the downloader and select the folder you created. This will ensure that your photos and videos end up in a file that is easy to find. 


Not all computer systems are the same and if you have a different type of protection program on your computer the pop-up may look different, but the steps are generally the same. We can assure you that our downloader is safe for all computers. If you prefer not to download something to your computer we suggest a flash drive or a DVD instead. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us