How To Transfer Files Between Devices


If you are like many of us, we have a multitude of devices ranging from PCs to iPads and it isn’t always easy to share your files between them all, especially if the files are large. Whether you have ordered digitized photos and videos from us or just have large files you need to send, we have some tried and true suggestions for you. 


Apple iTunes

Using iTunes to transfer files is an easy way to get the photos from your apple device directly to your PC and vice versa.

  1. Connect your device to your computer or laptop

  2. Open iTunes and click the iPad or iPhone button at the top left 

  3. Click File Sharing and choose an app to share from

  4. Select the file from the list on the right side and click “save to” and choose where you want them saved

  5. If you are transferring from your PC to the iPhone or iPad, click add and then select the file you would like to transfer and click add again. 


Apple iCloud

Another easy way to connect your photos and files is through iCloud. This might be the easiest way to do it provided you have iCloud turned on in your settings on your phone.

If you don’t have iCloud turned on you can do it by:

  1. Open your Settings app

  2. Click on your name at the top

  3. Click iCloud and turn on the iCloud Drive 

Once this is done you can log into iCloud through your computer using your Apple ID and password. Click on a picture to download it or click the cloud with an up arrow icon to upload from your computer. 



WeTransfer is an online system that allows you to email large files to anyone for free.

  1. Go to

  2. You may have to sign in or sign up but it is completely free to use

  3. Once you have logged in, you can drag and drop an entire folder of photos, videos or files directly onto the page and they will begin uploading into an email 

  4. Fill out the form on the left hand side of the screen with who it is going to, a Title for the email and a message

  5. Hit the Transfer button and they will begin sending 

  6. Do not navigate away from this page until the files are completely sent. You will get a message on the screen that your transfer was successful


Google Drive/GooglePhotos

If you have a Google login you can use Google Drive to transfer between devices.

From your computer log in to Google and upload your photos and files to your Google Drive or Google photos. 

Once the files are saved to the Google drive make sure you download the Google Drive or Google Photos app from your device’s app store. When you log into with your Google credentials in the app your files will be available for you to download. You can also upload files from your device onto Google so you can share them back to your computer if needed.

Each of these ways offers an advantage depending upon your device and your capabilities. One isn’t better than the other, it merely comes down to preference and accessibility and each will accomplish the same task.