How To Label Your Tapes

Included in our digmypics MemoryBox, is a set of tape labels. These can be used to label your VHS and audio tapes. Let us walk you through exactly how to use these labels. 

Step 1

Start by going to the tape label page link that can be found in the instruction booklet, in one of the automated email updates, or by following the "my orders" link in the website. 

Step 2

Once there you will type the name you would like for your first video and then affix the “Tape 1” label to that tape. The first entry will correspond with the first tape labeled and so on.


Please keep your titles as concise as possible. Instead of “Summer Vacation 1971 with Aunt Barbara” please use a title like “1971 Vacation” or “1971 Summer” that way we can comply with our operating systems file naming rules. 

If you have ordered DVDs these titles will be printed on the DVD label and have a 30 character limit. 

We will use these label titles for the file names we create.


Step 3

Label each of the VHS tapesand audio tapes you are sending to us. As you will notice on the tapes labeling page we have four spots.


Ifyou are sending more than four tapes you can click the “Add 1 Tape” button or the “Add 5 Tapes” button. This will give you more spaces to type in your titles. 


NOTE:  We give you quite a few labels, but you may only be sending us 2 tapes, please keep in mind that these labels do not go on any other items. They are used for VHS and audio tapes ONLY. We cannot use these labels on groups of photos, slides, negatives or film reels. We also ask that you please not affix them to a DVD as this may cause harm to the DVD and its readability.  


Helpful tips 

When affixing the labels to your tapes please place them in the lower right-hand corner of the tape. For audio tapes you may place them in between the two sprocket holes and fold it around/over the top.  Do not cover any holes or doors on any of the tapes. 

Once your files are transferred and you are able to view them in your order, the tape with the corresponding number will be viewable with your title. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at any point.  We are excited for you to start the process of preserving your memories.