How To Access the Files on Your Storage Device



Our storage devices are typically meant to be used on a computer or laptop. Here are a few tips to help you view and download your files once they have been digitized


Flash Drives

Flash drives are inserted into a USB port on your computer. Once you plug it in, a pop-up should show up on your screen asking what you would like to do with the device. If the pop-up window doesn’t come up you can go to your file manager and search for the device in the column on the left. Open the device file and you will be able to access all of your photos and videos. If you would like to save them to your computer you can copy the folder by right clicking on it and then pasting it on your desktop or into another folder on your computer or hard drive. 

Some smart TVs do have USB ports but we can not guarantee that the flash drive will work with all TVs. If you try it and it works, Great! If not you can use other file sharing services to view your files on your television. You may also try plugging in an HDMI cord from your computer to your TV and accessing your monitor through the same imput you would a DVD player. 



DVDs are slowly becoming obsolete but there are still plenty of computers that have a DVD drive. The best bet is to check your computer or laptop and make sure it has a DVD drive before ordering this type of storage device. Once you get your DVD back put it in the drive and you can access it through the file manager. All of your files will be there just like with the flash drive. 

Some DVD players may be able to access the files but not all DVD players have this capability. If your DVD player is able to read the disc it will not be in a slideshow format. You will have to make your own slideshow and copy it to a DVD yourself.


Download + 1 Year of Storage

If you would like to receive your files quickly and directly to your computer you can choose our download option. You will have access to them for up to a year and can download them to any computer you’d like. We send an email with the link to the downloader that you will install on your computer. Once installed, you will enter your order number and other identifying information and will be able to download all your files. From here these files can be put on your own flash drive or DVD or you can send them to family and friends through any number of photo sharing programs


If you have any further questions about our storage devices you can always call or email us