DigMyPics Review From CINCINNATI - Great experience

I had just over 1500 slides to scan for an upcoming 50th birthday surprise party. I contemplated doing this myself as but decided against it due to lack of time and high cost of a decent scanner.I also waited too long and was in a time crunch. The customer service folks suggested I actually create 2 orders with the first one the priority if they couldn't get them all done in time. I organized the slides by tray (numbering each according to slot) packed them up and shipped them off. Bottom line: They got ALL 1500 slides completed and returned to me in under 3 weeks. I had both jpg and tiff images on a set of DVDs. I was able to review and select the slides I wanted to keep online. When I completed that, I was able to automatically upload to Picasa (nice feature). The quality is better than I could have achieved and the time savings is priceless. Very satisfied. Highly recommended!

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