DigMyPics Review From Littleton, CO - Excellent Service!

I needed to get digital copies of some old slides for my in-law's 60th wedding anniversary. At first I used a different company on a trial basis and it took more than 3 months to receive the copies, and the quality didn't seem that great. I tried your company next and was amazed at the quality of the reproductions and the easy and quick service. I needed these reproductions by a certain date and received them in plenty of time to have photo books made for the big day. Having owned my own company for many years I am always impressed by good customer service and a company who seems to care about the quality of their product and satisfaction of their customers. One particular advantage was having the option to delete 20% of the slides without a charge - there aren't that many slide projectors around these days, so it was a very helpful and frugal way to delete all those slides the kids took which were just black smudges. Anyway, I will highly recommend your services and you have my praise for a job well done. KayLeen

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