DigMyPics Review From Russian River Valley, CA - I DIG 'DIG MY PICS'!!

My husband and I are both long time professionals and we are blown away at how perfectly this company executes! I had 50 years of slides and negatives and prints from my parents home that I needed to organize and make copies of for family members. Just the idea of the task was overwhelming. I went on line, did a few Google searches and found 'Dig My Pics'. After reading the third party endorsements and scouring the 'how it works' pages, I sent off all the slides/negative film for scanning. The process from start to finish was a breeze. Dig My Pics staff kept me informed throughout the entire process. I ordered disks, archival storage, a hard drive and uploaded everything to Picassa. Wow. The project was almost effortless. I will soon send all the photographs. Highly recommend Dig My Pics!!

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