DigMyPics Review From Cheney, WA - Extremely Happy!

I was a little scared to mail my pictures off & to think they would be going into the hands of strangers! We all know that those paper pictures are not replaceable when they are lost, or in a fire or flood at home but that is one reason I finally took a chance to get them digitized. I wanted to be able to back them up for safe keeping, let my family have a copy & be able to see them anytime or anywhere I wanted. I keep copies on my iPhone, Facebook and computer now. digmypics made the process easier by giving me tips on how to ship my pictures and by keeping me posted by email & a link to their website for each step of the process. I had alot of pictures to scan but the whole process was quick about 3 weeks total including shipping time both ways. I was so excited to get my pictures back & new cd. I'm so happy I trusted digmypics with my pictures!

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