DigMyPics Review From EMERALD ISLE, NC - Wedding Photos

More than 15 years ago most wedding photography was not digital. It comes with an incredible surprise that I now have all of my wedding photos scanned and saved to a disc - in very high quality condition! It looks as if they were taken from a digital camera - and not photo 35mm film saved in a storage bin for 15 years! I can now save, print or email my photos - not too mention, I have them available for easy access, viewing and storing! I was very skeptical about sending my most cherished memories (to include ALL of my wedding negatives) thru the mail and across the country - and believe that they would be returned by some company that I merely found on the web and thru a Google search... but not only were they returned - but the were returned in a more than satisfactory condition and extremely fast time frame! DigMyPics was VERY involved with corresponding with me thru the entire process. I greatly appreciated their reassurance that I would not have to pay for any negatives that I was not satisfied with (up to 20%) after I viewed them via the web and prior to the finalization process. This transaction has truly been an amazing process. This company did even more than what they indicated that they would do on their website!

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