DigMyPics Review From Lancaster, CA - Another Medium - Another Winner!

I had a LOT of OLD (1947 - 1983) 8mm & Super8 movie film digitized and was SO pleased with the results. I decided to try some 35 mm slides - while I knew the results would be terrific, I had held off due to budget considerations as I have thousands of slides to do and I COULD do them myself - I'm pretty good with computers and such. so started, using a variety of low-cost and not-so-low-cost scanners at home. I decided to send a batch of slides in, including a few that I had done myself... WOW! What a difference! I KNEW they'd be better, but I had no idea just how amazing the difference would be! Once again, thanks for a job BETTER than well done! It's so good to have a place I can trust to not only take good care of my precious memories, but to bring them back to life in miraculous ways! Bless you!

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