DigMyPics Review From Boston, Massachusetts - Thank you

Dear Ms. Crossen, Back in October you processed an order for me, probably a small one in the many thousands you regularly do. It was some old family photos from the 1960s and 1970s. I was cleaning up some papers and found an email from you and wanted to stop and thank you for the attention to detail. Because of some damage, one photo took several scans but this was done great. There was a small misunderstanding with something not done as I requested. It would have been reasonable for you to argue it was not your error, but you cheerfully corrected it. Part of it was a Christmas gift that has made the recipient very happy. Another photo was some 30 years old, the only photo I have of a dear, 92 year old relative who doesn't want more pictures taken of her. Now I will be able to have reprints or frame a copy. I'm sure that the work you do can sometimes be monotonous and often seem thankless. It's possible you have a quota to meet every day which can make it hard to give the quality attention to each job that you want to. If you're like me, even polite complaints which are valid can stick in the memory sometimes, making a workday harder. There is an old story about a doctor who cured ten people from terminal illness, but only one came back to thank him. So I wanted to thank you and let you know that there are probably 9 or even 90 or 900 people who haven't said thank you, but appreciated the work you did for them and treasure the results. I don't know who your supervisor is or how to send this to him or her, but feel free to forward the email or give a printout to him or her. You deserve the credit.

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