DigMyPics Review From Chapel Hill, NC - Successful completion of huge project

When I made the decision to transfer about 5,000 slides to DVD, the work you had done for my family some years ago prompted me to contact you. I have been delighted to find that you have made visible the dark interiors of many cathedrals! The quality of the slides on DVD is excellent, but my real appreciation is for your instantly helpful and patient response to the problems I created in sending my orders, each of which required specialized attention in some different way. Your Customer Service rates no less than A++++ and I enjoy recommending you to family and friends: anyone who thinks maybe they should follow my example and transfer their photos to DVD, as the project makes such good sense. I know my children approve of my doing this now, so they never have to face those 26 carousels in that closet at some future date. Habitat for Humanity welcomed my projector, screen and carousels for a local school!

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