DigMyPics Review From Brookline, NH - Quite Pleasantly Surprised!

As a test and first order I send you 63 of the 400 or so 35mm slides that I wanted to have digitized. I was quite impressed with my experience. First and foremost, I was able to track the FEDEX shipment to you. You even provided me with a convenient way of printing out a a FEDEX shipping label. Next you notified during each step of production until the digitization was complete and the return of my slides via FEDEX was made. You even offered to send the digitized files to my exulting Phanfare account. How cool was that! I immediately shared them online with my brother and nephew. Your professional care and commitment was evident by the timely and consistent communication and I will not hesitate to recommend your service to family, friends and colleagues. I will be shipping the balance of my slides with the confidence in knowing that my expectations will once again be met or exceeded. Thank you very much!

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