DigMyPics Review From Champaign, IL - great service!

I have had this company do over 7000 family negatives, some slides, some photos for scanning. They have been most accommodating- it did take a really long time to do the 1st batch of about 7000 (!!- so many - ALL family pics for generations!!)- about 2 months but it was a busy time (holiday)- normally not this long. My recent order of 700 things was done in 1 1/2 weeks- AND both times when it seemed color on some sets did not appear right- they went back & corrected it all. Those pesky tiny 126's!! Great- always nice, corrected many things, helped over the phone, etc, went the extra distance for customer satisfaction, do Tifs (yay- I am archiving all) and jpgs, stays in the US. I highly recommend & I am very fussy as have done 1000's of scans myself & do a lot of photography

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