DigMyPics Review From Byron Center, MI - Family 1956-1989 8mm film Memories to DVD's

Hi, Our family had 33 years of recorded memories on 27 3" reels and 20 5" reels. This is about 6000 ft of 8mm film. We all knew the film was old and would not last much longer. The transfer of 8mm flim to a DVD format was all new to us. So I sent in a 1956 3" test reel to Digmypics. After it was converted to a DVD, our family reviewed the DVD. The entire family was very impressed and told me to send in all 6000 ft of 8mm film. It took seven DVD's to convert the family memories the way we wanted it. We then had six DVD copie sets made for us and all the kids. The DVD sets were shipped by FedX and we received them in 3 days. All DVD's turned out excellent! Thank you for restoring these memories for our family. Sincerely, Wayne,

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