DigMyPics Review From Lincoln, CA - Thrilled by results

I spent several years scanning and working with almost 500 black and white and color negatives taken over several decades starting in the 1920's. I was fairly pleased with the results I achieved with the black and white negs, but was having difficulty with the color negs. I was planning on buying a new scanner and more software, when I discovered DigMyPics. I researched the various photo scanning services available, and decided to give DigMyPics a try. To say I was thrilled by the service is an understatement. DigMyPics was able to bring all the negs back to life again - and did a MUCH better job of it than I was able to do. Their email communication with me was superb, and I was able to follow the order progress online day by day. Some of the black and white negs were in really poor shape - badly faded, scratched and pitted. Dig brought them back to life. The color negative scanning was amazing. Dig was able to give me perfectly color corrected pictures in high resolution. Wow! I love the My Photo Album I received and the low resolution images on CD are fantastic. They may be "low resolution" but they look fantastic on my 23" computer monitor. I sent for additional copies and will be mailing them to various family members soon. I will be sending Dig more business in the future and will recommend them to anyone with a photo scanning project.

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