DigMyPics Review From Breckenridge, CO - My Classic 35 mm slides

I haven't looked at many of my 35 mm slides in over 30 years, and found some true treasures. I wanted to share those with family and friends, and looked into a scanner. After realizing how difficult scanning would be, I researched scanning services online, and loved digmypics site, information, user-friendlyness,ease of ordering and shipping, customer service, etc, and chose their service. I felt confident that my precious - and irreplaceable slides - were in good hands. Once I shipped my order via fedEx, I was very impressed. There was constant communication, updates, and reassurance re my valuable slides. I knew where the slides were, when they had arrived at digmypics, and that they were being processed. Then, in a short time, my slides were done and online for my review. Once I approved (and I appreciate having that opportunity), my order was shipped to me. The quality blew me away. Slides that I had trouble seeing from a projector, were very visible after scanning. I didn't notice scratches, dust, imperfections, nor any of that. I then had a ball having family and friends friends review these treasures online, emailing images, printing, framing, etc. I highly recommend digmypics. Customer service, and quality of workmanship are very important to me and my expectations were greatly exceeded.

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