DigMyPics Review From Carmel, IN - 815 Slides Digitized

Like everybody we had concerns about sending our slides (from 1955 thru 1973) away. They are irreplaceable memories of our past. Before chosing DigMyPics we checked several other options and they all send the slides to foreign countries for processing. We figured that would be a big risk of losing the slides; we wanted to use a source here in the good old USA. So, we chose DigMyPics. First we sent a small order of approximately 400 slides. The results we got were great. So we recently decided to send in another 815 slides. When we reviewed the digitized results on line they were truly outstanding, the color and clearness were more than we expected for such old slides. We ordered eleven DVDs of them (one for ourself, six for our sons, one for a brother, two for nieces, and one for a nephew). We made an excellent choise in DigMyPics! J. & B. Garrett Indiana

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