DigMyPics Review From Ventura - Slide conversion to jpeg

The slide conversion to jpeg’s turned out great. In my case, these were slides my mother took back in 1950’s while she served in Korea aboard USS Haven and other adventures in Asia. These also captured the Havens round the world cruise via Suez and Panama Canal. They are priceless. Also included are some of while mom was on leave and some early family slides. If I could have done this years ago I would have. For anyone considering doing this, don’t wait. Do it for your folks. The people at digmypics were great, they did an awesome job. During the (first batch) online slide review, I contacted sales via email to let them know how well this was turning out. Later, the person doing my batch replied as to how the process was going. The digmypic’s people are discrete, prompt, and will do the best job possible with digitizing your slides. I offer them my thanks for the service that they provided.

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