DigMyPics Review From LAWRENCEVILLE, GA - 2400 dpi slide scans

The results are fantastic! I submitted 173 slides spanning some 30+ years of photography. Most were well exposed but some were deliberately challenging either in overall light level or in the contrast range. I was extremely pleased with the result. The dynamic range is very good and I was particularly happy with the scans of high-contrast scenes where black came through as black and detail held in the highlights. These scans were far superior to the scans I had attempted on my personal consumer-grade film scanner. I anticipate sending many more of my 12,000 slides in for scanning. Heretofore, I had pretty much lost the urge to do photography since I had such a backlog of images that had never been printed & displayed. Now with the scans I can do the pre-print work on my computer to get the images just right and print them on my Canon. Thanks!

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