DigMyPics Review From Durango, CO - Many thanks

I have been very busy the last few months, including a move and new job in the Cayman Islands, but in the back of my mind, I was committed to sending you my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the INCREDIBLE customer service, quality of service, and fair price regarding my order. The 1300 slides that you rushed to digitize and ship for me represent an incredible history of our family, and in many ways, the history of the American family in post-World War II America and Europe. There is genuine history in the images... from the Concentration Camps in Germany to the farms and ranches of Western America. Christmas, Easter, dances at the high school, graduations, skiing, sledding, go-cart races, car washes, football games, illness, death, birth... everything. I unveiled the digitized slides for my Mom's 85th birthday and a family reunion in our home town of Durango, Colorado in July. She narrated the slides, along with my oldest sister, filling in the gaps of history for all of us, and especially for the innumerable great grand children. We laughed out loud with each other... we cried quietly to ourselves. We heard stories we would have otherwise never been told nor hear and we saw pictures that we otherwise would have never fully appreciated. I won't go on any longer for fear of being effusive, but truly... the work of you and your DigMyPics team made a big, big difference in the lives of many people and children and ensured that all those memories and history would not be lost. Obviously, if you ever need a reference, you can count on me.

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