DigMyPics Review From Bellevue, Pa - 35mm slide scans

What can I say? I took alot of 35mm slides when I was younger and stored them away. Years later I found them and attempted to set up my projector and screen. What a mess. Projector didn't want to work after all these years, and the slides? Well they didn't fair to well either. Had mold growing on some of them, along with, God knows what else. They did not look too great. Enter Dig My Pics. I found them quite by accident on the web. They did a fantastic job of cleaning them up and restoring what they could, then enhanced them to compensate for lack of clarity. They even let me preview them on-line to reject those I did not want. You guys did a bang-up job, and I thank you for restoring my memories of more than 40 years ago. Bill Cressman Pittsburgh, Pa

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