DigMyPics Review From Petaluma, CA - Great Service

A year ago, I started using DigMyPics! to scan several hundred of my slides. I sent them in small groups at a time to keep from becoming overwhelmed with the post processing I do on my home computer. I have since completed scanning my slides with them, and can assure anyone interested that DigMyPics! does excellent work. As I became more familiar with the scanning process, I would include special instructions which they always followed to the letter. If a question came up, they would quickly contact me (even once by phone) to provide a clarification or assistance. To my amazement, I found that they handle millions of slides/ negatives, etc., a year, and yet, make you feel as if your order is the only order they have. Fine service; fine people; fine job! Thanks, and now it is on to my color negatives for scanning. Tom Swan

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