DigMyPics Review From Santa Rosa, CA - Family Record from 1949-1991

When I decided to convert old slides to Video, I went to the internet and found several companies that could do this. DigMyPics stood out as the most capable. I spent alot of time reading through their web page as to how to proceed with the project. I then called DigMyPics and on the first ring got a human (not a phone tree) that answered all my questions. After several weeks I received the video's and was extremely happy with the picture quality and music that was applied. I sent 1300 slides which were put on two DVD's with chapter points for easier navigation. Initially there were two minor glitches with a chapter heading and a search arrow. I immediatelly called and they apoligized, made the corrections and received new video's in less than a week. At some point down the road with my next picture project I will definetly call on DigMyPics and also recommend them to others.

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