DigMyPics Review From Mt Pleasant, SC - I am so happy to have you working on my APS film now

In a world where we are all used to automated responses generated by a computer.....HOW NICE is it to receive a personalized email from your company. I can only imagine that every single customer that uses your service has sooo much fear as they box up some of their most prized possesions and mail them off to your company. I know I was. I was so very scared to do it and almost used a local company. I kept reading the reviews and convinced myself to try it. I cannot express how happy I am with all the DVDs that have arrived at my house this week. I sent in almost 1,000 dollars worth of work for them and it was worth every single penny. I was with some friends the other night and had to put cold compresses on my eyes before we went out....because they were SWOLLEN from crying tears of joy and happiness as I watched my precious kids grow up over the years on my DVD player. THANKS from the bottom of my heart!

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