DigMyPics Review From Bridgewater, NJ - Great Service

I was extremely pleased with the overall experience with my first project that I sent to be scanned. I spent a lot of time reading about the service on the web site and followed the instructions on the best way to organize my project. I never felt uncomfortable about sending off my pictures, about 850 of them. After I sent them off, they were tracked and I received a notice when they were received by the company. I received emails as to the status of the project and while it does take some time to get the project done, it is well worth the wait. When the pictures, were done, I was able to view them online and delete any pictures that I did not want. By the next day, the pictures and my DVD was on the way back to me. I received them today and was pleased to find that the pictures were carefully packaged the same way and in the same order as I sent then making it easy for me to put them back into the various albums that they came from. I am looking forward to sending off the next project to Digmypics.com. Thank you!

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