DigMyPics Review From Austin, TX - Digitizing slides and photos

My experience with your firm has been entirely positive except for one area that you can easily correct. I will definitely be back with more business. Being somewhat tech savvy, I asked one of your representatives on the phone about whether a DVD would work on my 6-7 year old desktop with CD drive because I was concerned about the DVD format. I was sure she told me it would work. I don't remember her name and it's possible there may have been misunderstanding on either or both sides. However, I was disappointed when my order arrived and the DVD did not work even after downloading your conversion software. So, I called your number again and was told I needed a DVD drive. $80 later everything turned out fine. It would be very simple to make the DVD/CD drive distinction clear on your website and instruct your reps to make that clear to potential customers.

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