DigMyPics Review From Brockton, MA - slides from 1958 to 1974

Last year I sent in over 300 slides from 1958 to 1974. They were buried in the basement for years, and I hoped they could be restored to photo's. Your company did a fantastic job. We had an impromptu family reunion and everyone was thrilled with the photo's. My Mom was ill and uable to attend the reunion. I sat with her one Sunday in September and watched the slides of our family. We had a great time laughing and reminicing. She became very ill later that day. She died a week later. Her death was unexpected and it was wonderful to share those memories with her. We played the CD of the slide on the computer during the bereavement brunch. Everyone commented on the quality of your work and wanted the name of your company. Thank you for your wonderful company and service.

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