DigMyPics Review From Powder Springs, Ga - Kodachrome Slides

I looked around and did my homework before selecting a vendor like DigMyPics. I had over 400 Kodachrome slides dating back into the 70's. According to various websites only a Nikon 9000ED can create quality scans. After testing various hardware and software available to me I looked around for vendors willing to work with me on the slides. DigMyPics was not only prompt on all communications including email but agreed to test scan several of the slides on both the Nikon 5000ED and their 9000ED. I selected the 9000ED and they again performed test scans at 3000dpi and 4000dpi as we thought artifacts might show up at the higher resolution. The end result was that all 417 scans exceeded my greatest expectation. They show beautifully on my 37" display and will be print ready with some minor photoshopping. Thanks for being flexible and exceeding my expectations. As well thanks for doing the work here in the states as I was not willing to allow my slides which are not replaceable to go overseas no matter what the cost savings.

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