DigMyPics Review From Lakewood, CO -

I started emailing the company about 6 months ago to get answers to questions. The staff was always very professional and timely in their responses. We finally got our order put together and sent in. I was impressed with the ease of the order process, you knew approximately what the cost was even before you finished the order process. It was nice to receive an email letting me know that the package had arrived. I sent an email a couple of weeks into the process and asked about my order status and was told where it stood. I received another email when the project was done and would be shipped. I received the package and looked at the DVD's. There was a problem with one set of them, I emailed Annette that evening and had a response within 30 minutes or so. The problem was taken care of immediately and replacements were sent by next day air the following day! The quality was more than I expected, the colors are amazing for film that was over 50 years old. I am very impressed with the quality of the job done by all involved.

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