DigMyPics Review From PEORIA, AZ - Slide to Prints

I am working on a project for my daughter's 30th birthday which necessitated going from slides to prints. I was getting frustrated scanning my own slides so I searched the web. I found you from a link in the one of the reputable photography websites. I know from taking two Photoshop classes that the optimal dpi for slides is 2000 and my instructor told me the best scanner is the Nikon Super Coolscan. When I learned that you did both, I was ecstatic. I have received my DVD's, have made some prints for my project, and they are as good as some of my digital pictures!! Thank you for your attention to details e.g., returning my slides in the same order I sent them which made it easy to refile them and calling me to get my permission to remove a fingerprint. This showed me that you handle precious pictures with the same care that I would. I'm in the middle of sending in my next order and I've already referred you and will continue to do so in the future.

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