DigMyPics Review From Kenney, TX -

We received our completed project in the mail yesterday - digitizing some 20+ years' worth of 35mm slides. We are so impressed with the quality and efficiency of the work that this company put into completing this project for us. From the day I began communicating with DigMyPics, all the many questions that I had were answered almost immediately and from the day that our slides were received by them, we received frequent status updates, so we always knew exactly "where we stood". How exciting and comforting to have all of these treasured pictures preserved in such an orderly and safe manner. And the Thumbnail Album is just beautiful and will be a great help in cross-referencing with the CDs. It will be such fun to share these pictures with our family. We’re especially anxious to share them with our two little grandchildren – they will love seeing their Mommy as a little girl. We are going to contact some other family members to share our experience with them as we know they have probably more years’ worth of slides than we, and we feel that they would be wise to get started on a similar project ASAP! Thank you again, DigMyPics, and we will definitely recommend your services to anyone we know who might be interested in preserving their slides, photos, videos, etc.

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