DigMyPics Review From New Zealand, - Scanning of our family slides

We faced a dilemma many elderly folk confront - what to do with a collection of several thousand slides going back to the early 1950's. We boiled them down to about 1000 slides covering all aspects of life with our five sons, here and overseas, over a 40-year period. What then? Doing our own scanning was out of the question. Local companies offered low-resolution scanning with no provision for cleaning, orientation and so on. DigMyPics sounded great so we took a chance, bundled the collection up and sent it to Mesa, Arizona via UPS. Within quite a short time, the finished DVD's, CD's and thumbnails were on their way back to us via Fedex. At no time, going or returning, did we have to worry about losing the slides because of the excellent tracking facilities. So what did we think? Well initially, we were a bit disappointed - probably because our expectations were too high, especially in regard to the older slides which had deteriorated somewhat over time. But the people at DigMyPics couldn't have been more helpful - they noted our concerns and met them in every way. They kept in constant email touch with us and went out of their way to make sure they did a great job. Our sons and their wives and children have been absolutely rapt with the results and they know they have them for all time. We have been able to recommend DigMyPics to friends in New Zealand and, ironically, back in the USA and we will certainly be asking Dig MyPics to digitally scan our earlier photos when we get these sorted out. As for the costs - well,the memories these slides evoke are priceless - but I considered the prices charged to be most reasonable - and even allowing for freight costs the overall results represent great value for money.

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