DigMyPics Review From Denver - Many thanks

Over the years, Digmypics has been my go-to archival digitizer. This last order (VHS, cassette, and reel-to-reel) completes a long path to digitizing over 12,000 family print and media elements. These are super backed up on cloud accounts and various physical storage in different locations. Being in the “memory business” you well know that the work you traffic in is priceless. It’s been neat to see how your business has evolved over the years and I was impressed with your tracking tools and online posting of the videos. It’s an excellent customer service experience. I’m not in the habit of writing thank you notes, but considering the high emotional value of your service, paired with an exceptionally well-evolved intake and execution process, you certainly deserve a high five. With all my archival digitization behind me, you might say I’m all tapped out as a customer. However, as a referral source, I will remain on “active duty.” In my circle of friends, I’m the guy they ask about for things like this, and Digmypics will continue to be the one and only recommendation. Don

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