DigMyPics Review From Akron, Ohio - Very pleased!

I am very pleased with the work DigMyPics did for me. I sent in 176 negatives from 23 years ago! I loved that they had an open page where I could track my movement through the Queu. I recently, well months ago, sent off about 26 mini-DVs to another company. They stopped giving updates 2 months in! DigMyPics did a great job on the scans. I loved that I could go through the scans and choose ones I didn't want to pay for. I had tiff files of the scans sent on a USB drive and they were wonderful quality. Some of the negatives weren't in the best condition after all that time, so I didn't expect a lot, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much they salvaged. The price might be considered high by some, but I have tried to scan negatives at home and they did a much better job! Oh, and they returned the negatives and USB drive in a very solid package! I highly recommend this service. I have more negatives and will be using them again.

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