DigMyPics Review From Seattle - Exceeded expectations

There are many websites offering photo scanning services. When you start looking at which to choose, you find that some have the scanning done out of the country. And when you look at the mailing addresses, some look like they are operating out of somebody's home. I chose digmypics because they had a business where the work is done in the U.S. and also because their pricing/services options were easy to understand. Some services want you to fill up a box in a "one-size fits all" approach, which did not fit my needs. I did, however, try a "fill up our envelope" service and was disappointed when they returned my slides saying they were "damaged" and could not be scanned. (The very same slides digmypics scanned with no problems!) After sending my package to digmypics, I received arrival confirmation and periodic status reports. When the job was completed, I was amazed at how they were able to improve the image quality on a number of slides with exposure problems. I received my slides back, along with the thumb drive I ordered, within a few days later. I highly recommend this service and plan to use them again.

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