DigMyPics Review From Chicago - Careful quality, reasonably priced

I used DigMyPics in 2016 and 2024. They were great the first time I used them and have only gotten better. DigMyPics did an excellent job of scanning my prints, Kodak 110 negatives, VHS videotapes, and 8mm videotapes. Their prices are very reasonable, and they include a Don't Want Don't Pay feature that lets you reject up to 20% of the scans for a credit. The quality of the scans is well worth the cost. Even some of my dodgy VHS tapes came out quite well--as well as could be expected anyway. I also really like the new AI FaceEnhance feature. Kodak 110 is not the highest-resolution film, and FaceEnhance turned almost all of the people in my pictures from a soft focus to sharp relief. DigMyPics is a great scanning service that has only gotten better over the years.

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