DigMyPics Review From Great Barrington - First time, I'll be back.

Very happy with my first order from digmypics. The process was pretty fast (2+ weeks) from making the order to receiving the digital download to receiving back my original Super 8 movie reel. The films were beautifully transferred. the only complaint I have after reviewing them a couple more times is both 400 foot reels seemed consistently a bit underexposed. I've pulled several stills from the digital file and have had to lighten them all up. I can probably adjust that in a video program that I don't use much. I'm sure there are others out there too that will do the job. I believe I could have asked digmypics to do that when the mp4 files were posted for me to review, so this is not a knock on the company but my own lack of paying attention. All in all, from cleaning the film (very few dust spots) to reloading the two 5" reels onto a single 7" reel and returning that to me, I'm very happy with the company and will use them again. Got plenty of films!

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